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Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 09:04:43 +0100 (CET)
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There was a lot of talking about nazis recently in Poland, even special TV
report had been broadcasted in national program. It was result of recent
raid by ABW (Polish secret service) on people allegedly connected with
Polish chapter of Combat 18. Existence of this chapter was suddenly
discovered by some journalist and covered in main national newspaper
Gazeta Wyborcza. There would be nothing strange about that (terrorism is
always good subject to write about) if not for fact that anti-fascist,
without whole arsenal of resources available for cops, knew about Combat
18 for 2 years already. It just again proves that cops are never really
interested in doing something against nazis unless they cross the line.
This time Polish cops moved after receiving requests from German cops.
Nazis in at least 4 cities had been raided, computers seized and some
materials, pointing at contact between Polish and British nazis had been
discovered. Also it was revelaed that Combat 18 newspaper had been printed
in Poland. After interrogations all nazis were released from custody and
no charges had been made. Cops said that they need to check if seized
propaganda promotes fascism- and how exactly praising national-socialism
should be called? Polish repressive forces, so efficient when it comes to
fighting anarchists and anti-fascists seem to be not very willing to put
same standarts for nazi scum. Well, nothing surprising for anyone
interested in subject. State and nazis often go hand in hand.

This is kind of background. Lets take a closer look on far right scene in


Liga Polskich Rodzin (League of Polish Families) its a main far right
party in Poland, with strong representation in government. They are
alliance of smaller right wing parties. Majority of them are fanatical
catholics and anti-abortion fundamentalists. Many of them are also quite
openly anti-semites, their main guy in Parliament, Roman Giertych, comes
from party called Stronnictwo Narodowe (National Faction) , which is
openly fascist (of course without using this unpopular word "fascism").
Now they plan to start in elections to European Parliament. Before EU
voting in Poland they presented anti-EU option, but now obviously decided
that if you can't win with enemy, you have to join him.

Mlodziez Wszechpolska (All-Polish Youth)- they are kind of youth group of
LPR. They have many fascist skinheads in their ranks, but recently they
try to move more and more into "respectable" positions. They are infamous
for protests against homosexuals, foreigners and abortion. Recently they
lost some influence because group of "radicals" left their ranks, being
angry at their "softness" and being involved more and more in making
political careers. In some places this split became violent, like in case
of Bialystok, where it ended in quite serious fight between splitting

Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (National Rebirt of Poland)- it used to be very
influential national-radical group, having big part of fascist skinheads
in their ranks, with chapters all over Poland. Nowadays they keep their
influence only in few cities of South.

Samoobrona (Self-defence) is a populist party with strong representation
in government. It is very hard to say definitely what kind of position
they have, since they claim so many ideas at once, that often completely
contradict each other. Their leader, Andrzej Lepper shows himself as a
total leader of his party and indeed, everything is grouped just around
him. Alarming point about this party is that they will probably move to
fascist position if this would be popular among people at the moment. Also
in some local chapters they accepted activists of nazi-pagan group Niklot
as their members and used them as security on party events.


There are few more infomral fascist groups in Poland. In general there is
still old division existing between fascist skinheads- some of them claim
to be "national-radicals" and often have negative approach towards nazis.
Others are national socialist ones. Of course this division in general
doesnt stop them from co-operation almost everywhere against anti-fascists
or immigrants.

Blood & Honour Ian Stuart Corps

This is effect of close co-operation between few nazi skinhead
organizations that existed for last few years in Poland. Finally few
monhts ago Blood & Honour Trojmiasto, B&H West Poland, NS Skinheads
Lublin, North Eastern Land (Bialystok) and few smaller groups united their
numbers to appear as one organization. They have pretty good contacts with
other countires, managed to organize some nazi concerts and in general are
quite serious threat. Good point is that they are continuously rigged with
personal and inter-group conflicts.

