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From Al S <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Sat, 15 May 2004 15:57:58 +0200 (CEST)

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On Saturday April 3rd members of the recently set up Fascists
Out! Campaign prevented fascists from the White Nationalist
Party/Combat 18 from distributing leaflets in Portrush.
Anti-fascists confronted the four fascists in a car
park near the Dunluce Centre and insisted that they
hand over their material. After a brief confrontation,
which saw one of the ‘storm troopers' on the verge of
tears shouting “Help, help, I’ll tell the police”, these
‘aryan freedom fighters’ legged it in different directions.

Leaflets and other fascist material including a WNP
flag were seized. This material from the WNP and
Combat 18, with swastikas prominent, shows the real
nature of these groups.

A spokesperson for the Fascists Out! Campaign

“For some time we have been monitoring the activities
of the White Nazi Party in the Coleraine, Ballymoney,
Bushmills and Ballymena areas. These people are
spreading racist filth and encouraging the cowardly
attacks, including the petrol bomb attacks, against
members of minority communities.

“Hitler scapegoated the Jews and these modern
Hitlerites are trying to scapegoat racial minorities.
Like Hitler they stand for a “pure Aryan race”.
“The problems of low pay, cuts in services, lack of
jobs especially for young people, lack of affordable
housing etc. are not caused by immigrants. They are
caused by the current economic system that puts profit
before need, and by government policies that are
dictated by the interests of big business.”

The spokesperson continued;

“We do not want fascists organising here. We have
enough problems in Northern Ireland with the sectarian
conflict without having fascists stirring up more

“We are organising against them because we know it is
dangerous to be complacent in face of the threat of
fascism. The lesson of the rise of Hitler is that the
German fascists should have been taken on when they
were small. The White Nationalist Party/Combat 18 have
no support. This is the time to defeat them so that we
make sure they never get any bigger.”

We cannot allow this scum any room for development and
we congratulate the Fascists Out Campaign on their
first successful action. It is necessary to keep up
the pressure, to show the WNP that they cannot
organise on our streets without confrontation and
active resistance. Since April 3rd Anti-Fascist
activists in Ballymena and Ballymoney have been
postering and distributing Anti-Fascist leaflets.



You’ve read worriedly about BNP councillors in the
British press and seen National Front and Combat 18
logos crudely sprayed and scrawled on walls, but hot
on their bigoted heels comes a smaller, more extreme
racist group which has been holding ‘recruitment
drives’ and spreading race-hate propaganda in their
efforts to become “the fastest growing political party
in Northern Ireland” - the ‘White Nationalist (i.e.
Nazi) Party’. According to their own website, they are
the United Kingdom arm of ‘Aryan Unity’, formed in May
2002 after apparently “recognising that none of the
existing Nationalist groups in Britain offer a full
programme of White Nationalism”. This means they
consist mostly of former BNP members, disgruntled with
what they perceive to be a softening of policy and
“attitude toward gays, race issues, asylum seekers”, a
“compromising of principles for the sake of trying to
look respectable” (which they vow never to do). They
commend the National Front as a “decent White
Nationalist group”, demanding repatriation of
immigrants, but criticize their ‘weak’ structure that
hampers expansion.

A visit to their website results in a bombardment of
information including their version of how things are
(what’s wrong with our ‘enforced’ multi-cultural
society today), and of course how things should be put
right. These self-styled “Aryan freedom fighters” will
introduce you to the essence of their beliefs in
“eight principles of white nationalism”; and their
blueprint for achieving their aims, the “five phases
to power” (may it never happen). Their arguments
throughout this admittedly well-presented website are
confused and confusing – but in case the
‘revolutionary’ language deflects you from realising
exactly who you are dealing with, I quote from founder
member Eddy Morrison: “For National Socialists the
Second World War did NOT end in May 1945 - that wasn't
the end of the war, it was just one lost battle
amongst many”.

Of more immediate concern to us than their ideological
short-comings are their recent attempts to gain public
support. In local predominantly loyalist areas,
stickers proclaiming “stand by loyal Ulster, hang all
IRA scum” and other blunt sloganeering playing on
people’s tabloid-induced fears: “hang paedophile
scum”, “warning - asylum seekers”, “no to Islam in
schools” and the like have appeared. They have been
holding ‘events’ to attract support in places like
Coleraine, Portrush, Ballymena. Back on their website
they proudly display cuttings from local newspapers
mentioning these activities. They seem to think ‘no
publicity is bad publicity’, including the Sunday Life
article entitled “the rise of the racists” which after
mentioning recent attacks on minorities claims “many
of the racist bullyboys in the White Nationalist Party
also belong to the local nail-bomb brigade”. They fail
to include, though, a more recent Sunday Life clipping
which detailed WNP members scampering home with their
tails between their legs after encountering resistance
as they tried to spread their fascist race-hate
propaganda in Portrush…


No “Blood & Honour” concert here!

“These thugs have announced that they intend to bring
a fascist “Blood & Honour” band over from England to
play in the North Antrim area. This concert should not
go ahead. The Fascists Out Campaign are asking every
venue in the area to refuse to let fascists use their
facilities. Make sure every door in the area is closed
to these Hitlerites.”

Contact the Fascists
Out Campaign:


>From the pages of Working Class Resistance (WCR),
bulletin of Organise!, now online at:


To distribute WCR in your area, contact Organise! at:


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