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(en) Britain, London Calling - THE BULLETIN OF LONDON CLASS WAR - October issue

From classwaruk@hotmail.com
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2004 22:47:37 +0200 (CEST)

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THE CALL OUT was made on 7 October and we headed to Dagenham, the cockney
overspill in east London where there has been a lot of activity by the BNP.
After Daniel Kelly stood in Barking another BNP candidate was standing in the
town hall, I guess it was time to show the BNP that we are here to stop their
cocky behaviour.
On arrival in Dagenham Heathway luckily we found a Wetherspoons, meeting up with
everyone else and getting organised, people turned up from Sussex, Kent, London
boroughs and from Barking. There must have been thirty of us, strength in
numbers, a local said to me "Fuck me, is there a rave on". "Nah, we're here to
fight the BNP" was my reply. Leaving the pub in dribs and drabs we headed
towards the Town Hall where we found - you guessed it - another pub, no sign of
the BNP at all, few meat wagons passing, strange stares from the locals, all was
normal. A BNP spotter was seen, he had MADE IN ENGLAND tattooed on his forehead,
a give away sign I suppose.

We lingered waiting, word went around that the BNP were leaving, we all legged
to the Town Hall as we arrived so did the dog handlers, someone had a go at four
Tory boys, confrontation with the police truncheons raised, three arrests. We
headed back towards the tube, me and two other comrades was walking along when a
car pulled up, four men started mumbling something, I clocked a pin badge with
the pound sign, I spat at them, they produced a cam recorder, one tried getting
out more like pretended, they sped off, got their number plate.

I legged it back on the last tube, looking back on it know there was a good
turnout of anti fascists, everyone was up for a ruck and ready to kick some nazi
arse, didn't really see the point in lingering fighting the old bill, I was
there to show solidarity and to fight fascists...great to hear the BNP candidate
lost the vote anyway.

BUS AND TUBE passengers in London are facing a rise in fares after the mayor
announced a series of price increases for the New Year. From January bus fares
are to rise by 20% taking the cost of a single journey to £1.20 and a one day
bus pass to £3. An adult all-day travel card for zone 1 and 2 will go up from
£5.30 to £6. Mayor Ken Livingstone said the increase will help fund a series of
transport projects and provide free travel for under-18s in full-time education,

which we doubt very much.
Mayor Livingstone has also warned there may be a further two years of price
increases. He claimed the rises were part of the "tough decisions" he had to
make now to ensure the capital's transport system does not fall into decay, with
daily delays and weekend maintenance work it looks as though the underground is
decaying already, to date London has one of the highest fares in Europe, Paris
it cost 90p for a single fair...a lot of difference, with higher fares to come
London will be the most expensive.

Ken has taking it upon himself to increase penalty fares also in January and is
recruiting 60 more ticket inspectors, by blaming fare dodgers he also stated
that London transport is losing £83 million a year how he can work this out we
can only guess. Shockingly, Lib Dem London Assembly Transport Spokesperson,
Lynne Featherstone, said, "Fare dodgers are no better than shoplifters and it is
time that the Mayor and Transport for London to come down hard on people who try
to avoid paying for a ticket."

It's no wonder that people are increasingly wary of paying for tubes and buses
as fares grow ever higher. The £83 million saved each year by fare dodgers -
about half each on bus and tube, apparently - ought to give some vague hint to
Livingstone and his filthy cabal that fares are extortionate! But with fares
expected to rise above inflation for several years at least, we firmly believe
that the level of fare dodging will rise as well.

It's curious how Livingstone, who made his name cutting fares now seems smugly
satisfied raising the bloody things. He doesn't care - his tube journeys are
free for him, paid for by us. Hopefully, though, Ken well bump into some irate
fare dodgers - or even fare payers - and be given a piece of their minds!


FOLLOWING LAST MONTH'S issue "BANGERS & MASH" about TV chef Jamie Oliver's rip
off restaurant Fifteen in Hoxton, Jamie has been making more head line news
recently, more complaints have been made after it was found that the rip off
restaurant charged a staggering £6.95 for beans on toast, and a food critic
stated that for the same price you can buy 12 tins of Heinz baked beans and five
loafs of bread cheaper than one portion of "baked bean brushetta" which consists
of a tin of Heinz beans, tomatoes, chillies & balsamic vinegar on ciabatta
Not that we have got it in for Jamie Oliver who doesn't even make he's own baked
beans and we don't think that he is an annoying over grown middle class twit
who cant cook and appears constantly on TV, its just that he takes good old
working class food puts a French name on it and rips everyone off. Are people
really this gullible? We wonder...

