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From anarchist assembly <anarchist_assembly@yahoo.gr>
Date Sat, 8 Jan 2005 10:24:26 +0100 (CET)

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(A brief communique about the situation of immigrants in greece, the
recent tortures of Afghan refugees in Ag.Panteleimonas police station in
Athens, and one view at the action of anarchists, antiauthoritarian and
autonomous comrades to attack the station.)
The end of the olympics and of the biggest part of construction works
means for the greek state the beginning of a new period, where
immigration policies are being redefined as long as large numbers of
immigrants who were used as expendable slaves for the realization of the
grand idea1 are now considered useless. At the same time, a wider
repressive attack against those who resist is in progress, in accordance
with the global antiterrorist crusade of domination which includes the
fortification of the borders to confront the waves of refugees deserting
regions that have been turned into war-zones.

Today, an operation of law and order -as it was named by the minister
of interior P.Pavlopoulos- is launched in order to reduce the number of
immigrants, to register them and put them under control so that the
interests of the bosses will be better served within a more convenient
for them environment. An environment imposing suffocating terms of
survival for the immigrants and making more effective the regulation of
their movement from one country to another according to the needs of the

Practically this operation means that the forces or repression are
intensifying the intimidation camapaign and escaleting the terrorism
excercised on immigrants, and the Media are cultivating an atmosphere of
defused nationalism-racism, in order to gain consent from parts of society.

This operation has many aspects, moments and tactics: The racist pogrom
against Albanian immigrants by cops and fascist thugs of the state after
a football match in the beginning of September.2 Deportations taking
place on a daily basis. Hundreds of deaths in the border-line, either in
the minefields or in shipwrecks. Numerous incidents where police guns
are supposed to have accidentaly gone off and shot somebody in police
blockades in the streets. Tortures and humiliation suffered by
immigrants inside police stations every day. Constentration camps. The
cover up that all institutions of democracy offer to cops-pimps who rape
immigrant women.3

One more moment of this campaign was the torture of dozens of Afghan
refugees by the cops during the first days of December, at the beginning
inside a house they live and then in Ag.Panteleimonas police station,
where they were taken by force and tortured in order to give information
for another Afghan immigrant who had previously escaped from that police
For days, people who could not defend themselves were chained and beaten
in the cells of Ag.Panteleimonas station, suffered the torment of
phalanga(repeated flogging of the feet soles until they bleed and
swell), were forced to strip naked, children and juveniles threatened
with rape unless they speak. Bruises and wounds on the abused bodies of
people harassed and hunted, fear in the eyes of those experiencing in
their skin the state brutality.

Against the systemic violence of the state and the bosses, militants
oppose tactics of social anti-violence strengthening the social-class
One important, among others, moment of this struggle was the
demonstration of Friday 24/12/2004 from Ag.Paneleimonas square towards
the police station by 150 enraged anarchists, anti-authoritarians and
autonomous comrades who attacked the station causing property damage to
the building and to many police cars parked outside. It was an assault
against a police station that had already been targetted in society
after the tortures were revealed, reminding Guantanamo and Abu Graib).

The forces of repression, after experiencing the burst of social rage,
arrested at first 18 persons. The 17 were immediately released without
any charges and one comrade, badly beaten by the cops who satisfied
their vengeance on him, was finally accused. This comrade, N.M. who
participated in the demonstration in solidarity with the immigrants
refused all police charges. His arrest created a new wave of solidarity
and on Wednesday 29/12 he was released on parole.

The attack against the Ag.Panteleimonas police station was an action of
social justice. An action that has spread wider than the specific
neighborhood the message that social and class solidarity among the
oppressed finds its significance in the struggle against the domination
of the state and capital, in the struggle against the brutality and the
daily crimes of authority.



December 30, 2004
Open Assembly of anarchists -antiauthoritarians
anarchist_assembly@yahoo.gr <mailto:anarchist_assembly@yahoo.gr>

1 The olympic games were referred to as the new national grand idea
by all the political and economic bosses and their lackeys in the Media.

2 After the albanian national football teams victory over the greek
team in a match that took place in Albania, on September 4 2004,
hundreds of Albanian immigrants went out in the streets of many greek
cities to celebrate. They faced a pogrom by cops and fascists
nationalists. A 21year-old Albanian worker, Gramos Palusi, was murdered
and two of his friends seriously injured in Zakinthos island by a
fascist who attacked them with a knife. In Athens at least 70 immigrants
were taken to hospital, and in the rest of the country the wounded
Albanian immigrants were more than 300.

3 The latest incident (December 23, 2004) is the acquittal by the court
of the cop Nikos Brkolias who had raped in 1998 the 19 year-old
Ukranian immigrant woman Olga B. Olga was forced into prostitution after
coming in Greece.

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