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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 600 21st June ­ 27th June 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 10:55:21 +0200 (CEST)

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BLITZKRIEG - The Howard government's pre-election advertising blitzkrieg raises questions
beyond the $100 million cost to the Australian taxpayer. The enormous sums
that have been pumped into the commercial media over the past few months,
raises concerns about whether the handing over of the key to the Treasury by
the Howard government to commercial media interests, has bought their loyalty.
Commercial media outlets are faced with the very real problem of either
reporting an issue as they see it or biting the hand that feeds them. It's
common knowledge among advertising agencies that the lion's share of this
manna from heaven is being channelled into commercial media outlets that
agree with the government's ideological position. Newspapers, radio and
television stations that have a history of receiving selective government
leaks, are those that seem to be benefiting the most from the Howard
government's taxpayer funded largesse.

The constant attacks on the integrity of the Australian Broadcasting
Corporation by the Howard government and a number of commercial media
outlets, needs to be viewed in terms of a government strategy to cower those
independent media sources that cannot be bought off through advertising

The current situation can be seen as little more than a crude attempt by the
Howard government to influence the outcome of the Federal election by
offering bribes to selective media outlets that are willing to pedal its
ideological agenda. It's important to remember that bribery is viewed as a
serious offence under the Commonwealth Electoral Act, and individuals and
organisations that offer bribes to influence electoral outcomes can find
themselves in jail as guests of Her Majesty for up to 2 years.

Leaving aside the more serious question of bribery, the Howard government's
advertising blitzkrieg raises doubts in many Australians minds about the
legitimacy and fairness of an electoral process that has been hijacked by
the government's use of taxpayer funded political advertising. Any
short-term electoral gains made by the Howard government by the
implementation of this strategy, will be offset in the long term by the
damage that increasing levels of elector dissatisfaction and disillusionment
will cause to the political and electoral processes in this country.

The Coalition's demand that schools who want to share in the $31 billion of
Commonwealth money, that will be made available to schools over the next 5
years, is dependent on them having functioning flagpoles on which the
Australian flag can be flown, highlights the authoritarian nature of the
Howard government. The demand to either fly the Australian flag or miss out
on Commonwealth education funding highlights the mindset of a government
that is big in espousing the rhetoric of small government, freedom of choice
and personal freedom but is willing to use the power invested in the State
to impose its ideological position on the people they govern.

The Howard government has shown little if any interest in protecting those
rights and freedoms that protect the individual from the State. Faced with
the spectre of terrorism, they have almost over night legislated away rights
that people have enjoyed for centuries. The presumption of innocence, trial
by jury, the ability to access bail, the right to a fair trial and no
detention without charges being laid have all been swept away in the
hysteria surrounding a perceived terrorist threat.

The Coalition government with a little bit of assistance from its friends in
the Labor Party have wiped away in one term, rights and freedoms that people
have won through hundreds of years of struggle. The Federal government's
mindset is an authoritarian not a conservative one. Conservative leaders
wish to conserve those institutions in society that maintain the status quo.
Authoritarian leaders in the mould of John Howard have no hesitation in
using the powers vested in the State to impose their views and opinions on
the people they rule.

Howard's demand that the flag be flown in schools that receive government
money highlights the authoritarian nature of the Coalition government.
Howard's and Abbott's authoritarian agenda is a threat to those institutions
that have protected the individual from the excesses of the State. That's
why it's important they are challenged every time they attempt to impose
their will on the people by State sanctioned force and blackmail.

John Howard's performance in parliament lacked the dignity he's so fond of
saying he possesses. It seems that Latham has finally got under his skin.
The personal invectives that were sprayed in parliament by a tomcat whose
dominance is being challenged, highlights that Howard is feeling the
parliamentary heat.

What's strange about this little affair is that it's taken so long for it to
happen and that the Coalition government continues to enjoy significant
support in the community. It's disturbing to think that a man, whose 30
years in parliament has been built on a tissue of lies, can still muster
significant support.