POLITICIANS CAN ALWAYS find new methods of taxing us. In recent years one of the
most blatant has been charging exorbitant rates for people to park their cars
outside their houses, or even to visit friends and relatives. Heaven help you if
you overrun your stay on a parking meter. If they could charge you for standing
at the bus stop they would!

To ensure maximum exploitation Islington Council employs NCP to run parking in
the borough. . If you are a few minutes late and the meter runs out, being towed
away will cost you £200. The more cars that are towed away, the more money NCP -
and Islington Council make. If NCP choose to tow you car through the congestion
charging zone, that will cost you a £50 fine as well.

Just to make sure no leniency is ever shown, if NCP fail to hit its targets,
they have to pay the Council an additional fee of £100,000.

Each week the local papers in Islington contain horror stories of angry scenes
between residents and NCP, and criticism of council leaders. Given the money
they are taking from the people of Islington, perhaps the big question is not
why so many of NCP's employees are being thumped, but so few?


LONDON CALLING WISH the friends and supporters of Irene Stanley who is still
fighting for justice when her husband, Harry Stanley was shot dead on September
22 five years ago by police who thought he was carry a shot gun but was in fact
carrying a table leg in a carrier bag. A commemoration was held for Harry and
our thoughts are with the family.

The Harry Stanley Campaign are hoping a new verdict will be held soon and the
campaign can make a major stride towards establishing the truth and providing
Irene with the justice she has fought for against police cover ups and
government corruption.

Show your support - contact the Harry Stanley campaign:
JUSTICE FOR HARRY STANLEY CAMPAIGN. PO Box29644 London E2 8TS Tele 07931844969.
E-Mail terrystewart1uk@yahoo.com



AN OFFICIAL FROM Hackney's Education Authority and a corrupt policeman got
caught red-handed after trying to swindle a needy children's fund out of almost

Heartless Uche Woga and Kurtis Nwadikwa claimed they were setting up after-
school clubs in Hackney and made false applications for a grant to fund the sham
projects. Nwadikwa was arrested on November last year and was due to appear
before a fast track disciplinary board in June but resigned from the Met police
a week before the hearing, Bizarrely enough his wife, Edrith was also charged
with fraud after filling false applications out.

It just goes to show how much corruption goes on in local councils and in the
police force, a crime on working class people after they tried to take well
needed money from one of the poorest boroughs in London.


THE NEW OYSTER Cards are worth getting hold off, as nearly all the new machines
on the buses are not working properly if not at all, so free trips. Master the
little bleep noise like Eddie Murphy when placing your Oyster Card near the

We need tips for fare dodging in London so we can spread the good word.


WINSTON SILCOTT, MARK Braithwaite and Engin Raghip were wrongly convicted and
framed by the met police for the death of Pc Keith Blakelock in 1985 in the
Broadwater farm riots in Tottenham and all three were cleared on an appeal.

Blakelock was hacked to death in the riots and it looks as though the met police
are looking for another suspect to frame.

Recently the cops have been investigating and searching the area. Whilst
digging up a back garden the Met say they have found (or put there) new
evidence. They cant let it go can they, the residents and the people in
Tottenham have moved on, why cant the filth even embarrassing themselves by
putting innocent people in prison and what is so surprising the length they will
go to just to satisfy themselves.


Seamus Milne, Verso, £10.99
THE MINERS' STRIKE of 1984/85 saw the state marshal all its forces against the
strikers. MI5 and Special Branch were heavily involved in efforts to subvert the
NUM, and to scupper the leadership of the union. The more overt efforts against
the miners, things like the sequestration of the NUM's assets and the massive
police operations against the miners, have all received a reasonable amount of
coverage in print, but Seamus Milne's book (in this third edition) describes a
series of events which wouldn't look out of place in a spy story.

The black propaganda put out against Arthur Scargill and the NUM in the early
'90s had its origins in the great strike of '84/'85. Milne deftly shows how
these stories were organised, why, and what basis they had in fact. It's a
confusing story, but Milne makes the complex series of events he's narrating
fairly simple, though you may have to read through some parts a couple of times.
An excellent and fascinating read, and essential for anyone interested in the
secret state or the miners' strike.



COMRADES IN GLASGOW have drawn up an excellent programme for a dayschool on
Saturday November 6th.

Anarchist Dayschool: A day of discussion and workshops which focus on the ideas
behind anarchism and the organisational issues facing the anarchist and
grassroots anti-authoritarian movement.

Where? 12PM onwards, Saturday the 6th of November @ the Kinning Park Centre in
Kinning Park (Just outside Kinning Park Underground).

