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(en) Canada, No One Is Illegal* Toronto: Changes to the Immigration System You Need to Know About; March on May 1!

Date Fri, 30 Apr 2010 04:07:45 +0300

Changes To The Immigration System That You Need to Know About: ---- Whether you are a permanent resident, a temporary worker, a refugee claimant, an immigrant, or have no documents – new immigration changes will affect you. The media has been very quiet on these issues or are not covering the whole story. Please read the information below (and print the flyer at http://toronto.nooneisillegal.org/node/445) and pass on to others that need to know. ---- (To continue receiving information email nooneisillegal@riseup.net) (1) The Conservative Attacks on the Refugee System: ---- Why Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is Lying ---- Jason Kenney recently proposed a number of sweeping changes to the Refugee System. Unfortunately, most of what he said was deceiving, or an outright lie.

Kenney Says: Canada’s asylum system is crippled by long delays and a cumbersome process. This results in claims taking years to resolve.

We Say: When the Tories took power in 2005, the backlog was zero and the processing time was 11.5 months. It has now gone up to 19.5 months and the backlog is in the thousands. The Tories created this ‘crisis’ to push through these vicious changes.

Kenney Says: The Government-Assisted Refugees Program will be expanded over time by up to 500 places. An additional 2,000 places will be added to the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program..

We Say: In December 2009, Kenney cut refugee quotas from 29,000 to 12,000. That’s a cut of 17,000. Even with a 2500 person increase, that still means a 14,500 person cut. The 2000 private sponsorships put an unnecessary burden on private individuals and takes away Canada’s responsibility to settle people that it displaces.

Kenney Says: We will abolish hearings and replace them with an administrative evaluation. We will revoke the Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) application because it’s an unnecessary safety net used by refused asylum seekers to stay in the country.

We Say: There are no fair hearings without independent judges! Refugees will no longer be allowed to write down their own stories. Instead, a civil servant will conduct an oral interview and will have full power to deny status. The PRRA , though limited, was the only way for people facing risk upon deportation to stop their removal - revoking it means denying the simplest of protections.

Kenney Says: We will establish a list of “safe countries” in order to expedite claims. But we will ensure all asylum seekers have a fair hearing and we will introduce an appeal process.

We Say: The Immigration Minister has refused to specify which countries will be on the ‘safe’ list. Establishing such a list will create a two-tiered system based on nationality. Any country could be deemed safe and claimants from those countries would be treated differently. Poor women, queer and trans survivors of violence have little means of entering Canada outside of the refugee system. This change will slam the doors on those people’s ability to immigrate. Also, though the rest of the changes will be implemented immediately, the appeals system is scheduled to be setup in 2-3 years. The Liberals promised the same a few years ago but then got rid of it a year later.

(2) Family Sponsorship: Adopting children or bringing a spouse or a parent to Canada has been made very difficult. Staff in the family sponsorship office has been cut which has increased processing time up to 12 years. Arranged marriages and same-sex partnerships are under increased inspection and Immigration officers now have more powers to deny sponsorship.

(3) Permanent Residency: Under new laws few people can get permanent residency as skilled workers. Only people in 38 professions are allowed to immigrate while all others have to wait decades to get in. The list of ‘preferred’ professions is created by the Immigration Minister which favours rich, western-style educated people while discriminating against people from the Third World, women and folks with disabilities.

(4) Temporary Work: While ways to get permanent residency or get full rights are being cut, more and more people are coming in as Temporary Migrant Workers. Migrant workers have few rights, often face abuse, work long hours with little pay and are deported at the employers whims. Under new laws, some migrant workers work up to four years and are then banned for the next six years.

The laws and policies that shut out Immigrants in Canada go along with military and economic foreign policies that are making it harder and harder for Third World People to live with dignity. Canadian police and military from Haiti to Afghanistan, Canadian mining companies from Papua New Guinea to Congo, Canadian trade agreements Mexico and Columbia to Israel all work together to keep people poor, harass, intimidate and exploit women, queer folk, disabled people and children.

