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(en) Norwey, The anarchist Motmakt Political platform [machine translation of http://www.motmakt.no/]

Date Sat, 07 Aug 2010 13:21:07 +0300

Adopted on Motmakts founding congress Sunday 1 March, 2009. ---- Motmakt is an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian organization. In our political platform signifies our fundamental political stance. The political platform is a general document that forms the basis for membership (cf. Constitution). The individual aspects of what we believe, will be processed further in future decision documents. ---- Part I: How do we have it Capitalism's basic characteristics ---- Humanity is trapped in an authoritarian social system that has an inherently destructive dynamics: capitalism. The core of capitalism is economic fåtallsstyre. ---- Economic fåtallsstyre ---- Capitalism is an economic fåtallsstyre: the few who control society's most important institutions - workplaces, campuses and military camps - has never been democratically elected.

Such undemocratic society are common to both state capitalism (as in the Soviet Union) and market capitalism (as in Norway): At workplaces, campuses and military camps have the majority submit to the capitalist authorities, participate in activities you are alienated from and has no control over, and tolerate economic exploitation. Despite the authority threatened Mon of a wide range of penalties - from up, bad references and financial loss to prison, torture and death - depending on when, where and how the authority defiance.

Interest Opposites

Mankind is divided into two opposing classes. Capital owners and their economic and political henchmen (together commonly referred to as the ruling class) constitute one class: Its members control both workplaces, campuses and military camps and decide accordingly over the workers. Wage Workers, students and soldiers (often called working together) constitute the second class: its members make either work places, educational institutions or military camps and are therefore ruled over by the owners, managers and officers. To maintain their power and wealth is the ruling class dependent on wage-workers, students and soldiers submit to its control and produce goods and services that capitalism needs to continue. Klass The fundamental conflict of interest means an interest match: the working interest of the ruling class grants as much salary as possible for the least possible work, under the best possible working conditions, the ruling class has an interest in the workers perform as much labor as possible for the least possible expenditure on wages and better working conditions .

Destructive dynamics

Under state capitalism is the highest possible profit desirable, since the goal of production is to enrich the ruling class, and under market capitalism is the highest possible profit out necessary since companies have to be competitive to not go bankrupt. The own dynamics involves a series of disastrous consequences and works regardless of which party that controls Parliament and the owners and managers who control workplaces.

Consequences of capitalism

Capitalism causes poverty and hunger, and war crimes, exploitation, oppression and injustice, and last but not least: a deepening global environmental catastrophe.


Authoritarian social and institutional factors resulting in authoritarian interpersonal relationships: a passive culture that reduces us to the goods, consumers and spectators, and alienates us from our studies, our work, our desires and our surroundings. Through hierarchical institutions we are disciplined and isolated from each other through monitoring and competition exposure. Estrangement - the feeling of powerlessness and meaninglessness - breed cynicism, crime, substance abuse, mental illness and suicide. Poverty reinforces alienation.

Poverty, unemployment and economic crises

Poverty: Since competition leads to capital owners must give priority to investments in profitable areas, workers in those areas is not economically profitable experience poverty. Both unemployment and economic crises worsen poverty.

Unemployment: Since it is difficult for workers to make demands if there are many who want to take over their work, capitalism has an interest in maintaining a certain amount of unemployment, and since capitalism is based on ubytting of labor, can not those who do not work get the same financial compensation to those works. Unemployment worsens dramatically during the economic crisis.

Economic crises: capitalist economy is not based on human needs, but cynical profit motive. Market capitalist economy is not even scheduled so the rational choice for individual actors lead to irrational results for the whole. The result is an inefficient economy, waste of resources and arbitrary economic crisis.

Sexism, racism, national chauvinism, reactionary religion and militarism

Suppression mechanisms sexism, racism, national chauvinism, militarism and reactionary religion overlap and reinforce one another and prevent the working class to unite.

Sexism (gender): Since the nuclear family gendered division of labor gave women the primary responsibility for reproductive work that is needed for it to be able to create added value, and since the woman - by virtue of the fact that she can get pregnant - always represents an additional expense for an employer, she limited by a particularly oppressive gender roles, and showed poorer financially than men. In this way, continuing and further developments in capitalism, a pre-capitalist sexist ideology that justifies the oppression of all that falls outside of the male, heterosexual norm.

Racism and national chauvinism: When capital owners have exploited all possible ways to make money in their own country, they must look elsewhere for more raw materials, labor and markets. This is called imperialism. With imperialism follows a racist, reactionary religious and nasjonalsjåvinististisk ideology that legitimizes state power and exploitation based on racial, religious and national affiliation. Both racism, religious hatred and nasjonalsjåvinismen amplified when America goes to war.

Militarism: Since States must also work as actors on the world market comes competition to them. The economic competition to secure raw materials, labor and markets leads to military competition having as deadly military technology and so obedient soldiers as possible. The result is a militaristic ideology that legitimizes military power, cynicism and wars.

Ecological imbalance

As long as environmental destruction does not materially impair the ruling class living standards, it will use ecologically unsafe production methods in greater profits. Under market capitalism is forced out enterprises to prioritize profits over the environment.

