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(en) UK, Manchester Anarchist News - MAN #3 - Euro Election Con

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://af-north.org/men3.pdf)
Date Mon, 31 May 2004 12:22:22 +0200 (CEST)

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Time for the European Elections again.
Time to be fooled at the ballot box again.
Time to let them sucker you into thinking
that you have any control over what hap-
pens to your miserable little life. Time to
give them the power to tax you, to beat you,
to imprison you, to steal from you, to order
you about, to tell you what you can do, to
tell you what you can't do and then to bleat
that they are doing it all in the name of democracy.

Rule over the people
"Democracy". It means "The rule of the
people". How much do you think you are
really in control of your lives? How much
money do you pay a year to the govern-
ment? What do you get in return? Do you
get a say in which hospitals should be
closed? Can you choose which country we
will go to war against? Were you asked
whether or not it was OK to stiff the pen-
sioners? Were you consulted about closing
off higher education to your children ("Too
many oiks are managing to get through the
system, we'll have to close the gates, Tony,
or else the middle class kids might find
themselves on the dole.") Rule of the peo-
ple? Rule over the people is more like it.

Bloody Labour
What makes it really sad is when people
buy into it. "I'm going to vote BNP to show
the bloody Labour government what I
think!" What's the bloody Labour govern-
ment going to do about that? Well, the first
thing it will do is to demonise your
neighbourhood. You will all be labelled
stupid, northern racist scum. The second
thing is that all the big investment will
avoid your neighbourhood, resulting in a
desperation for jobs which means lower
salaries and more miserable working condi-
tions. The third thing is that all of the politi-
cal parties will use your neighbourhood as
proof that they are needed and the fourth
thing is that more people will come and
vote for Labour or Tory just to stop the
fascists. So, your little protest meant rein-
forcing the Labour Party's vote, cheaper
workers and nobody prepared to listen to
your complaints: Result!

Lying Nazis
For those of you who are thinking of voting
fascist, think again! Fascism is all based on
a big lie. If Tony Bliar is a monster fib-
teller, Nick Griffin and his cronies are Gold
Medallist bullshitters. They tell you that it's
all about immigration; that once the Pakis
and the Niggers are out of the country, eve-
rything will be just peachy. There will be
houses for everyone; jobs for all; money
will grow on trees and the White Race will
be saved. The fact of the matter is that capi-
talism is what keeps people on the unem-
ployment lines; capitalism is what denies
people the right to earn their worth; capital-
ism is what makes a house a dream for most
people. And capitalism needs cheap and
easily manipulated workers. Nobody comes
cheaper than a person who has nothing.
Nobody is easier to manipulate than some-
body who is frightened of everybody. Capi-
talism needs the immigrant to be frightened
of the people in the country and capitalism
needs the people to be frightened of the
immigrant. Step forward the BNP! They
frighten everybody and capitalism gets on
with the job in hand.
So what's Nick Griffin's take on capital-
ism? Well, he's got a nice big farm and a
nice big car, so it seems like a fairly safe
bet that he's all in favour of it. So why is
he drumming up fear and hatred miles away
from where he lives? If the answer doesn't
jump out at you, go back and read the para-
graph before this one. Take a closer look at
the people from the BNP who make it
through onto the TV or the radio. How
many of them are like you? How many of
them are exactly the same as every other
politician in town?

Thieving Politicians
The fact of the matter is that politicians are
all out for their own interests. For some of
them it's the kick of being in charge of so
many people's lives; for some of them it's
the trip of being admired by so many peo-
ple; for most of them it's the bulging pay
packet and the endless expenses form; for
all of them it's Power. And they will lie to
you, will lie even to themselves, to get hold
of that power and to keep hold of it.
Anarchists believe that we don't need peo-
ple to make laws to govern our lives. We
believe that we can make our own decisions
about what to do; when to do it and how to
set about it. We believe that every vote cast
at the ballot box is an acceptance that other
people have a right to rule over us. We
believe that people should stay away from
the ballot box and start getting together to
look for alternatives. Only then is change
going to come.
Anarchists see parties like the BNP as rep-
resenting a double threat to the working
class. As well as treating us like imbecilic
thugs who can be brainwashed into believ-
ing any old shite, the BNP actively splits
the working class into two groups: Brits and
non-Brits. It teaches each side to hate the
other and ensures that both sides are so
busy fighting that they don't realise who the
real enemy is. The real enemy doesn't care
what colour you are or what god you pray to.
The real enemy only wants you to be so con-
fused and angry that you will vote for your
own slavery. Tell them to:

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site the Town Hall.
We meet at 7.30 pm.
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