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(en) Britain, HEREFORD Anarchist Federation GROUP - Extra + Hereford Solidarity League Heckler #15

Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 15:10:49 +0300

No Tesco in Hinton! August 21, 2010 in Heckler Extra ---- Tesco are currently in talks with the owners of the Game Cock in a bid to turn the pub into a mini supermarket. - Just a couple of minutes walk from the Game Cock there are two convenience stores selling everyday essentials for people who donât fancy the short journey to Asda or the other Tesco at Belmont. Have the people of Hinton and Putson even been asked whether theyâd like a supermarket in their neighbourhood? No. For Tesco itâs not about providing a much-needed service, because another supermarket is not needed. Itâs about total domination and crushing all other opposition. ---- Tesco already has a mass of supermarkets dominating the food market, theyâve got a mail order catalogue, homestores, an insurance arm â

Tesco are even now making films! How long before theyâre running our schools or hospitals (the faster you get better the more clubcard points you get maybe)?

Opposing their plans to build another supermarket is not just about common sense, itâs about saving a vital community facility. Whilst the Game Cock may need a bit of work to bring it into the 21st century, once itâs turned into a supermarket, thereâs no going back. Local pubs are essential places for building up community spirit, something that is sadly lacking these days. Where else can you sit down over a drink and get to know your neighbours? Not rushing round the aisles, thatâs for sure. No Tesco in Hinton!

------------------- Heckler #15 -----------------------
The bulletin of Hereford Solidarity League: Freedom,âEquality,âCommunity August/september

Herefordshireâs own Houdini - ESG becomes Hereford Futures

To walk away from the smouldering car wreck that was ESG Ltd
without a scratch, then calmly settle behind the wheel of an even larger
âdevelopment vehicleâ, the supercharged Hereford Failures shows
recklessness even Top Gearâs Richard Hammond would admire.
Yet that is just what ESGâs former chief executive, Jonathan
Bretherton, has done, becoming CEO of Herefordshire Councilâs
renamed development company Hereford Failures, which will be
ââtaking its lead (according to a saccharine-flavoured council Press
statement) from the priorities voiced by residents in the councilâs
successful (sic) Shaping Our Place consultationââ.
The statement is long on Blairite hyperbole but short on hard facts.
Hereford Failures, it seems, is to be charged with [deep breath]
creating new and better-paid jobs, affordable homes, vibrant
communities, an energy-efficient urban village, new retail and leisure
attractions, a new relief road, a second river crossing, all flood
alleviation engineering work, [inhale] sustainable transport projects
(including improved public transport connections), the creation of a
higher education campus, strategic business parks for knowledge-
based industriesâ oh yeah, and a retail quarter on the Edgar Street
grid site and a new link road. Same as before then.


Herefordshire sees first cuts â Bring on the class war!

The countyâs children and pensioners are among the first to be hit after the governmentâs free swimming programme was cut at the end of July.

Government took away the measly Â200,000 grant that kept the scheme going, with the council unable to find extra cash locally (it can, however, find Â183,724 to keep Chief Executive, Chris Bull, brushing his teeth with champagne).

Herefordshire families receiving housing benefit have also been hit. Housing charity, Shelter, has said the average three bedroom household in the county will see an 8% drop in the amount they receive and will have to find an extra Â11.51 a week to keep a roof over their heads. Many people will now be forced to cut back on essentials like food and electric to make ends meet.

The National Housing Federation is already warning that more than 750,000 people in the south-east are at risk of losing their homes because of the benefit cuts.

The Tories are ploughing full steam ahead with their cuts in the name of ânational interestâ: dismantling the welfare state, cutting benefits, drawing up plans to attack unions, ending the right to a council house for life, proposing privatisation on a massive scale â the list is endless.

â â â

âWeâre all in it together,â apparently. My arse! David Cameron and Nick Clegg arenât in the same boat as us, who are they trying to kid?! The rich landowning toffs around this county arenât going to suffer. Herefordâs MP and ex-banker Jesse Norman has reportedly just bought a very nice house down in leafy Broomy Hill, we wonder how many spare bedrooms heâs got. Is he underoccupying?

We still havenât forgotten what got us into this mess in the first place: the bankers. Theyâve got away with a slap on the wrists and are carrying on just as before. Us working class people, on the other hand, are now the ones whoâve got to take the hit. Itâs our jobs and services that are on the line; our families and communities that will suffer. The bankers? How are their families and jobs going to be affected? Are they going to be the ones who will have bailiffs on their doorsteps banging down the door to evict them? Pull the other one!