Combat 18

Many articles were written about this mythical group. For sure there are
some nazis who sypatize with this organization becasue there is C18 web
site in Polish and probably as it was mentioned before, C18 paper had been
printed here as well. Also there was a case in Swidnik near Lublin, that
one nazi blew himself up when he acidentaly triggered bomb he made. After
this case police discovered group of military hobbyist that were
infiltrated by nazis (but not openly). As far as our information goes,
people doing C18 in Poland are rather new generation of nazis, than old

Ofensywa Narodowo-Radykalna (Nationa Radical Offensive)

Group that gathers national-radical skinheads in their ranks, active only
in area of Czestochowa, wirh few dozen active members.

White Power Music scene

White Power scene is rather strong in Poland. There are few labels
releasing thousands of CD's and tapes with nazi music such as Strong
Survive (connected closely with C18 crew), Fatherland, Ultima records,
Narodowa Scena Rockowa(this one criticized heavily by many nazis for
piracy and rip-offs). There are few big distributions also, main one being
Odlam . What is interesting this distro is selling also apolitical and
even left wing oi music. Seems that for owner of this business its money
what matters most.

There are also few magazines existing in Poland but only professional one
is Rock Against Communism. It has very professional layout, good
distribution and it sells in over thousand copies.

Main NS band from Poland-Honor- is not playing anymore, but its members
are still involved in many projects. There is close co-operation between
them and NS Black Metal band Graveland. In times that Honor was still
playing, they released split CD together.

Another famous nazi band is Konkwista 88. They are still playing after
some breaks. They are in serious conflict with many nazis becasue of
accusation of rip-offs and also becasue one of band memebrs is now
drug-addicted junkie (you can imagine how does it look when few years ago
they sang songs about shooting drug users etc.).

There are few other important right-wing bands such as Glos Prawdy (Voice
of the Truth) being main band of national-radical faction. Of course
naming all nazi bands is without any sense, I just mentioned most
important ones.


There are only few militant antifa groups left in Poland. Some years ago
there were antifa cells almost everywhere, but after "anti-fascist" paper
Nigdy Wiecej (Never Again) started openly co-operation with police in name
of "anti-fascism" and they heavily criticized more militant actions of
antifa, many people got disillusioned with anti-fascism.

Presently there is Radical Anti-Fascist Action in Bialystok
(www.antifa-wildeast.prv.pl) group, Antifa in Lodz and few smaller groups
elsewhere. Recently there was big anti-fascist demonstration in Torun,
where nazis made some troubles some time before and people decided to
react. This was first antifa demo in Poland somewhere else than in Lodz or
Bialystok and it also attracted significant numbers of antifas from other
cities (there were together about 300 people on the demo). Militant
anti-fascism in its organized form exists only in Bialystok and Lodz. In
other cities there are some small groups active on that field as well. We
can also wintess in last few years arise of anti-fascist skinhead culture.

Both Antifa and RAAF groups have street oriented approach towards nazis.
We realize that those who control the streets control everything, Then
ideal situation becomes "wherever they go, we go". Both groups try to put
it into practice by smashing meetings of nazis, countering their actions,
organizing militant anti-fascist patrols on the streets and trying with
more or less success to appear everywhere fascists or nazis try to
organize anything. Both antifa goups also were kind of defence gropus for
local squats or autonomous centers during times of attacks, they have a
role of security group during demos etc. These groups also try to counter
nazi propaganda by putting lots of their own in form of grafitti,
stickers, posters etc.

Active resistance to nazis was met at least in case of Bialystok with
serious state response. Police obviously during first years of the squat
gave nazis green light to attack this place but used every opportunity
they had to criminalise anti-fascists. Till now we had few comrades
serving time in jail, many more on suspended sentences, some trials are
still going . Thanks to good solidarity, especially from foreign antifas
and anarchist, we managed to defend ourselves and survive wave of

Radical Anti-Fascist Action wildeast@poczta.onet.pl

Antifa Lodz bigfoot69@poczta.onet.pl
*[Ed. note: Anti Fascist groups in Poland are mostly of anarchists.
Copied from from London Class War Web site: http://www.londonclasswar.org/news.htm]

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