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(en) Colombia, Bogota, Anarchist newsletter ORGANIZATION #9 of Libertarian Matthew Kramer (ca) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 25 Feb 2010 07:25:38 +0200

Against the network of informers and autonomous popular organization ---- It seems that young men and women we have to start changing dreams by terror. Areas which have so far managed to get away a bit of militarism, as were the School and the University, translated by a new Presidential initiative, in training camps for new squads of armed civilians who will defend the interests of the rich. From now on in schools began teaching as being a good bounty hunter and of course how to survive a confrontation that has to informants as the main target shooters and then as principal. ---- The government seeks to once again make the nation's working population cannon fodder to advance their war. This time however the proposal was much more direct and blatant: Under the pretext of fighting crime is seeking to convert a thousand students from the city of Medellin in regular reporting of security forces, making them Cooperating paid the democratic security project whose main work would be the snitch, deliver information permanently through which people are murdered, the security forces to boast of their achievements on television and the pain of poor communities will only increase.

The military says excitedly, must be as good sapear and frogs and toads have to sing with enthusiasm. Song accusations, informations sing, sing, talk, that created a culture of systematic and widespread terror among the young. It is that fear is greater than each person feels toward his fellows, his neighbors or his comrades of study, which to some authorities maintain darkness. And so the gossip, becomes a powerful weapon of war as in times of Nazi Germany, leads people to denounce one another, the social fabric and community solidarity are broken into pieces and mutual betrayal reign.

The Government justifies its initiative to accept that despite the practical state of siege, thousands of troops deployed and the hard work of "intelligence" military, public order, it has gotten out of hand in the districts of Medellín. And communes, where housing projects or services, or work, or social rights abound, have always been the testing ground for civil-military operations of great importance, because of course where there to eat, taking the cooperation with the same authorities responsible for the misery is the only option. It is these civil-military operations, which had as the ultimate expression CONVIVIR security cooperatives also began "reporting" to authorities about suspicious movements, proposed the then Governor of Antioquia Álvaro Uribe, which generated large blocks Urban paramilitaries, as has been said a thousand times already Castaño, Mancuso and company. These urban blocks that today are expanding their influence, violently rearranging its forces, which seem to be the only ones able to impose its law and order. These friends Authorities also took their first steps as informants and business leaders today are the new ruling class, the one to which the current government serves.

Paramilitary violence that bleeds to the Communes, is a dead end but is passed through the social change, wages, decent housing and education, for the dignity of life itself. To resist this spiral of violence that no other solution is civil resistance, the organization and the fight against crimes that premilitares military and govern us.

The bullfighting and culture speciesist

No aberration carried out by the elite and the great landowners of this country ceases to be an isolated phenomenon, however trivial it may seem festive. The case of bullfighting has always represented the degree of outrage and cynicism that they converge at one time much of the contradictions that have ruined the country in political, ethical, economic and ecological.

Bullfighting is the symbol of affluence and the scenario in which the Colombian middle class, boasted in luxury and control, waste their time while others enslave and torture, with their complicity, other animals belonging to a distinct species. Bullfighting is a reflection of increasing structural violence which affects both humans and nonhumans.

One of these forms of violence, which is a reflection and expression of bullfighting is the livestock and its very close relationship with political power and the systematic use of paramilitaries. The obsession with bullfighting, which dominate the cruelty and machismo, has always gone hand in hand with the problem of land tenure in Colombia. Due to the economic and political importance of this sector, the paramilitaries turned out to be an antidote to the peasant social discontent throughout the twentieth century has seen their lands have been gradually incorporated into the agricultural frontier through violence and repression . The close relationship that livestock has with the paramilitaries can be seen clearly, for example, in departments such as Cordoba, where a large hold political control in the region. The triad-livestock-paramilitary bullfighting therefore represents the world of cruelty and political and economic violence in the country.

Another form of violence present in bullfighting is speciesism, or discrimination by virtue of the species. The "show" of bullfighting, in which nonhuman animals are used to provide entertainment to the public thirst for blood, is another manifestation of violence that characterizes anthropocentric societies as a whole, especially the Colombian. In the bullfights, the man (literally, since bullfighting is a sexist practice) seeks to demonstrate his courage and supremacy before the bull, enfrentándosele; wants to demonstrate its superiority, its power and dominance versus nonhuman to bleed slowly, because under his conception speciesist non-human animal is inferior and not worthy of being taken into consideration.

We see that speciesism is manifested in bullfighting in the presumed superiority of men compared to non-human. The undervaluation of their interests is part of speciesist culture around us, through which justifies the use of animals for human entertainment like circuses, cockfighting or dog etc. And for food and clothing.

Those who do not agree with bullfighting can not resign, as suggested by the bull, to "respect the practices and tastes of others", for in the act of bullfighting sacrifice the lives of innocent animals is reproduced cruelty, violence and the slave system had believed that mankind destroy over 150 years ago.

A bullfighting stance on the way to animal liberation, not only does not cruelty to humans, if not opposing the hierarchical system are classified, namely the enslavement by the humans and their reduction to status of property within the capitalist market system.

Women, likewise, are also victims of the sexist culture that characterizes the bullfight. Within the fiesta brava also reproduce relations of oppression toward women, this is reflected in the symbolism of the act, where the matador shows his manhood through violence, and the aesthetic conception of women as sex objects. So the anti-bullfighting and can not fall into the same game and play the sexist language and macho culture.

Against sexism, against speciesism and of course, against capitalism!

No more bullfights !!!!!


Sixth-Chair Libertarian
Panel:''Alternatives to the Democratic Security ''
Friday 26 February, 5 pm Ivan Cepeda (National Movement of Victims of State Crimes).
Alejandro Mantilla (National Association).
Juan Sanchez (Professor of Arts, National University).

Camilo Torres Restrepo Auditorium, Faculty of Law and Political Science, National University of Colombia.

-First Forum Workshop on Music and Human Rights

Guitar / Bass / Drums / Sunday 8 February, 2 pm Admission Free Universal Tibabuyes clubhouse 127-4 Calle 139 No Transmilenio> upload Portal> Feeder Lisbon> Third stop

Collective http://colectivoresgestae.blogspot.com/ Res Gestae

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