One economic commentator has described Goldman Sachs, the worldâs number one investment bank, as âa great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like moneyâ. How very true!

We now face a full-on class-based attack on our way of life and to stop it will be a massive up hill struggle, but doing nothing is simply not an option.

There is a lot of anger surrounding these cuts, letâs see it on the streets with protests, pickets, riots and more.

Our message is clear: we have the strength to bring down this government and we will!
Empty house is âflytippers paradiseâ


National Award for Local Project

Herefordshire Supported Housing for Young People (SHYPP) is celebrating after it won a
National Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) Supporting People award.
SHYPP, which has helped more than 3,000 young people to manage their tenancies and avoihomelessness, prison and debt, was named winner at a London awards ceremony in July. Thaward is well timed for SHYPP, which like many other valuable services is facing increasing pressure on resources following public spending cuts.
Hereford Solidarity League recently held a stall at SHYPPâs celebration event on the Castle Green where we gave away housing and squatting information, badges and CDs and sold
books and our new Heckler t-shirts. The event itself was a great afternoon of fun, food and music. Bizarrely, Jesse âcut housing benefit and push more young people into povertyâ Normaattended; seems they didnât teach irony at Eton!

For more information on SHYPP visit www.shypp.co.uk


Hereford hosts IBSA World Blind Football Championships

The IBSA World Blind Football Championship 2010 starts on the 14th of August, with all gamebeing played at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford.
Day tickets are available now priced at Â5 for adults and Â2 for concessions. Tickets can be
bought online at www.blind2010.com/tickets by telephone on 0161 743 3515 (MondayâFriday
9amâ4pm) or on the day. See you there.

First round fixtures

14 August â England v Spain 15:00
15 August â Columbia v Japan 13:00
15 August â Argentina v France 15:00
15 August â Brazil v China 17:00
16 August â Spain v Columbia 13:00
16 August â France v Brazil 15:00
16 August â Argentina v Cameroon 17:00
16 August â England v South Korea 19:00
17 August â France v Cameroon 13:00
17 August â Spain v South Korea 15:00
17 August â Argentina v China 17:00
17 August â England v Japan 19:00
18 August â France v China 13:00
18 August â Spain v Japan 15:00
18 August â Columbia v South Korea 17:00
18 August â Brazil v Cameroon 19:00
19 August â Japan v South Korea 13:00
19 August â China v Cameroon 15:00
19 August â Argentina v Brazil 17:00
19 August â England v Columbia 19:00


Herefordâs Radical History â part four -- The 1914 Herefordshire Teachersâ Strike

During the winter of 1913â14 the discontent felt by school teachers in Herefordshire,
as the poorest paid anywhere in the country, took a more militant turn when teachers
resigned en masse while demanding increased wages and a new pay scale.
The immediate reaction of the Local Education Authority (LEA) was to bring in scab
labour to replace strikers. Many of the strikers were popular members of the local
communities and not all students were willing to be taught by the strike breakers.
On the first day of the strike students at Ledbury Girls School arrived to be greeted
by the LEA scabs. The first sign of trouble was at morning break when 40 students
marched into the town demanding their teachers back and chanting âwe want a
strikeâ. Upon returning to school it was reported that they upturned inkpots and
desks, and âamused themselves on the pianoâ. Thirty students then followed the
new head teacher into town during the lunch break jeering her as they went. When the
teachers returned for the afternoon they found the student âstrikersâ were blocking
the main entrance and refusing to move, many sang songs in support of the strike
and demanded the return of their own teachers. Other students gained entry to the
school via the back door; they pulled down blinds, rang the school bell incessantly
and threw clothing out of the windows. By 3 oâclock, with no chance of gaining entry
to the school, the scab teachers accepted defeat and left the school, again followed by
a jeering crowd of schoolgirls.
Similar scenes were witnessed at Ross Boyâs School where two scab teachers were
left in charge of approximately two hundred students! Needless to say they lost
control completely. During the morning most of the older boys left the school via
doors and windows and marched through town chanting âStrike boys, strikeâ.
Most of the students returned to school but 40 stayed outside the
main gates chanting and writing âStrike boys, strikeâ on walls, the
pavement and even passing vehicles. Buy mid afternoon things were
completely out of hand with all two hundred students chanting and
jeering outside the main gates.
The pressure that the strike put on the LEA and the council ultimately proved
successful and a settlement was reached with an improved pay scale that increased
wages to a level similar to the rest of the country. Now, almost 100 years later, public
service workers are again facing financial pressure from those in power.