Adverting blitzkrieg or no adverting blitzkrieg, policies that have pitted
Australian against Australian, policies which have remove the rights and
liberties we enjoy, policies which have kept children behind razor wire for
years because their parents have claimed political asylum, policies which
have destroyed Medicare a universal health care system, policies which have
benefited the corporate sector and policies which have destroyed the
viability of the public education sector, have been both welcomed and
accepted by a significant number of people in this country.

The Fraser, Keating, Hawke and now the Howard government have succeeded in
engineering a cultural shift that has put 80 years of struggle on its head.
The domination of this country's intellectual and cultural life by an elite
that believes it's a paragon of virtue and respectability has stripped away
any notion of egalitarianism and equality of opportunity this community ever

It's important to remember that the domination of every day life by a media
that manufactures consensus through a steady diet of misinformation, lies
and distortions, has created the conditions that allow a habitual liar to
continue to dominate life in this country.

Driving home at around 7.30pm on Monday night, I tuned into 774 Melbourne to
break the monotony of the journey home. Three blokes 'the presenter, some
geezer from the Starvation (sorry) Salvation Army and some other bloke from
some other charity, were prattling on about 'Philanthropy' ­ charity by the
corporate sector. The occasion for their conversation was the launch of the
annual Melbourne Blanket Appeal. Yes, a Blanket Appeal for the cold and
miserable during winter.

One of the trio piped up that they gave 7,000 blankets away last year. I
think it was the Salvation Army chap who made the statement. Last year the
appeal raised 3,000 blankets, this year they wanted to give away 10,000
blankets. Last year things were so bad the Salvation Army limited blankets
to one a family.

I couldn't help wondering why they were having this conversation. 10,000
blankets don't cost the earth. At $50 each (you can buy a bloody good
blanket for $50) the total cost would be around $500,000. For a miserable
paltry sum you could provide a blanket for every soul who needs one in
winter in Melbourne. Not a big ask, especially when you consider the
Federal government has spent $100 million courtesy of the Australian
taxpayer blowing their electoral trumpet over the past few weeks.

It's pathetic to think that in a country as rich as Australia the Salvation
Army, the ABC and other charities have to come together and beg for a few
blankets. It's even more disturbing to realise that the charitable
organisations behind the emergency blanket relief fund, receive $100's of
millions, courtesy once again of the taxpayer to provide 'welfare' services
for the community. The cynic in me tells me this little effort is more an
attempt of welfare branding than a serious attempt to readdress the problems
of unequal distribution of wealth in this country.

'Welfare logos' like 'corporate logos' play a crucial role in the ability
of private charities and religious organisations to make their mark on the
Australian psyche. The Salvation Army's very profitable partnership with
the Howard government has been enhanced by its ability to make its name in
the Australian community synonymous with the provision of charitable
services. The emergency blanket appeal is just another way that different
charitable organisations put forward their logos in the public arena.

Australia's public housing stocks have sunk to less than 5%. Commonwealth
and State intervention in the public housing sector continues to be wound
back at the very moment that housing has become such a critical issue. The
escalating cost of housing has increased private rentals and has made it
virtually impossible for one-income families to acquire property. The
Commonwealth government's decision to assist people to access housing
through the provision of rental rebates has artificially increased the price
of private rentals. Its decision to continue to support negative gearing
for rental properties has resulted in investors ploughing money into housing
at the top end of the market.

Housing is becoming a critical issue for more and more people. Public
housing, a concept that was embraced by both the community and the public,
is now limited to people who face an emergency housing crisis. People with
long term illnesses and disabilities now make up the bulk of the public
housing sector. Poorer families are no longer able to access decreasing
public housing stocks.

The Howard government's policies are designed to destroy what little public
housing stocks remain. State governments continue to absolve themselves of
the responsibility of providing affordable housing to people who cannot
access the private market. More and more, State governments are passing
over the responsibility of maintaining these stocks to private corporations.

