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(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue in spite of the hot summer and Ramadan day-fasting

Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 12:06:53 +0300

The struggle against internal transfer of 1948 Palestinians citizens of Israel that still continues, was focused this week on the Al Arkiv Bedouin village. The Israel state intensify lately the efforts to grab more of the remaining lands of the Bedouins of the south (Negev) in the Be'er Sheva district). The Anarchists Against the Wall join the radical and the liberal loose coalition that come to support the Bedouins and protest the transfer.

Al Arkiv

In protest of the demolition and ethnic cleansing of the entire village of Al Araqib, a demo was held at the residence of Israeli President, Shimon Peres. The demo was held at the time of his annual Ramadan Iftar dinner with collaborators who wouldn't miss a miserable meal for their brothers' sake.

Demonstration in front of president house: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elMODDYi-Hk

Demolitions continue and so the struggle:
Tuesday 17.8 - the fourth demolition
Hi all,
If anyone wants to join us to plan an action about the demolitions in al Arakib you can call me me.

Hello all, 22-8-10
Fearing another demolition tomorrow, activists are asked to come to
sleep in the village tonight or to come early tomorrow morning
(there's a possibility to stay in the village after the weekly demo in
the Lehavim junction that will be held today, as every Monday, at 17:00)

Beit Jalla

Beit Ommar


Over 30 internationals and 10 Israelis joined the local Palestinian demonstration against the wall in Bil'in this Ramadan Friday, possibly the hottest day of the year. The demonstrators marched to the wall, chanting slogans against the occupation and for the release of the village's prisoners. They also carried reproductions of a photo of soldiers taking a souvenir picture with the body of a dead Palestinian. Since this week exposed Israeli soldiers' affection to taking pictures with blindfolded and cuffed Palestinians, the demonstration was led by several cuffed and blindfolded protesters. When they reached the soldiers, they sat at their feet giving them the photo-op they can later post on facebook. After a while spent chanting and singing, the soldiers threatened protesters with arrests, and a few moments later the usual stones-gas-arrests routine started. One of the blindfolded and cuffed protesters was grabbed and arrested, and so was the artist David Reev, who documented her arrest. The demonstrators regrouped peacefully to negotiate their friends' release, and promised to leave as soon as they were set free. But the army insisted, until eventually the shabab decided to release the frustration they've been building up with stones, which were answered by a flood of gas, forcing everyone to retreat. The abducted demonstrators were released the same evening.

Bil'in Friday 20.8.2010 video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-9BQ-CpS20

Hebron South Mountain

Saturday 14th August http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER8VKHwgxns

Hebron Saturday demo 21st demo

This week the organizers had decided to hold marches through the
market, rather than demos during the Ramadan period and due to recent
events where the army had arrested organizers and protesters and
closed shops as punishment for the simple fact that demos are being
held nearby. By doing so, the army is hoping to turn the shop owners
against the demos. The participants walked through the allies and
handed appreciation certificates to the shop owners, supporting and
encouraging them to keep their shops open and not to be intimidated by
the army. The soldiers, who moments before the march accompanied the
settlers' march through the market, were seen in the adjacent allies,
but did not confront the participants. Some garbage was thrown by the
settlers on the marchers' heads.


Palestinians from Al Ma’sara and nine surrounding villages south of Bethlehem were joined on Friday by internationals and Israelis in solidarity with their cause. The weekly demonstration against the Apartheid Wall and illegal settlements reacted to the pictures of Palestinian prisoners humiliated by Israeli soldiers in ‘souvenir photos’ posted on Facebook – and so several protesters wore handcuffs and blindfolds while others carried enlarged photographs of the abuse.

Al Ma'sara protestors hold copies of photos showing captured, injured or killed Palestinians - posted on facebook by Israeli soldiers
Despite some suggestions that they are a one-off, the demonstrates hoped to make the point that in fact these images and such incidents are common and form part of the systematic abuse that goes hand in hand with Israel’s ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine. In chants and speeches, protesters called for an end to the continuing violations of the Geneva Accords and international law.

The protesters proceeded to the road that Israel illegally constructed on Palestinian land to connect the Jewish-only settlements of Gush Etzion but they were intercepted by the Israeli army. Sound bombs were thrown at the unarmed and nonviolent protesters who were denied the right to access their land once again. However, organizers stated that despite the soldiers’ violence they would continue their peaceful fight for freedom and justice which is their right.