Capitalism gives priority to short-term profits ahead of business related long-term social thinking, and it is based on unlimited growth, which is not compatible with a limited environment. With the growth follows an ideology that legitimizes konsumeristisk ecologically irresponsible consumption.

Capitalist reproduction

Capitalism reproduced by means of propaganda and socialization applying conviction power and police and military violence of power. These two types of power works in an interaction: When the conviction power turns out to be inefficient capitalism must increasingly resort to violent power.

Persuasive Power: Propaganda & Socialisation

Since the ruling class controls the workplaces, campuses and military camps are socialized to all workers, students and soldiers to tolerate the ruling-class authority. Since the media is controlled by the profit is the media biased and forces of capitalism ideological dominance, and in many countries to prevent parliament's dazzling facade, reactionary, religious institutions, the labor movement in seeing clearly. This overwhelming conviction power makes capitalism psychological mechanisms - submission, fear ignorance and selfishness - reproduced in most interpersonal relationships: family relationships, friend relationships, sexual relationships, etc. The result is that capitalism appears to be natural and the only thing possible.

Violence Power: Police & military

When the working class becomes conscious and well organized, the ruling class increasingly have to use the state apparatus of violence: the police and military. Police hidden and prevention work: monitoring, mapping, infiltration and provocation in the activist communities, goes into open and nedbyggende work: violence and threats of violence. If workers decide to take over what ought to belong to them - jobs - is at worst the military and class struggle turns into class warfare. If the labor movement loses the class war, established a fascist state (as in Russia in 1921, Italy 1922, Germany 1933, Spain 1939, etc). This clearly shows the core of capitalism: an economic fåtallsstyre built on raw violence.

Part II: How we want it

Council Society's basic characteristics

We work for a libertarian socialist social system that has an inherent constructive dynamics: a community council. The core of the Council's community is economic democracy.

Economic Democracy

Council's community is an economic democracy: society's most important institutions - workplaces, campuses and dwellings - owned and managed by all. At workplaces, campuses and residences will community members be included voluntary community built on direct-democratic advice. The community councils will be done through empowering members to exercise direct influence on the decisions they are affected by, to the extent they are affected by decisions, and it will grow up a community of interest (as we saw the seeds in eg Russia 1917, Germany 1918, Italy 1919, Spain 1936, Chile 1973, Portugal 1974, Iran 1979, Poland 1980).

Community Interest

The production process is inherently social: all we need to produce (work space, work tools, infrastructure, etc.) is the result of countless human hands gjennnom several generations, the various industries are closely linked in a global economy, and producers are both dependent on each other raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and each other's services, professional knowledge and skills. Therefore, the means of production and output the result - along with the production process - a social character: all, belonging to everyone. This will lead to interest community: all will be of interest to improve the working tools, work methods, work distribution and work environment.

Constructive own dynamics

When the jobs held by all the objective of production is to satisfy society's needs and there will be reciprocity - not contradiction - between the individual and the community. This self dynamism will lead to a series of positive consequences.

Society's Council consequences

Council's community will result in wealth and stability, peace and harmony, community, freedom and justice, and last but not least: an ecologically sustainable development.


Egalitarian social relations will result in egalitarian human relationships: an activating culture that exalts us to the people, producers and participants, and age makes us through the realization of our studies, our work, our desires and our surroundings. Empowering None - the feeling of having control over our own lives - will breed compassion, responsibility, self-control, mental health and happiness. Wealth will increase the legal age do not.

Wealth, employment and economic stability

Wealth: Council Society will increase human productivity by eliminating a number of obstacles: Purpose of Solving industries, occupations and jobs, unemployment, allowing labor willing to go real loose; alienation that undermines the work the pleasure and performance, patents, copyrights, etc., that restrict access to knowledge and culture, the impossibility of cooperation among all producers (as under capitalism are competitors), and absence of social planning. The increased productivity will enable both the reduction of working hours and an appropriate distribution of work products: products that are surplus will be free and products are carried by will be distributed fairly.

Employment: Since the work products will accrue to all the Council's community have an interest in full employment, and since the Council's society is an egalitarian society abound, all guaranteed equal economic standard of living - whether you work and how much you work.

Economic stability: Last but not least the economy will be krisefri since it will be rationally planned to meet human needs, making rational choices for individual actors will lead to a rational result for the whole. The result will be an effective economy, good use of resources and economic stability.

Sexism, racism, militarism and the decline nasjonalsjåvinismens

Suppression mechanisms sexism, racism, national chauvinism and militarism will no longer have a material basis under the Council's community and will consequently decrease. But there is no guarantee that the suppression mechanisms will disappear completely and immediately. Thus, they fought against the here and now, with the aim of defeating the once for all during the Council's creation of society.

Sexism (gender) decline: Since the value will no longer be the basis for the production and pregnancy no longer can harm individuals' profits will no longer nuclear family as an institution may be required. The limiting gender roles will thus be able to stop, the reproductive work will increasingly become a collective responsibility and women will not be economically worse off than men. The result will be a free for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and sexuality.

