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(en) France, Le Monde libertaire #1590 8 to 14 April 2010 (fr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 15:00:28 +0300

"What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone? "- Bertolt Brecht --- CONTENT ---- The pug Zemmour and latrinesque Besson, Mr. Silberstein, page 3 ---- Made of winter, Raynaud JM, page 4 ---- A strike may lead to another, by Julien, page 5 ---- Short and not good, page 6 ---- The cross and so, by N. Potkin, page 7 ---- Social insecurity by Moriel, page 9 ---- My friends the gypsies, by A. Peter, page 10 ---- Before charters, trains, Mr Rajsfus, page 11 ---- Neighborhoods, by JP Garnier, page 13 ---- Indian rebel, Mr Tomsin, page 15 ---- African blues, T. Libertad, page 16 ---- A Cossack libertarian, D. Giraud, page 18 -- Swedish Bitter, by Paco, page 19 The radio says, page 20 --- Perpetual motion? Page 21 --- Cream of the transistor, page 22 ---- Cherish it goes where tonight? Page 22 Calendar, page 23


The voice of their masters begin to stuff ourselves with the burqa. This veil
so badly that veils the face of crimes far more heinous.
The imaginary problem of "immigration" for example, a "selective immigration
"To resume the offensive power when it is actually Rights
Human and family reunification. Pan in the detention camps! A veil
stretched awkwardly - when we talk about religion - on the unfortunate tsunami
splashes Christendom.

On one side of the planet to another, members of the clergy are
worked in the anus, the seducers small nenfants. It does not
Ratzinger support them quietly, some B16 beatify Pope Pius
stinking or Di Falco, of lounging on the couch Drucker, while
idly stroking his organs of choir youths mature. Pan
moon! This veil can not hide nor put to the dustbin of
Carbon-tax due noncompétivité companies. And
the unspeakable Nicolas Hulot, usually so reactive, treating the famous
tax "as an ingredient of grub election, accusing the
liberal capitalism to be the cause of degradation
the global environment and to stigmatize its great resistance to
any taxation of businesses. Pan in the sustainable economy! This veil if
practice can no more forget the aberration of an NS buttressed,
after the snub by the regional reforms-that-kill at

Even the old, non-negligible fraction of the electorate, undermine
question the tax shield, it only benefits the rich, it only serves
Medef, they yelp. Meanwhile, Capdevielle, factory
Furniture Landes, now in its fifth and final social, Total
expatriates, "the West" is far from declining 12%
croâssance Chinese, recession and the next crisis are coming.
Normal: despite some appalling titative, nothing is changed, or
prohibited, taxed or on its root causes: the World
greed of the rich.

Pan in the financial morality! Fortunately, y'en still has that
yield ever, that renaudent and fighting back, like
Sodimatex Crepy-en-Valois (at least in this day of closure). Then
like them, what prevents us to take direct action - all sails
out - each in its business, its directors, each with its
manners, their knowledge and gas bombs at him to explode the clique
exploiters, popes, presidents and finally take our business
hand? Without bothering debates agreed and empty promises
those who do not represent us. Pan in their democracy!

World Events libertarian # 1590 8 to 14 April 2010

Thursday, April 8

Rennes (35)

20 hours. Evening organized by the anarchist group The worthy rage (FA
Rennes) about the struggles of the Mapuche (Chile) for the land and
freedom. Screening of documentary Apaga y Vamonos, conducted in 2005,
the struggle that pitted the Mapuche in Spanish multinational
Endesa. The screening will be followed by a debate on the current situation,
driven by a political science student who has worked with
Mapuche Observatory citizen of Temuco in Chile. Stamped paper,
39, rue de Dinan, Mrs. Anne.

Saint-Denis (93)

19 hours. The Dionyversité, People's University of Saint-Denis.
Level: Madagascar: a rich country of poor people. First course: Madagascar,
the colonial past in this compound. Presentation by Patrick
Rakotomalala. Labour Exchange Saint-Denis, 9-11, rue Genin, M ° line
13, Porte de Paris, or RER D Free admission.

