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(en) xUSSR: Anti-fascism is trendy now (from Avtonom #25)

Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 21:12:39 +0300

The following article about Anti-fascism is to be published in 25th number of
x-USSR anarchist journal Avtonom. It is a contribution to the current Russian
discussion about methods of anti-fascism, although does not necessarily reflect
opinions of whole collective of the journal.
Anti-fascism is trendy now
Beating up fascist scum has become a rather popular entertainment among youth of different
nationalities in Russian cities. Kremlin spin-doctors also read their Avtonom, and
made a conclusion that anti-fascism has some perspective for them. So former president's youth organization "Iduschie Vmeste" ("We walk together") was replaced with storm trooper organization "Nashi" ("Ours"), which
defines fascism as it is traditionally defined in Russia - any "traitor", that is, anybody who is not in
the interests of the current political power is a fascist. Right now, this means first of all liberals and Bolsheviks.

When duma deputies recently refused to ratify border agreement with Estonia, they announced that
1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty on division of Europe between nazi Germany and bolshevist
Soviet Union was at that time justified. So liberal rhetorics about market economy and human rights which used to be in the interests of the power in the beginning of the nineties, is now just as much treason,
as when tactical allies so cowardly stabbed "our" back 22nd of June 1941.

Liberal public made much noise around foundation of Nashi, but hysterical liberals do not understand,
that Nashi will exist just as long as business is forced to channel them funding. In a year or two, they are replaced by some new bullshit, in order to distract attention from what is really going on in the country.

But we must admit, that until them Nashi does have some capacity to create atmosphere
of fear and violence in the society, as was already proven by a couple of attacks
against oppositional youth organizations. Representatives of Nashi announce that their
organization will solve problem of fascism "not by means of confrontation, but by
means of re-education..." they plan to "give children good time with sports", so that
"they won't have time for pogroms anymore". Indeed, national movement is now
in such a crisis, that in 3 years they have not been able to organize a single major pogrom in
Moscow without aid of sections of the political elite - as proven by paid pogroms
after football game Russia-Japan in June of 2002 (known hooligan groups were paid in prior pogrom,
organized in order to have anti-terrorist legislation smoothly passed in duma), and
in Tsarisyno marketplace in October of 2002 (where pogrom was organized by Liberal Democrat party of Zhirinovsky just for some business interests). Right now these political prostitutes of nationalist circles are in a
desperate need of finances and training camps, which may be provided to them by Nashi.

And it is not only power whom anti-fascism attracts these days. A couple of years ago, one
of the founders of anti-fascist and anarchist "Skinhead revolution" website (http://rash-russia.antifa.net/) got a phone call from state energy monopoly RAO EES. "Hello, we propose you to become youth
section of SPS". That is Union of Right-Wing Forces, ultra neo-liberal party unofficial leader of which is one of the architects of 90's shock therapy Anatoly Chubais, back then head of RAO EES and probably most hated
man in Russia. "We may propose you very much money". Proposition was put down, for reasons
this high-ranking functionary could not quite get: "You do not understand, we may propose you
VERY much money..."

And calls of cooperation often come from opportunists of much lesser ranks as well, such
as human right NGO's, Trotskyites, youth organizations of various political parties...
usually this is a sign, that they got a chance to get some grant for "anti-fascist activity",
and they need some hands to do the work for it. But usually this commitment
to anti-fascism disappears just as suddenly as it appeared, especially if they
are visited by 50 lads from the opposite camp, armed with iron bars.

But fascism is not a counter pole of parliamentarian democracy, for which liberals are rallying for
- it is two sides of the same coin. Totalitarism and parliamentarian democracy are merely
two different ways to administer state in capitalism. From point of view of the capital,
both ways have their good and bad sides. Parliamentarian democracy is indeed more
able to regulate conflicts between interest groups in the society. But usually everyone
ends up content only after having their piece of cake, which means increasing wages and
public expenses, which requires further economic growth, which in turn requires more intensive
exploitation of workers, nature resources, animals and "less developed" countries. But
at times, this intensification reaches its limits, and economic crisis begins.

And in condition of economic crisis, it is sometimes more effective to switch to
fascism, since it provides state with a wider variety of means to suppress protests. But since
fascism is in a constant need of internal and external enemies, in a longer run it leads
to endless war and is a very unstable system. This is why nowadays majority of economical and political elites of the world are in favor of parliamentarian democracy with some elements of fascism,
such as "anti-terrorist" legislation, storing biometrical information of citizens,
video surveillance everywhere, TV broadcasting completely concentrated to hands of the state
or huge corporations loyal to it. But there is no any doubt, that these elites are always ready to
switch from parliamentarian democracy to fascism if necessary - and in the high-tech society of today
it will be easier than ever.

Thus fascism will always be an element of capitalism, especially in times of economical
crisis, and destruction of fascism is impossible without destruction of capitalism. It was those
very liberals, who in front of "communist threat" gave power to Mussolini in
1922 and to Hitler in 1933, not breaking a single law. In Italy, liberals were even in
a common government with Mussolini for a while.

In 3rd of May 1937 in Barcelona, republicans failed to crush workers - where police managed
to take over center of the city, anarcho-syndicalists from CNT and internationalist Marxists
from POUM still held working class districts of the city. But what republican government
could not win by means of war, it won by means of politics - under slogan of "anti-fascist unity",
anarcho-syndicalists put down their arms, their leaders abolished anarchist principles and
joined the government.

And just a few weeks after de-facto capitulation of anarchists to bourgeois democracy, a hunt
after all enemies of Stalinism began. Security services were founded according to model
of Soviet NKVD, voluntary militias were merged to regular army, Stalinist Lister moved to
crush communes in Aragon... Soviet arms of the republic were not worse than German
arms of the falangists, it is impossible to explain defeat of the republic in military terms only.
In 1939, process of foundation of a totalitarian state with Bolshevik efforts was finished,
and workers just saw no any idea to wage war for a regime, which did not really
differed from its enemy. Reason of the defeat of Bolshevik variant of "anti-fascism" in Germany
and Spain of the 30's is simple - it is too hard to see the difference between it and the
fascism itself.

Thus, there are plenty of different kinds of anti-fascism. Only thing what anti-fascism
may never be is "apolitical", because it is impossible to be against something, without
being for something else. And who does not propose any real
alternatives to fascism, in the end only rallies for the existing order, to whom
switching from parliamentarian democracy to fascism and back is always
just a pragmatical choice of the right moment.

Our anti-fascism is every torn up fascist sticker, every swastika and Celtic cross painted
over, every broken nazi face. It is antonym of any hierarchies, antonym of everything
that Nazism and capitalism represent, antonym of any orders. It is love, in a struggle against
hate. It is not avant-garde of toughest fighters, because bravery is not equal
with conscience. It does not play by rules, because murderers of 6-year-old children
play either. There is no any central command - only solidarity. Our anti-fascism does not
need finances from liberals, no help from Bolsheviks or mafia - we ask nothing from them,
because we do not live for power, but for freedom.


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