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(en) Ireland, Organise! WCR #5 Madrid 2004

From Al S <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Wed, 5 May 2004 22:06:31 +0200 (CEST)

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I can see the picture on the internet of a maimed
corpse lying at a spot where I used to go for a walk
with my dog. One of the train stations where the
explosions took place is down the road where I used to
live. I took the train there every morning and travel
to uni at about the same time when the attacks
happened. That was a few years ago. My friend is still
working in the botanical garden, across the road from
the main station, where most of the carnage took

I couldn´t speak with him until late at night. He´s
all right but very shocked. The local meeting place of
the CNT (anarchist union) is nearby and we used to go
to bars in this area for a drink after the meetings.
Well, all these are painful memories now. All this
zone is the main working class area in Madrid, some of
the most conscious and militant workers in Spain. It
is obvious that those who did this have no regard for
life, at all. Whether they were muslim extremists or
Marxist Basquian separatists they have shown the
conception of the human being that underlies their
ideologies. They despise people, they simply don´t
care about suffering as they considered themselves
devoted to a superior cause or abstract being.
Something that transcends real persons, individuals,
who can then be sacrificed by the dozen. For the
muslim extremist, what counts is his selfish will of
salvation, self-salvation, carried ahead in
despite of the others, who are the instruments and
victims of his holy war.

Religion and carnage, that's pure fascism. For the
Marxist nationalist the individual must be submitted
to ideology and the hierarchy, so as to achieve a
supposed better world. Only that this is again carried
ahead against the will of the individual members of
that society, that are tools in the hands of the

That is why I am an anarchist, as probably also were
more than a few of those who died today. The
difference is that we privilege the individual whose
freedom and happiness are our real goals.
We don't care about gods or heavens, as we believe
only in this real world, that of people who work and
laugh, suffer and struggle with courage. Real people,
that's all we need, not superstitions and myths that
justify death and hatred. We don't care either about
economic abstractions according to which increased
production means increased happiness. The real
persons, individuals, are what we care about, people
like those who died that day. That each one of these
normal people is happy, or that at least has all the
means to be, is our goal. And this must begin,
obviously, for absolute respect to life.There's been a
lot of speculation about who did this, and we've seen
the shameful show of politicians trying to take
advantage of it, making this and that declaration.
They don't care either about normal people, but we
knew this already. Same as banks, big companies and
corporations, none of which interests have been
attacked now, but which have been consistently opposed
by the very conscious working class population of the
area affected by the blasts.
To all my CNT and anarchist comrades living in the
Rodri, Juani, Hector, Quicar…I still don't know, at
the time of writing this, if you are all right. Keep
up the struggle for freedom and justice.

A personal report from a member of the London
Anarchist Federation


In Madrid, this 11 of March, we are killed again. We,
the workers, the people, are again the victims, this
time maimed and shattered in the most brutal way. We,
the workers, the people, are always the victims of all
terrorism. Those that are called so, and those other
that are in disguise. We are the victims of
unemployment, bad housing, misery, manipulation,
exploitation, causalisation…we are used in every war,
in every power struggle, by every fanatic, by every
power. We are the victims of their decisions, of
interests and wants of groups that use us to hide
behind and bargain over.
In Madrid, in Iraq, in Palestine, in Afghanistan, in
New York, in Chicago, in Bilbao, in Russia, in
Chechnya…every where we are killed for causes that are
not ours.
We must state clearly and loudly, that only we, the
workers, those of us who don´t have bodyguards or
armoured cars, who don´t decide on any one else´s
lives and futures, can mourn really our death. We can
say clearly and loudly, with real pain, that we are
one with the victims and their families, because they
are us.
A wordless hug, from the heart, to all those affected.
Their world destroys us, lets build up our one.

National Committee, CNT


>From the pages of Working Class Resistance #5,
bulletin of Organise!. To distribute in your area,
contact Organise! at: organiseireland@yahoo.ie


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