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(en) US, Struggle against police murders

Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 10:03:54 +0300

Hey y'all. this is going out in a minute on the internet. On our tour so far, tasos, sissy and I have spoken with a lot of people who feel that networks among anarchists in the States are pretty weak, that the different cities seem so far apart, and it's hard to get things to spread. Hopefully that can change. spread the word. solidarity, p**** ---- From the Bay to the Sound: No More Police Killings! ---- West Coast Days of Action April 8-9 Oscar Grant, Aaron Campbell, and all the others: We Won't Forget! ---- Freedom for Joel Dow and Holly Works! ---- Organize protests and autonomous actions in your own city! Early on New Year's morning, 2009, BART police in Oakland, California, shot and killed Oscar Grant as he lay unarmed on a subway platform. Only after community members rioted did the cop get charged with the shooting.

On March 22, 2010, Portland police shot and killed a homeless man, Jack Dale
Collins, just two months after they shot to death Aaron Campbell, an unarmed
black man. Anarchist and other community members responded immediately,
taking to the streets in a riotous protest that marched on the police
station, expressing anger at cops for the systemic killings, and at the
media for covering up the prevalence of police violence. On March 23 there
was another protest, at which police on motorbikes attacked the crowd. In
a typical move, they charged one protestor with attacking them. Joel Dow is
currently sitting in jail, facing a felony charge and two misdemeanors.

The only times the police have ever been held responsible for their murders
is when we take to the streets and halt business as usual. Following the
law, being peaceful, being quiet, has never discouraged police violence,
because it is the function of the police to use violence against the
exploited, against the oppressed, against those who fight back.

Police violence is systemic. It is not a matter of isolated cases, or bad
apples. For that reason, we are calling for two Days of Action, up and
down the West Coast. The trial for Oscar Grant's killer has been moved all
the way to Los Angeles, where the government hopes it can get an
The problem of state violence stretches across borders. Only by extending
our solidarity from city to city can we gain the strength to fight back
show that this is not an isolated problem.

People have already started using a diversity of tactics to resist the
police. After the killings of Oscar Grant and Jack Dale Collins, people
rioted. After the most recent killing in Portland, anonymous anarchists
smashed up the police union office. In the Bay Area, Oakland Peace and
Justice is organizing a blockade of the Embarcadero BART station for April
8. In Seattle, people are organizing flyering and protests in the city
center. All the tactics are needed!

When we recognize the need to stand up against state violence, we have to
remember to support those who have been arrested in the struggle. Joel Dow
is in jail for two felony charges and two misdemeanors for a counterattack
against police at the March 23 protest in Portland. On April 5, Holly
Works goes to trial for felony charges from the Oscar Grant riots. They
need to be freed, not on the basis of their guilt or innocence, but
because the actions that took place were a necessary response to the
police murders. Without those riots, the killings would have been swept
under the rug, like so many times in the past. The struggle is not over
until everyone is free!

Solidarity protests, flyering, blockades, and other actions will take place
in the Bay Area, Portland, Olympia, Seattle, and elsewhere. Take
initiative! Organize your own action and publicize it on the internet!

Freedom for Joel Dow and Holly Works!
Oscar Grant, Aaron Campbell, and all the others: We Won't Forget!

Portland riots

Support Joel Dow

Support the Oakland 100

Bay Area April 8th action

Seattle April 9th protest

*Sample flyers*
Because the media will always lie, it's important to let everyone know, in
our own words, why we protest, why we riot, why we fight back. Take these,
change the date and time for your own events, and print off thousands!

The Police Will Always Murder

Let the politicians mince words about better training and community
policing. The truth is, police will always murder. Our entire economy is
based on exploitation, on wage-slavery, on violent blackmail: spend your
life working for those who own everything, or sleep on the streets. The
economy kills people every day. Our country is founded on slavery and
genocide. Generations later, the divides only continue to deepen. How can
there be peace between rich and poor, between those who profit off this
state of affairs and those who have even had their futures stolen from

That's where the police come in. It's their job to keep people in their
assigned places, to use violence against those who resist, those who fall
out of line. That's why every week in this country, cops are murdering
homeless people, murdering people of color, murdering transgender people,
attacking protestors, spying on dissidents. It's their job. The problem
can't be reformed away. It's useless to talk about freedom and happiness
as long we live in a world based on isolation, coercion, and exploitation.

That's why we are not ashamed to talk about abolishing the police,
abolishing prisons, abolishing the entire government. We can start right
now by fighting back against police violence, against new laws of social
control. We can start right now by reclaiming our communities, getting to
know our neighbors, and building networks of self-defense without relying
the police. Society has organized itself many times before without
hierarchy, without Authority. Suppressed stories of rebellion and freedom
can be found everywhere.

If you're not afraid to take your life in your hands, if you're truly
interested in the possibility of a world without police murders, here's
one of many places you can start searching for ideas:
Otherwise, don't worry. If you do nothing, the police will continue to
murder to uphold the world you rely on. Just don't let them catch you out
of your place.

For Freedom, for Anarchy!

*Enough is Enough!
March Against Police Brutality
Friday April 9th, 12pm at Seattle Central Community College*

*Protect Our Communities, Protect Ourselves!*

*On Monday, March 22nd another Portland community member, was brutally
murdered by the police. Friday, April 9th we are calling a march in
solidarity here in Seattle to recognize that Portland’s struggle against
police brutality is also our struggle. Police brutality is a systemic
issue that is effecting the entire country. We refuse to sit by and just
shake our heads as police shoot down people here or in Portland or
anywhere. We refuse to feel unsafe in our own neighbourhoods, streets and

*The police are one part of the prison industrial complex that is
expanding rapidly, and more and more sectors of our society are gearing
themselves toward promoting the proliferation of prisons– and profiting
off it. They are not making us safer. They are killing us and locking us
up at an exponential rate. Today the US has 5% of the world population and
25% of
the worlds prison population. With the highest rate of incarceration in the
world, we have been sold the idea that police and prisons are the solution
to crime. Upon investigation of the prison system we find a system that
targets poor people, people of color, transgendered people and the
mentally ill.*

*Instead of turning to the prison industrial complex, we want to build
networks of support and safety within our own neighborhoods and
Instead let’s defend each other to preserve community safety. Talk to your
neighbours! Form community assemblies and phone trees to create immediate
response to danger in your neighbourhood, from the cops and otherwise.
Build an understanding of the root causes of crime and the capacity to
think up solutions that could really work to create real safety and
healing for all of our community.*

*Let’s stand up and be loud! Let’s build a community movement against police

A flyer from Portland with that hot new style: protest info on the front,
our manifesto on the back
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