On Friday about 25 Palestinians were joined by a small group of internationals for the village of Ni’lin’s weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall. Five international and two Israeli protesters joined the demonstration which started after Friday prayers. The group marched to the wall which cuts off Palestinians from their farmland, annexing it to Israeli settlements like Modi’in Illit.

Perhaps due to the intense heat and it being the second Friday of Ramadan, the demonstration this week was fairly quiet. Despite huge aggression for the Israeli army in the past, they refrained for once from even using teargas or sound bombs against the unarmed protest so the situation remained peaceful. After the demonstration the internationals present were given a tour of the village and its small museum commemorating important events in the history of Ni’lin’s struggle.

Nebi Saleh

Around 50 people took part in this Friday’s demonstration against the illegally built Halamish settlement encroaching on land belonging to the village of An Nabi Saleh, this Friday, and this number included approximately 15 Israeli and international human rights activists.

As usual the protest began after noon prayer, and continued until around four o’clock, despite the fact that the majority of the participants are currently fasting for Ramadan. The march down to the entrance of the village was once again met with a blockade, and after several attempts to gain access to the village’s main road, the protesters retreated back up the street to the center of the village.

Soldiers later began throwing sound bombs and shooting tear gas projectiles directly at Palestinian children. The children stones at the soldiers’ armored jeeps. One of the children was hit in the leg by a ricocheting tear gas canister, but was not seriously injured.

Subsequent attempts to reason with the soldiers resulted in two international activists being detained in Halamish military base for several hours. Other attempted arrests were scuppered by fellow activists. A lot of teargas was fired at the houses nearby and a lot of people including children suffered from teargas inhalation, but the protesters declared the lack of serious injuries and spirited protest a success.


Sheikh Jarah

The Settlers' violence in Sheikh Jarah does not cease for a moment

But We Will Not Stop Protesting!

Demonstration in Sheikh Jarah
Saturday 21/8 at 20:30
on Ben-Affan street, Sheikh Jarah (map)

for additional info, justjerusalem-A-gmail.com
or Y.
(no transportation from Tel-Aviv this week)

In recent weeks it seemed that the presence of Israeli activists and the use of cameras in Sheikh Jarah had quelled the violent behavior of the local settlers.

However, two acts of assault took place in Sheikh Jarah today (Tuesday), against local Palestinians. As in similar past events, when the police arrived on the scene,it was one of the local Palestinian residents whom they chose to arrest.

Between one court hearing and another, the settlers do not forgo any means in their attempt to expel the residents of Sheikh Jarah from their neighborhood - and we will keep standing up to them and keep opposing this continuous ethnic cleansing!

Saturday 21-8-10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXQNvOYPwBE

Wad Rahhal

The people of Wad Rahhal invite Israeli and international activists every Thursday for agricultural works in the village. The works take place in their fields, on a hill close to the village. From there you can watch westward and see the Efrat settlement and northward toward Beit Lehem, Jerusalem and even Rammala, in a clear day. Due to this fact the hill is suppose to stay outside the separation fence. During the building of the fence road some of the fields were destroyed and olive trees were demolished, their owners have rehabilitated the fields and planted new olive trees.
The works last for about two or three hours and take place during the late afternoon, they include pruning the trees and cleaning the fields from rocks allowing tractors to plow the land.
This week the villagers plan to build a tent near one of the villagers home, that under threat of being destroyed by the IDF. The house in a bit further that the village hence is a target for harassment by the army and the settlers. In order to support its owner their will be a Hafla every Thursday, after the works.
The work will start at 17:00 Israel time (16:00 Palestine time), if you wish to attend please contact Dany: 050-8370450/054-6966253 or via mail danybik@gmail.com

the al-walaje popular committee for the struggle against the wall

yasamba-rhythm of resistance + al walaje children's drumming band

invite you to Friday 20.8 demo against the separation wall being constructed around the village


Friday demo 20.8 13:00 - invitation:

Last week's demo was very successful 100 people, including villagers, internationals and Israelis, marched to the separation wall and nearby settlement to the beat of a band of drummers. The demo was met with harsh, unprovoked violence on the part of the Israeli army and riot police. This week the village has decided to have a partially children-led march, with a decision to avoid direct confrontation and keep a safe distance from the army .

Detailed UNRWA fact sheet on the village: http://www.unrwa.org/userfiles/2010070915338.pdf

Walaje Diaries 27.7-4.8 http://docs.google.com/document/edit?id=118zDOkvENHn3jias5earsdNFL7a988sgqPeyIpBsLiI&hl=en

20-8-10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pftDUGV9RY

See Previous reports at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com
See http://awalls.org
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