Empty house is âFlytippers Paradiseâ

A Hereford house is blighting a community after more than 10 years of neglect.

Neighbours of 1 Quicksets, Redhill, (featured previously in the Heckler), say the empty house lowers the tone of the area and has become a âflytippers paradiseâ.

One resident has been in touch with the council for two years to try and get them to clean it up. He has even made a protest video, which has been published on Youtube. Outlining the problems to the Heckler, he told us:

â glass from the broken windows is lying in the long grass, injuring at least one child who had to receive hospital treatment

â chemical drums have been dumped in the garden and

â the property is infested with rats. It is now a serious health hazard.

As usual, Herefordshire Council seem to be doing nothing (this is getting like a broken record isnât it). They should be doing something about the health and safety issue; there are environmental laws to back this up, but there is no action. They should be doing something to take possession of this empty property; there are housing laws to back this up, but there is no action.

Weâre sticking to our guns: the place should be squatted! While a lot of time is wasted on legal bureaucracy, a family could be in there with next to no fuss, keeping the garden tidy and making the necessary repairs to the house. It could turn an eyesore into well-maintained family home. Something to consider.

Watch the Quicksets protest video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEW1MJFdbnk

Violent thug gets away with murder

Youâre looking for a fight so, unprovoked,
you hit a man and shove him to the ground.
The injuries he receives kill him. All of this
is captured on film. What charge should you
expect, murder or manslaughter? Well, if youâre
PC Simon Harwood, the violent thug who killed
Ian Tomlinson at last yearâs G20 protests, youâd
get neither â not even assault!
The Crown Prosecution Service refused to
bring any charge against the copper because
of âconflicting postmortem evidenceâ. Whatâs
conflicting about an unprovoked attack? Why
was there no charge of even assault? Oh yeah,

because they dragged the investigation out for
so long no charge could be brought against
him. If this was the other way around, if a
civilian had caused the death of a police officer,
that person would now be in jail!
There has been absolutely no justice in the
Ian Tomlinson case and it just goes to show
what a bent and corrupt organisation the
police force really is. ACAB!


Peter doesnât want to be our friend

It seems weâre not flavour of the
month at Herefordshire Housing at
the moment. After reading our front
page report on the empty Lloyd
Street houses in last monthâs issue,
Peter Brown, the associationâs Chief
Executive, got in touch to tell us:
âYour selective interpretation of the
information we gave you in good faith
will obviously influence how we share
information in the future.â In other
words, theyâll only give us information
that doesnât make them look bad.
Presumably they took the same
approach with the independent Audit
Commission who, in their 2009 report,
said âempty property repairs â are
also completed quicklyâ. Ha, really?
Well, true to his word, after
repeatedly asking for updates on the
Lloyd Street houses for this issue,
Peter Brown is now ignoring us â
weâll take it youâve made no progress
during the last two months then, Peter.
Still, no pressure, thereâs only 5,000
people waiting to move in!

Short of cash?

If youâre not yet, the chances are you
soon will be, with Tory cuts coming
thick and fast.
One way to save a bit is the Hereford
LETS group. LETS (Local Exchange
and Trading Scheme) is a modern
barter system that allows people
to exchange their skills and goods
without using money. LETS are
revitalising communities throughout
Britain, and as grassroots initiatives,
they are open to everyoneâall
ages, skills and abilities, whether
unemployed or working. It allows
everyone to give and take, connect
to new resources, and find a genuine
community identity. Services are as
diverse as the members in LETSâfrom
food sharing to skilled craftsmanship,
the possibilities are endless.
Hereford LETS is informally part of
the wider Freeconomy community,
with the aim of connecting people
within their local community, through
the act of sharing resourcesâbetter
for the environment, saves you money
and builds friendships. Capitalism
leads to greed-fuelled over-production,
destroying the planet and the people
who inhabit itâclimate change, oil
wars, factory farming, polluted oceans,
sweatshops â who wants to buy into
that! Hereford LETS is one attempt to
challenge this culture.
Mark Boyle, the founder of
Freeconomy, is due to speak in
Hereford in October. Everyoneâs
welcome, details to follow. His
inspiring self-sufficient lifestyle,
living without money may not be to
everyoneâs taste but it can certainly
teach us a lesson or two in saving
some money.
Visit these website for more
info: www.justfortheloveofit.org
or www.thewyeexchange.btck.co.uk


