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(en) Canada, DISRUPT the Liberal Party Convention! (November 19-20, MONTREAL)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 10:00:54 +0100 (CET)

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> Disrupt the Convention of the Liberal Party's Wankers (or, as we say
in French, les "Osties de Crosseurs"!)
On November 19-21, the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) will meet at Montreal's
Palais de Congres. Business leaders, party members and their friends are
gathering to congratulate themselves on the recent attacks against health
care, the environment, education, workers' rights, gender equality and
access to public services that they have inflicted on the population of Quebec.
> Participate in the anti-capitalist actions against the Liberal Party
Convention on November 19th and 20th

On November 19th and 20th, we will bring our rage to the doors of the
"Palais". Let's make sure that the voices of those who refuse to be
exploited by the Liberal Party wankers resonate in their padded meeting

This callout contains:
1- Actions against the Liberal Party Convention: Anti-Capitalist
Demonstration (N19) and Anarchist Contingent (N20)
2- Disrupt the Liberal Party Convention: A Call to Action!
3- Mobilization and Popular Education
4- Background to the CLAC

The Days of Action against the Liberal Party Convention are organized by
CLAC, the Montreal's Anti-Capitalist Convergence.


*** FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19th ***

Gathering at 5 p.m.
Phillips Square
(corner of Ste-Catherine and Union - McGill Metro)
A Day of Action against both private and state capitalism

The demonstration will target different capitalist institutions in
Montreal and will head towards the Palais des Congres, where the official
opening of the convention will be taking place.


GRAFFITI ACTION: A call for an entire day of political graffiti-making
and "operation sticker": decorate the Palais and its neighbourhood with
political graffiti and stickers denouncing the Liberal Party's "Ostie de
Crosseurs" (wankers)!

AFFINITY GROUPS: A call for autonomous actions by affinity groups during
the convention.


ANARCHIST CONTINGENT in the demonstration against welfare reform organized
by the Reseau de Vigilance

Gathering at 11:30am
Palais des Congres de Montreal
(Place d'armes Metro - corner of Viger and Bleury)

* Call for autonomous anti-capitalist and anarchist actions

A Call to Action!

On November 19th, 20th and 21st, the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) will meet
at Montreal's Palais de Congres. Business leaders, party members and
their friends are gathering to congratulate themselves on the recent
attacks against health care, the environment, education, workers' rights,
gender equality and access to public services that they have inflicted on
the population of Quebec.

The friends of the Liberals -- the business leaders -- will be those who
will be celebrating, having seen their interests constantly pushed to the
forefront by the government. Of course, those of us who are anarchists and
anti-capitalists are not welcome at their convention -- and even if we
were, we would refuse the invitation! Instead, we'll put our energy into
disrupting the meetings of the elite gathered at the convention in what is
a ludicrous marriage between political conservatism and ultraliberal
economics that the Quebec Liberal Party embodies.

Our anarchist and anti-capitalist politics and our vision of society are
polar opposites of those of Jean Charest and the Quebecois bourgeoisie. We
reject their system, which is based on the appropriation of wealth by a
small minority through the exploitation of the majority.

Despite the indignation, anger and numerous demonstrations held by all
social movements, the Liberal government has persisted with its
counter-reforms since it came into power. In the face of this blind
neoliberal stubborness, we demand nothing less than its abolition. And to
take its place, we reject the Parti Quebecois, the ADQ and all other

Instead of elections, we propose collective struggle as a means of social
change. Instead of parliamentary democracy -- a masquerade for the rich
and powerful -- we propose direct and participatory democracy, as well as
the self-management of political, economic, and social affairs by the

The struggle is not over! Despite the failure of the call for a general
strike, we will not stop resisting the miserable conditions that the
government and business elite are drawing us into. The cutbacks and
destruction which has accelerated since the Liberals stepped into power
will just serve to strengthen the growing radical resistance of all
spheres of society. Capitalism is not inevitable -- but its downfall is!

On November 19th and 20th, we will bring our rage to the doors of the
"Palais". Let's make sure that the voices of those who refuse to screwed
by the resonate in their padded meeting rooms!

Young and old, workers, students, unemployed -- we have the power to turn
things around!

Disrupt the Liberal Party Convention!

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence - Montreal
http://clac.taktic.org / clac@taktic.org
Tel.: 514-409-2049


*Popular education materials, posters and pamphlets will be distributed at
the Organizing Assembly on November 9th.

Please spread the word, distribute popular education materials, hand out
flyers and poster all over the city.

You can find copies of posters, pamphlets and popular education material
at the DIRA Anarchist Library, located at 916 Ontario East (524-4529).
DIRA is open from noon to 5 pm every day.