Saturday, April 10

Lyon Croix-Rousse (69)

17 hours. Meeting / discussion: Proudhon, the enfant terrible of socialism.
With the participation of Anne-Sophie Chambost, author of Proudhon.
The enfant terrible of socialism (Paris, Armand Colin, 2009) and Daniel
Colson, sociologist and libertarian. The citron, and Documentation Centre
Research on Social Alternatives, 27, montée Saint-Sebastien
Mrs Cross Package.
0478299067. cedrats.actions (a) laposte.net

Paris Xie

16.30. Young and old, come listen and see the stories in The Libertarian
Bookstore libertarian world, 145, rue Amelot. M ° Oberkampf.

Tuesday, April 13

Saint-Denis (93)

19 hours. The Dionyversité, People's University of Saint Denis.
Cycle: The resistance. Second course: internment camps in France
1938 to 1946. Presentation by Denis Peschanski. Labour Exchange
Saint-Denis, 9-11, rue Genin, Mrs line 13, Porte de Paris, or RER D
Free admission.

Thursday, April 15

Merlieux (02)

Social Library, hosted by the group of the Federation Kropotkin
Anarchist receives 18 to 21 hours. Guy Georges, a former trade unionist
teacher, member of Free Thought, author of The Battle of
secularism, 1944-2004 (Sudel, 2008), for a debate on secularism. Aperitif
dinner. Press table. Admission free. 8, rue de
Contact: 0323801709.

Friday, April 16

Orleans (45)

20 hours. The group Couté Gaston (45) organizes a debate on the theme "
regional "coffee Workshop, 203 rue de Bourgogne. The site (Brand New)
Group: www.yagoa.fr / Loiret-libertarian.
The blog is groupegastoncoute.blogspot.com abandoned for technical reasons.

Saturday, April 17

Ghent (Belgium)

Ninth Book Fair and libertarian alternative to the Cultural Centre "De
Central, Kraankinderstraat.

Strasbourg (67)

15 hours. The group organizes an antifascist Alsace afternoon
Debates: 1 Fascism and fascism in Spain: projections and
antifascist meeting with two of Salamanca. 2 in Anti-fascism
Russia unpublished documentary films. Maison des Associations, 1A,
Orphans place. collectif.antifasciste.alsace (a) gmail.com

Saturday, April 24

Le Mans (72)

16 hours. Coffee hosted by the libertarian group Lairial: What about
the independence of justice? At your disposal, table press equipment.
Grocery du Pre, 31 Rue du Pre.

Rouen (76)

15 hours: Meeting with Hamid Zanaz discussion about his book
Carlito's Islamic associations House, 22, rue Dumont d'Urville.

From April 8 to 10

Paris twentieth

20 hours. Playing Terror Olympe de Gouges Elsa Solal and watch
The Island Chelo, the documentary written and directed by Odette Martinez
co-directed by Laetitia Puertas and Ismael Cobo. Confluence, 190 Boulevard

All April

Barcelona (Spain)

To mark the centenary of the CNT-AIT (1910-2010), organized to
Barcelona a series of conferences called "Alternatives to capitalism
: Self-management debate. " These days of debate will take place during the
April 2010. The workshops are structured in three blocks
conferences: a theoretical background and a final, broader,
on the news. www.autogestion2010.info

Until April 18

La Plaine-Saint-Denis (93)

Barricade performance of the Compagnie Jolie Môme. From Thursday to Saturday
20:30 on Sunday at 16 hours. Tariff 18 and 10 euros. Light meals
site. At Teatro La Belle Etoile. 14 rue Saint-Just,
M ° Porte-de-la-Chapelle or RER B La Plaine-Stade-de-France. Bus 153-302,
Église de La Plaine. Reservations 01 49 98 39 20. Coy-joliemome.org

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