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(en) Russia, Moscow, Meeting of Autonomous Action - 6th-8th of February 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2004 12:17:22 +0100 (CET)

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Only 4 (Ivanovo, Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod and Rostov-na-Donu) of the current 21
groups of Autonomous Action sent delegates to planned conference of the Autonomous
Action, so quorum was not reached and participators had to organise an informal
meeting instead. This problem is for sure partly due to easy-handiness with which
15 groups, many of whom were never met in person, were accepted in 3rd general
meeting of the organisation last summer - for example recently we learned that group
which was accepted last summer from Lesosibirsk of Siberia is running candidates in
municipal elections... informal February meeting decided to send Lesosibirsk group
greetings to leave the boat, and in future accept at least from European side of Russia
only groups which have at least once participated to some general event of the organisation.

Besides aforementioned groups, individual members
participated from Tyumen of Siberia and Yaroslavl,
guests from MPST (Moscow group of KRAS-AIT), group
Ataka (Attack) from Izhevsk, Rainbow Keepers,
Council of Revolutionary Anarchist Groups of Yaroslavl and
Association of Anarchist Movements (ADA) participated. First day
was mostly spent to hearing reports from regions.


In Yaroslavl all anarchist groups united to Council of
Revolutionary Anarchist Groups (SRGA), from which eventually
some individuals got expelled. "Ultimatum" will not be published
anymore, since its former one-person editorial board is currently in
editorial board of "Situatsiya" (Situation) from Nizhni Novgorod.
ADA members in Yaroslavl are publishing paper "Vintovka"
(rifle). Anarchists participated to foundation of gay liberation
movement "Light-blue Panthers" (Golubye Pantery). Nazbols beat
up anarchists a couple of times, it seems like conflict with NBP
escalated in a moment when anarchists were not yet prepared.
Also attempts to organise wider social protests failed, instead there
has been plenty of small anarchist pickets lately ("maybe too

Nizhni Novgorod

Main projects of Nizhni Novgorod group is publication of
newspaper "Situatsiya" and maintenance of
site of Autonomous Action, www.avtonom.org. There is
discussion club "Pozitiv", which also organises movie showings.
During Autumn few street actions were organised. Moscow
Currently editorial board of Avtonom is based in Moscow. Website
antijob.nm.ru is about to widen to "Network of workplace
resistance" with correspondents from Sankt-Petersburg and Omsk
of Siberia. A-distro (a-distro.avtonom.org) has a wide collection of
modern Russian anarchist press, which one may order by mail. In
every Sunday "Bespartshkola", series of anarchist discussions and
lectures is organised.


Regular meetings of Rostov group have not been too popular
lately. 5th number of local paper "Protest" is about to be published


Group Ataka from Izhevsk is not interested in joining to AD, but
would like to distribute press of any anarchist groups. Some 30-70
persons participated to anarchist Mayday 2003 in Izhevsk. Violent
conflict with local section of fascist "Freedom Party" has went on
for few months now. Future plans of anarchists from Izhevsk
include activities against war in Chechnya.

In Tyumen and Ivanovo there has not been much of any activity lately.

Discussions and decisions of the meeting

In Friday 6th there was an interesting discussion on topic of
"aesthetics of Autonomous Action", in previous conferences and
general meetings there has been heated discussions on style of
journal Avtonom but this time discussion took a more general
character. Needless to say, plenty of opinions contrary to each
other were voiced - this time some missed early riotous style of
Avtonom, some wanted to orientate more towards "average
citizen" and social conflicts. Several emblems were proposed for
Autonomous Action, these will be passed to e-mail list for further
discussion. Since discussion culture in e-mail list has seriously
deteriorated during last few months, a set of rules was accepted,
model of which was those of once lively e-mail list "Organise" for
revolutionary class struggle anarchists.

It was too early to make decision on summer protest actions, it
might be there will be protest camp against chemical complex in
Perm of Siberia. There was discussion on international
co-operation, 3 international anarchist structures (IWA, IFA and
ILS) were presented. No-one had big enthusiasm to join
anywhere, from these three ILS, mostly consisting of moderate"
revolutionary syndicalists and platformists is only one members of
which have invited us to join, but some people considered that
policies of two previous ones could be more close to us. No any
recommendations or decisions were made. Certain Moscow
people considered participation of Peoples Global Action
European conference to be organised in Belgrade next July
important, some people announced interest in organising
travelling there. Class War Federation was presented as well, some
people in Moscow have lately established good working relations
with this mostly British group and encouraged other cities to
establish contacts with them as well.

Another discussion was on anti-repression issues, in time of
meeting Dimitri Ryabinin was recently sentenced in Krasnodar,
and it was expected that contact with him in prison could be
established soon in order to plan further support work.
Autonomous Action in Moscow is participating to work of
Anarchist Black Cross group of Moscow, which is suffering from
low interest among local anarchists, but among other groups there
was no any big enthusiasm to organise anti-repression work.
Proposals of Moscow group to co-ordinate anti-war actions of
23rd of February (60th anniversary of Chechen deportation) and
anti-election activities were also met with little enthusiasm.

Most of the time in Sunday was spent for two very heated
discussions - one on newspaper "Situatsiya", another one on
question of cooperation with authoritarian of the left. Few from the
editorial board of Situatsiya were present, so this discussion was
mostly one-sided criticism on issues such as vagueness of
anti-Bolshevik position and weak general level of materials in the
newspaper. Participators of the meeting made a communiqu to
editorial board of Situatsiya, most of participators demanding
collective to withdraw from mandate given to them last summer
(before a single issue of Situatsiya was published) for publication
of the newspaper under label of the whole federation.

As for authoritarians of the left, Autonomous Action has quite
clear anti-bolshevist position but still some sections and
individuals keep bending policies by establishing contacts with
various bolshevik parties. This time few participators had
sympathy to co-operation with bolsheviks, and even some
putsches were demanded. However decisions on making the
policy more precise or on exclusion of some members may be
made only in the next general meeting or by a general
membership referenda. Few "unorthodox" opinions were voiced as

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