Sport - Anti-Racism World Cup

The 16â18th of July saw Belfast host the 4th annual Anti-Racism World Cup (AWRC).
The aim of the event is to promote the common ground that working class people of all
creeds, colours and ethnic backgrounds share and to combat racism and discrimination.
Each year the event celebrates the life of those who have fought to promote ideals of
freedom and equality. This year the event commemorated the life of International
Brigades volunteer Charlie Donnelly who was born in County Tyrone and died fighting
at the battle of Jarama during the Spanish civil war.
Hereâs a take on the weekend from a member of the Aston Villa Anti-Fascists team:

âOn the Saturday morning players from 16 international and eight local teams met on
the pitch of Donegal Celtic. Having scraped together a team comprising adopted Villa fans
from four different countries and suffering the effects of the previous night we didnât fancy
our chances. Despite our frailties we ended up drawing our first game 1â1 against Celtic
Green Brigade, followed by a draw with Catalonia and a defeat to Cuban Solidarity.
âAfter the morning football the Palestinian team gave a talk explaining the situation in
the occupied territories and the routine oppression that is faced by those living there. The
stories told ranged from the saddening to the absurd and infuriating, like how the supply
of water in the territories is controlled by the Israeli state so sometimes there is no running
water for cooking or washing.
âHaving listened to the experiences of the Palestinian team and rested our legs from the
morningâs exertions we were taken on a tour of Lenadoon area of Belfast. We were shown
murals commemorating the struggle of those opposing colonial rule in Ireland and told the
history of the area from the breakdown of the ceasefire in 1972 to how today the largest
houses in the area are all reserved for the Church while locals suffer from a lack of
affordable housing.
âThe tournament was won by the Palestinian side whose resolve in reaching the
tournament was matched by their performance on the pitch. The event itself was a huge
success with 200 international guests and around 500 locals attending over the course of
the weekend. Friendships and links were made with some fine people and we will certainly
be returning next year when organisers hope to invite representatives of either FC St Pauli
or Livorno and possibly members of the Palestinian national team.â
For further information go to www.antiracismworldcup.com

Football fans still âover-policedâ

Heavy-handed tactics by the police continue to be a big problem for football fans in
England and Wales, the Football Supportersâ Federation (FSF) has said.
Spokeswoman Amanda Jacks said in an interview with the BBC that football
supporters are âsubject to heavy-handed policing week in, week out,â with the majority
of supporters being treated like hooligans,
regardless of the make up of the fan base, with
many supporters being women and children.
Whilst arrest levels have fallen to an average of
only one arrest per 10,000 fans, the FSF suggests
that many police forces still judge fans based on
reputation, rather than on their actual behaviour
at the time.
The FSF are due to raise the issue at their next
âfans parliamentâ gathering. The organisation
works to protect the rights and interests of
football fans across England and Wales.
Find out more at www.fsf.org.uk


Helen Heckler

Firstly, the news that Tony
Hayward, the head of BP has scurried
away from his failing company,
in the wake of a disastrous oil
spill, with enough money to make
millionnaire Jesse blush. When
questioned about his situation, and
the fact that heâs taking millions
worth of company money that could be
going to the cleanup operation with
him, he responded with âlife isnât
fairâ. We at Heckler HQ have our own
version: âcapitalism isnât fairâ.

First his party loses a mass of
seats, then they go into disarray,
then no one buys his cover of
âSpringtime for Hitlerâ, and now
Nick Griffin suffers yet another
misfortune, as he is refused entry
to the royal garden party. That
must be a blow; when even Prince
Phillip thinks youâre too un-PC
to turn up to his house, youâre
DEFINITELY a nutter.

â ESG, Hereford Failures, the artist
formerly known as ESG, The Roger
Phillips Experience, A Tale of Two
Cities (donât worry, weâll get rid
of the old one soon enough). It
doesnât matter what you call it, the
people of Herefordshire have made
themselves perfectly clear: WE DONâT

â Anyone seen Jesse Norman about
Hereford lately? Nah, me neither.
Nice to know heâs still in touch
with the people of Hereford, or
âvotesâ, as he calls us.


nâ Hereford Solidarity League works to build a society based on the ideas of freedom, equality and community â n â Anti-fascism is apart of our politics, but we believe that all politicians maintain a system of inequality, privilege and control that divides communchange does not happen at the ballot box and can only come about by independent working class action; that is, people looking out foand organising themselves to deal with the problems that they experience on a day to day basisâ nâ Our aim is to increase the fightiself-confidence of working class people to change things for themselves.
Find us on the internetââJoin our Facebook group âHereford Hecklerâ; visit www.herefordheckler.wordpress.comkay.bulstreet@hotmail.co.uk
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