Access to housing is an important need that has been ignored for far too
long. Instead of wasting billions of dollars propping up a private housing
market, governments at the Local, State and Federal level should be
channelling this money to increase the pathetic numbers of public houses
that are available to people who can not buy and who find it increasingly
difficult to rent in the private market.

A. The answer in one word ­ SECURITY. Life can be a very difficult
undertaking for most people. The great majority of people spend most of
their life trying to starve off hunger, find adequate shelter from the
elements and keep away predators, both human and animal. If they succeed in
satisfying their basic human needs, they then turn their attention to the
very real problem of filling in time.
Time becomes a crucial issue in societies where basic human needs have been
satisfied. It's no accident that circuses played such as central feature in
Roman society. During the latter part of the Roman Empire, over 200 days
per year were designated as public holidays. Those citizens of Rome who
survived on the taxes plundered from the rest of the Empire, found
themselves with an abundance of time on their hands. This time was filled
by a plethora of passive entertainment. Most people in communities where
basic human needs have been met, become passive consumers.
The security of living in an anarchist society gives people within that
community the opportunity to develop their inherent potential. Active
participation is the lifeblood of an anarchist society. Without significant
active participation in the life of the community, an anarchist society
withers and dies. In an environment where people actively participate in
the decision making processes, where the wealth that is held in common is
used to satisfy real human needs, people can develop elements in themselves
that it is impossible to develop in a society where the individual is
considered to be a potential consumer not an active citizen. The security
inherent in an anarchist community gives people in that community the
opportunity to develop their full potential.

Everything is our business!! That's right, everything. It's not unusual
for radical activists to concentrate on one or two issues to the detriment
of everything else. Some are so intent on concentrating on personal issues,
that what's happening in the wider world is irrelevant to them. Others are
so interested in the 'big issues', that what's happening to them and what's
happening in their communities is of no interests to them.
One group is so consumed by the minutiae of everyday living, that they are
incapable of understanding that their personal situation is interlinked with
what's happening in the wider world. The other group is so concerned about
what's happening in the wider world, they don't seem to understand that the
minutiae of everyday life determines their attitude to wider issues. Each
in their own way, is incapable of tackling the issue of radical extra
parliamentary change.
In the Anarchist Age Weekly Review we attempt to cover what are considered
to be issues of the day, as well as bring up issues and initiate campaigns
about issues that we consider to be important. If you want radical
egalitarian change, it's important you understand what type of society you
live in, how decisions are made in that society and who exercises power in
that society. You also need to understand what makes people tick and what
is important to them.
In order to successfully grapple with all these questions, you need to be
able to use the principles that underpin your viewpoints to tackle the
issues that are important to the people you like and work with. Whether
it's a new pedestrian crossing down the road, child sexual abuse, a strike
or a direct challenge to the authority of the State, everything is our

Melbourne's first Industrial Workers of the World club was formed in 1908.
The club was initially housed at 177 Russell Street Melbourne. The I.W.W.
boasted a membership of around 50. The group acted as a magnet for radical
activists from other organisations who had become disillusioned with the
A.L.P. The club's inaugural Secretary Montaigne O'Dowd, worked closely with
the Chairman Monty Miller. Monty Miller was a veteran of the Eureka
Stockade and a member of the Melbourne Anarchist Club. The first woman to
join the I.W.W. in Melbourne was Collins Street physiotherapist Leah Jarvis.
The Melbourne branch of the I.W.W. followed the discussion that was going on
in the I.W.W. in the United States between those members who wanted to
participate in parliamentary elections and those who favoured direct action.
The more radical workers began to leave the club after the split in the US
in 1911. By 1915, the original Melbourne I.W.W. had been replaced by a
militant anti-conscription direct action branch.
The new I.W.W. eventually settled into an upstairs room at 197 Russell
Street Melbourne. I.W.W. members met most nights of the week. Monday, they
held their business meeting, Wednesday members were addressed by a speaker,
Thursday they could attend an education class and each Saturday they held a
public lecture. The Melbourne local of the I.W.W. was active in the
anti-conscription struggles. They were the only radical organisation in
Australia that welcomed workers from all races. The Melbourne group
attempted to organise and recruit Chinese workers and assisted Italian,
Spanish and Russian workers to organise strikes. They actively campaigned
for a shorter working week so more workers could have a job. They
spearheaded the anti-conscription struggle and campaigned against
Australia's involvement in W.W.I. For their troubles the Hughes government
in July 1917 banned the I.W.W.
Monty Miller the first Chairman of the I.W.W., now 84, was arrested and
jailed for 6 months because he was a member of a banned organisation. The
Melbourne local was not able to withstand repeated police attacks and the
organisation dissolved itself in August 1817. In 8 short years, the
Melbourne I.W.W. made a contribution to Australian society, far greater than
its membership base.