Racism and nasjonalsjåvinismens decline: Since it will not be profitable to subdue people of other racial and national affiliation to secure more raw materials, labor and markets, there will be a material basis for racism and national chauvinism. The result will be that nation states cease and humanity are united.

Militarism decline: Since there will no longer exist either States or capitalist competition will not exist a material basis for militarism. In the unlikely first to break out of wars to military units - both the number of terms and equipment purposes - be drastically reduced and the risk of civilian casualties will be reduced significantly. The result will be a world characterized by peace.

Ecological balance

Since the object of production will be increased quality of life and increased consumption will not exist a material foundation for consumerism, and since everyone will be interested to improve the working tools, work methods, work distribution and work environment they will also have an interest in restoring ecological balance. The result will be a world where humanity and nature live in harmony.

Council Society's creation

Council's community can be to by a massive strike movement takes the form of a Council motion.

The strike movement to Council motion
Labor movement can stop capitalism by unite in an international mass strike and form a council of society's core institutions: Arbeideråd who coordinates production; soldatråd defending Council's community, and innbyggerråd which manages the local communities. The suggestions must be reconciled in the works, soldiers and citizens federations. Council Society's upper body must be resident Federation: the only body that includes the entire population.

Council Society's immediate task

Council Society's immediate tasks will be to consolidate, strengthen and impart advice, to ensure an efficient production and equitable distribution to ensure the population's basic needs, and to establish a popular defense that gets its political mandate by the citizens Federation and is based on volunteer service, self-discipline, and the selection and rotation of officers. The Council's community will survive, Council movement spread internationally.

Spread of the Council motion
Since the capitalist states with simplicity can crush isolated communities of the Council, the Council must be the movement spread all over the world, dissolve all power that flows from direct-democratic council, and execute the democratization process.

Part III: How do we get us there

Council motions have so far ended in total defeat. In order to avoid future failures needed a strong, international workers' movement, based on solidarity, direct democracy and direct action. We must be to build such a movement. When a Council motion occurs, it must be satisfied that the advice should not only be fighting institutions that wins the claim, but the core institutions of a libertarian socialist rådsamfunn. History shows that even small - but strong - organizations may have a critical impact on the Council movements. It is therefore essential that the libertarian organizations have grown strong before a Council motion occurs.

Meanwhile, we fight - here and now - against all forms of oppression. The movement against oppression, we work for solidarity, direct democracy and direct action.


No one is free until all are free. The movements must fight for oppressed collective interest: An attack on one is an attack on all. It is in our own interest to provide solidarity and stand together: together we are strong!

The labor movement is the only movement that can unite the oppressed: the most oppressed are dependent on wage work, and as workers they depend on to stand together with all other workers. The labor movement also has a strategic advantage: It has the power both to effectively win the limited reforms within capitalism, capitalism to stop once and for all and to start up production in libertarian terms. We must actively contribute to building the labor movement and prevent the split on the basis of subject, age, color, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, party politics, etc.. a.

The sight of revolution - the distinction between reformist and revolutionary politics - should not be splitting the labor movement: the need to stand together, not alienate workers on the basis of their views on the revolution. Only when a revolution occurs and there is no way back, we must work to ensure that the movement takes a clear revolutionary position and fill the burdens that it has started.

Direct democracy

The labor movement is controlled by pamper who often have more in common with the buyers of work than workers: like work pamper buyers have power over the workers and often earn more than workers. Pampeveldet is a colossus many believe they have in the back, but in reality they have on their backs. The workers must shake off pampeveldet and create a new movement, with and for workers. The remedy is direct democracy:

When possible the direct vote on issues rather than people. Those selected to perform the tasks called mandathavere. The assignments are determined by their members and described in written mandate mandathaverne is obliged to follow. Mandathavere has no privilege and has no more important mandates simultaneously. The mandates are short, and goes on the round started. They can be revoked with immediate effect.

We fight for direct democracy in the labor movement - and the oppressed movement in general - as well as in the libertarian movement: We must here and now reflect the society we are fighting for, by using direct democracy. That way, we show by example the power that another way to organize is possible and simultaneously build the new society within the shell of the old.

Direct action

Pampeveldets activity on behalf of the oppressed must cease. True freedom can only be won with oppressed its own activity: the Oppressed emancipation must be their own work! Since capitalism is beyond morality must also be moral appeals to the authorities stop capitalism: liberties are not given - they are taken! Oppressed must enforce their claims themselves, through direct actions fx sabotage, embargo, strike, blockade and occupation.

We spread the theoretical understanding of solidarity, direct democracy and direct action through discussions, publications, events, etc., but the important thing is to disseminate practical understanding through the example of power: a movement that creates unity and solidarity by means of solidarity, empowering people using of direct democracy, and win concrete demands through direct action, have strong convictions power and will bring us solid step towards the ultimate goal: a libertarian socialist society of the Council.

We have nothing more to lose than our unfreedom. We have a world to win!
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