As a result millions of people come to Canada looking to survive. Those that gain citizenship live in poverty, children pushed out of schools, the last hired and the first fired. In Ontario, 47% of children of new Immigrant families live in poverty. Those that do not are either deported or, in the case of 500,000 undocumented people in Canada, live in daily fear and always threatened with deportation.

It is obvious that Canadian government and political parties are unwilling to defend the interests of Migrants. Only in working together in solidarity, taking to the streets and creating everyday solutions can we defend and achieve justice. Grassroots groups have stopped deportations, changed labor and immigration policies, opened up schools and shelters to non-status people, and have fought and won alongside struggles for self-determination.

On May 1, International Workers Day, No One Is Illegal-Toronto with support of dozens of allies is calling for a Day of Action for Status for All. The struggle for Status is the struggle for freedom of movement, good food, jobs, healthcare, education, shelter, justice and dignity for all people – with or without immigration status. Join Us!


On May 1, 2010, International Workers Day

March for Status for All!
1pm, St. Jamestown
Wellesley St. and Ontario St.
5th Annual May Day of Action

**Endorse the march! Email nooneisillegal@riseup.net**
**Wheelchair accessibility bus leaves 12:30pm N/E corner of Bloor and Yonge**
**For details of Peel, Scarborough and Jane and Finch Buses email nooneisillegal@riseup.et**
**Help prep and mobilize - Come to Art/Outreach Day on April 25, 2pm, Wellesley St. and Ontario St.**

In the past 6 years the struggle for justice for immigrants and refugees has grown immensely. Inspired by the individual and collective strength of Mohamed Cherfi, Kimberley Lizano-Sossa, Fahim Kayani, Shamim Akhtar, Isabel Garcia, Wendy Maxwell, and the many others that we have known, and the countless others that have had to fight alone, the Migrant Justice movement has fore fronted struggles of people of color, women, disAbled and queer migrants, particularly those without full status.

Rising out of schools, shelters and apartment blocks from Jane and Finch to Crescent Town, our voices have reached the streets and the hallways of power. From the 2004 No One Is Illegal march from Montreal to Ottawa, to the first Toronto May Day of Action in 2006, to the take over of Yonge and Dundas square on May Day in 2009, we have worked tirelessly to create real meaningful change – stopping deportations, winning access to schools, changing federal immigration policy. We have been on picket lines with labour unions, on barricades in solidarity with Indigenous struggles, supported people’s organizations in streets and in communities.

Now, in 2010, as the Conservative government arrests and deports our friends. As they tear apart our families. As they push us in to unsafe jobs. As they call us “bogus refugees” and “illegals”, and do it with a smile, we say no mas, no more.

On Christmas Eve, four migrant construction workers fell to their deaths, unable to demand safe working conditions. Days before International Women's Day, bullies from Immigration Enforcement raided shelters, intimidating, harassing and arresting women and children in the middle of the night. Workplace raids have increased dramatically in Southern Ontario. Faced with being sent back to certain torture, Habtom Kibraeb killed himself rather than be deported.

Kenney & Harper are writing a new story of migration. A ruthless story that claws back past victories, and launches new attacks. Now more than ever, we must fight back!

When a mother can’t bring her child to a hospital for fear of deportation, when a worker is condemned to unsafe work for fear of detention, when Immigration Canada acts as judge, jury and executioner, we need to join together across movements, across divides, and across the city to fight for Status for All.

The Struggle for Status is the fight for movement, good jobs, food, health-care, education, shelter, housing, justice and dignity for all people, irrespective of Immigration status.

On May 1, respectful of the history of struggle that has gone before us, and in the spirit of solidarity, strength and anger, join us.

March for Status for All!
1pm, St. Jamestown
Wellesley St. and Ontario St.
5th Annual May Day of Action


No One Is Illegal-Toronto


* An antiauthoritarian anticapitalist initiative network
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