Torres Strait Islander Identity, Culture & History'
Edited by Richard Davis, Published by Aust Institute of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Studies 2004, ISBN 0 85575 432X
Ellen Jose's brooding, colourful cover, ushers the readers into a world that
most Australians don't even realise exists. The Torres Strait Islanders
first came to public attention as a distinct indigenous minority as a result
of the 1992 Mabo judgement. As a result of the actions of the Meriam
people, the High Court of Australia decided on the 3rd of June 1992 that
indigenous title to land was recognised in common law. Although most
Australians have some knowledge and opinions about Aboriginal people, few
have any knowledge, let alone an opinion about Torres Strait Islanders,
Australia's forgotten indigenous people.
The book, although in essence a collection of academic essays, is relevant
to all Australians because it has been written both by Torres Strait
Islanders and researchers who have worked and continue to work in the Torres
Strait. The single most important impression the reader is left with, is
that although Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals make up an indigenous
minority in Australia, their history and culture is significantly different
from Aboriginal culture and history.
The collection is divided into 4 distinct parts, 'Introductions', 'Identity,
Performance and Kastom' (Custom), 'Space, Region and Politics' and 'Time and
Resources'. Each section opens a window onto the complexity of life in the
region. Black and white photographs scattered through this 300page odyssey
are a poignant reminder of the trials and tribulations of the colonial
The close relationship between the people of Papua New Guinea and the Torres
Strait Islands has played a significant role in the lives of both groups.
For every Islander living in the Torres Strait, six now live on the
mainland. Islanders living on the mainland were never represented as a
distinct group in the now abolished Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island
'Woven Histories, Dancing Lives' fills a much needed void in the information
that's available to Australians about the importance of the Torres Strait
people in the history of this country. The collection of so many opinions
in one book makes it very easy for Australians to understand the role that
the Torres Strait Islander community and Torres Strait Islanders on the
mainland have played and continue to play in both the indigenous and
non-indigenous life and history of Australia.
If you're after a copy of this unique contribution to Australian history,
contact your local library or write directly to the publisher.
Australian Institute of Aboriginal
& Torres Strait Islanders Studies,

Black is white, green is brown and purple is red. Non-genetically
engineered pigs can fly. Or can they? Ever wondered who is paying for the
avalanche of paid political advertising that is currently doing the rounds,
courtesy of the Howard government? I'm afraid the tens of millions of
dollars that are being pocketed by the Murdochs and the Packers of the
world, are coming straight out of your pocket. Pick up a newspaper, listen
to a commercial radio station or watch a commercial television station and
in a few moments, you'll be confronted with an ad telling you about the
delights of Abbott's MedicareMinus package and how the Howard government is
doing its bit for the environment.
Howard's advertising blitzkrieg is intended to bring the Howard government a
swift electoral victory. The $64 question is, will the electorate fall for
it? Will they believe the death of Medicare, is in fact its birth? Will
they believe that the Federal government's environmental policies will help
the environment? Will they believe black is white, congenital liars are
capable of telling the truth, that refugees don't exist, that we live in an
egalitarian community and that Australians live in God's own country?
Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Has the line between fantasy and reality
in 21st century Australia become so blurred that the truth no longer
matters? Did it ever matter? What is truth? Does it have any place in the
3rd millennium? I doubt it. If it did, the lies that the Howard government
has embedded in the Australian psyche would have been rectified long ago.
Parliamentary politics has become the last refuge of thieves and liars.
While the Howard government lies to you, they steal from you using your tax
dollars to fund their transparent issues of lies, the commercial media fat
with the juicy morsels pushed their way, says nothing. Why rock the boat?
Rocking the boat may mean that all those juicy morsels are passed over to
your competitors. Truth has become a disposable commodity that nobody ever
feigns interests in.
Don't worry be happy, don't let the truth intrude on your reality. Morals,
ethics, truth, a 21st century troika of evil that we don't need to worry our
pretty little heads about.