La CLAC -- the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal -- is a grassroots
anti-authoritarian organization comprised of several autonomous groups
that are active in various social struggles (CLAC groups are listed

The CLAC has been active for more than 4 years, since April 2000, in
Montreal and the Northeast region, organizing various campaigns and
projects -- within the perspective of an anti-capitalist,
anti-authoritarian analysis -- utilizing and respecting a diversity of
tactics ranging from popular education to direct action.

CLAC Assemblies are a place for both active CLAC groups, as well as other
groups and individuals, to share information and, in active solidarity,
reinforce our movements for radical social justice and dignity.


The CLAC is comprised of 11 autonomous groups. Other groups that are
interested in being part of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence are encouraged
to attend a general assembly or to get in touch. The current CLAC groups

* Anarkhia: A local anarchist collective that publishes a journal by the
same name. Contact: anarkhia@mutualaid.org

* Block the Empire-Montreal: A campaign of resistance against local
participation in militarisation, imperialist wars and occupation. Contact:

* CLAC Housing/Comite des sans-emploi: This group brings together the CLAC
Housing Committee (CLAC Logement), which has been active on housing and
gentrification issues since the fall of 2001, and the Committee of the
Unemployed, which has been active in a variety of anti-poverty struggles
in Montreal for more than a decade. Contact: logement@taktic.org

* CLAC Latin America/FTAA Committee: A collective active in organizing
against neo-liberalism and its various manifestations, such as the FTAA
Plan Puebla Panama and Plan Colombia, as well as organizing direct
solidarity projects with allies in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.
Contact: komiteal@yahoo.ca

* Collectif Reclus-Malatesta: An anarchist collective based in Joliette, a
small town outside of Montreal. Contact: malatesta82@hotmail.com

* DIRA: An anarchist library and resource-center, based in downtown
Montreal. Contact: dira@qc.aira.ca

* Libertad: A radical youth and student collective, based at the Cegep
Vieux-Montreal. Contact: libertad_cvm@ziplip.com

* Liberterre: An eco-anarchist collective, active in supporting various
ecological campaigns in Quebec. Contact: collectifliberterre@yahoo.ca

* NEFAC: The Montreal union of the Northeastern Federation of
Anarcho-Communists. Contact: mtl@nefac.net

* No One Is Illegal: An immigrant and refugee rights group, active in
campaigns of self-determination of self-organized migrant groups and
individuals in Montreal. Contact: noii-montreal@resist.ca

* Pain, Panais et Liberte: An affinity group of activists who organize on
issues related to food and the environment. Contact: clac@taktic.org

CLAC groups maintain their own contact and information lists. Get in touch
directly for more info. All CLAC groups agree to the CLAC principles and
the Hallmarks of the Peoples' Global Action (PGA) network


1. The Anti-Capitalist Convergence [CLAC] is opposed to capitalism. We
fundamentally reject a social and economic system based on the private
ownership of the means of production and exchange. We reject a system
driven by an exploitative logic that sees human beings as human capital,
ecosystems as natural resources, and culture as simply a commodity. We
reject the idea that the world is only valuable in terms of profit,
competition and efficiency.

2. The CLAC also rejects the ideology of neo-liberalism, whereby
corporations and investors are exempt from all political and social
measures that interfere with their so-called "success". The CLAC continues
its opposition to neo-liberal projects like the Free Trade Area of the

3. The CLAC is anti-imperialist, opposed to colonialism, patriarchy,
racism and heterosexism, and denounces all forms of exploitation,
discrimination, oppression and domination. We assert a worldview based on
the respect of our differences and the autonomy of groups, individuals and
peoples. Our objective is to globalize our networks of resistance while
organizing locally.

4. Respecting a diversity of tactics, the CLAC supports the use of a
variety of creative initiatives, ranging between public education
campaigns to direct action.

5. The CLAC is an anti-authoritarian organization, affirming autonomy,
decentralization and opposition to all hierarchies. In favour of direct
democracy, we encourage the involvement of anyone who agrees with this
basis of unity, and the hallmarks of the Peoples' Global Action (PGA)

6. The CLAC is non-reformist, and adopts an attitude of confrontation and
struggle for a radical and profound societal change. The CLAC refuses
lobbying that legitimizes the authority of the state.

-- The Hallmarks of the Peoples' Global Action Network

1. A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; all
trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote destructive

2. We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination
including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious
fundamentalism of all creeds. We embrace the full dignity of all human

3. A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can
have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organisations, in
which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker;

4. A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for social
movements' struggles, advocating forms of resistance which maximize
respect for life and oppressed peoples' rights, as well as the
construction of local alternatives to global capitalism;

5. An organisational philosophy based on decentralization and autonomy.

La Convergence des Luttes Anticapitalistes (CLAC)
http://clac.taktic.org / clac@taktic.org
Tel: 514-409-2049
[Please post and forward widely ... Pour la version francaise, svp
contacter clac@taktic.org.]

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