Glasgow has a tradition of anarchist dayschools, many of which have inspired,
educated and spawned new ideas for the direction of the anarchist movement. This
time round the Glasgow Autonomous Project is hosting a dayschool with the
following workshops:-

CLASS: Useful perspectives and ways of modelling and thinking about this all-
consuming issue which is the basis behind why we organize.(TBC)

FEMINISM: Why are so few women involved in the anarchist movement? what's the
difference between your sex and your gender?addressing the myth that all
anarchists already have a feminist critique and the practical issues involved in
achieving gender equality. (TBC)

FISHING - COMMUNITIES IN CRISIS: With fish quotas being cut, fishermen are out
of work and communities across the North are facing poverty. An account of the
situation in the North-East and discussion on how anarchists can organise to
defend our all-too-frequently marginalized sisters and brothers there;
particularly important and topical for those looking for issues to organize
around in the general response the G8 conference in 2005. (George from The Moray
Against Poverty Network)

HOW WE ORGANIZE AS LIBERTARIANS: A discussion comparing and discussing different
anarchist ways of making group decisions and organising on a wider scale.
(Alistair D. - Glasgow Autonomous Project)

ANARCHISM AND MARXISM: Exploding the mythology behind the apparent polar
oppositions in the left and some suggestions for how we can avoid the childish
"yah-booh" sloganeering which has coloured our relations with our comrades in
the socialist parties, without compromising on our politics. (Thomas - Glasgow
based Libertarian Socialist)

NATIONALISM AND COLONIZATION: A critique of the classic anarchist stance on
nationalism and an exploration of what it means to be colonized, to have one's
language, culture and expressions of self smothered, oppressed and obliterated
and what this means in the Scottish context for our politics and our
organisation. (Nick - Glasgow Autonomous Project)

WHAT'S WRONG WITH MEETINGS: An analysis of why it's difficult to get people to
attend meetings, why they fail to be democratic and inclusive, why they are a
bad way to organize and what we can do instead to face up to this
challenge.(Alice - Glasgow Autonomous Project)

THE SITUATION IN AUSTRALIA: A look at Australia's recent past and a description
of the state of the Australian left and the challenges faced by our comrades
there. (Roz and Kate - Australian comrades involved in a variety of left groups
in Glasgow)


If you would like to give a presentation/seminar/workshop or host a discussion
at the dayschool please contact scottishanarchists@nocog.org
We'd be very interested to hear what you have to say!


Raising money for The Bristolian to expand and clearing out cupboard of duplicates
of early Class Wars - including the fantastic first issue and other collectors
items. So here's first choice to any Class Warriors who want to fill up their CW
ring binders - but will also plug the sale elsewhere and take top offers by end
of next week: Xtra! NO.10 April 1982 - top article on Mesrine and riots Logo: 1982
the paper that followed Xtra and rocked the anarchist movement: Article on CW-'The
alcoholic Road to anarchism'. A laugh!Heavy Stuff Number One The Wolverine: CW's
gay sister paper subtitled 'Gay voices of hostility' first issue same format as CW
- good article on Ravachol 1983 Class War Issues: WORKING CLASS STRIKES BACK full
on 1985 riots reprting/MURDOCH YOU ARE SCUM- from the Wapping Front Line/ROCK
33/26/38/30 - Offers starting at £2 each please.- will include postage And finally
CLASS WAR NUMBER ONE : May 1983 We must devastate the avenues where the wealthy
live. Only 1,000 printed and this is fucking one of them! tOP READ.iN GOOD NICK.
Start at £20.

OFFERS TO: localnews4us@yahoo.co.uk - will let you know top bid.


This month's top item are our new "BURN THE RICH" lighters. A snip at £1 a time,
we advise you to order them now as they'll likely sell out rapidly.

We also stock a wide range of t-shirts, hoodies, cd's,. videos books and so forth.

Among the t-shirt designs, we have the ever-popular "Carlsberg" Class War design
in stock, and in all sizes.

For a full list of merchandise, please write to the London address or look on the
website, www.londonclasswar.org.


Apologies about the bookfair in Holland as we in our rush to get the best London
Calling ever seen on this earth put the wrong date which is held at Utrecht on the
06.11.2004 (Sat) Thankfully its not to late, it is there Fifth bookfair and
apparently it is quite a biggy, wonder if there is a train spotter out there who
follows every anarchist bookfair that's on, if there is drop us a line or maybe
better still we can do a contest to see who holds the biggest and best....

6 November: Glasgow Anarchist Day School (see previous page for details).

7 November: London Class War meeting. See your local member for details.

27 November: Anarchist Bookfair, University of London Union, Malet Street, London.
10am till late! Come and see our stall, get your copy of the new paper, and meet
lots of people you haven't seen since the last Bookfair! Tubes: Lots of them nearby.
Same with buses.


Class War
Po Box 467
London E8 3QX


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