Reading Nicola Roxon's and Sophie Panopoulos' opinions about why Australia
should or shouldn't become a republic ­ 'Not Everyone's Cup of Tea' Sunday
Age (20/6), makes me despair about the capacity of Federal politicians to
think outside of their ideological mindsets. The Republic debate should not
be limited to a debate about whether the Head of State represents a
hereditary monarchy or a republic, but what powers the Head of State is able
to exercise.
Political power in Australia is largely exercised through parliament.
Parliament, not the Governor General, has the power to make laws, declare
war and levy taxes. The Governor General's role, unlike the role of the
President of the United States, is largely ceremonial. As neither
Panopoulos nor Roxon have advocated that the Governor General's powers
should be increased, we can assume that irrespective of whether the Head of
State owes his / her allegiance to the Queen or the people, the role will
continue to be largely ceremonial.
If the Head of State's role is to be largely ceremonial, a strong case can
be made that the position be abolished and the Prime Minister of the day
hold the position as both Head of Government and Head of State. It's
illogical to continue to waste millions of taxpayers dollars to fund staff
and pay for the services of a largely ceremonial figure, when the community
is already paying for the services of a Prime Minister.
The plebiscite that Nicola Roxon, the Shadow Federal Attorney General, has
promised to hold if the Labor Party wins government, should not only ask
whether electors want a republic with an Australian Head of State, it should
also ask whether Australians want a Head Of State. Sophie Panopoulos may
find that the gulf between what the elites she represents are saying and
what the population is really thinking is far wider than she could ever
Maybe, just maybe if Australians were given the choice of whether they
wanted to bankroll a largely ceremonial Head of State, they would decide to
abolish the position and direct any savings that were made back into
consolidated revenue.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

Biggie & Tupac
Director Nick Broomfield. 107 min USA. 2002.
Rap stars Tupac Shakur, murdered in 1996, & Christopher Wallace (aka Biggie
Samalls, the Notorious B.I.G) murdered in 1997 are the elusive subjects of
this doco. We hear little of their supposedly brilliant performances alas.
The scene's macho posturing & imminent danger/threat atmosphere eg. during a
visit to a jail; reveals everyday brutal U$ Capitalism. Remarkably this
uniformity (of homophobia, sexism) has been taken up as "rebellious" by
youths across the planet. It's predictable to see the supposedly 'original'
gang stars end up as profitable merchandise like blues, jazz, rocker, surfy,
mod, hippy, reggae, punk, metal, raver fashionism. Wallace's mother, a
teacher, established a youth project in her son's name has linked up with an
ex-LAPD whistleblower to find out what really happened. Uncovered is FBI,
LAPD & Death Row Records Boss Suge Knight's role in dividing the rap
community into East vs West Coast wars of the mid 1990's. We hear little of
their performances alas & the macho posturing. The DVD version has a
voice-over by the Director where he mentions briefly that the Black Panther
Party of the 1960s was similarly destroyed by manipulated East vs West Coast
rivalry & COINTELPRO dirty tricks, heroin gangster politics & murders of
community leaders. The '80s saw cocaine gangster politics jail or kill a
generation of youths in unity in the community (again). The doco could've
done with a subtitled or cartoon brief history of the Black Panthers 'like
Michael Moore did on white paranoia of blacks & mass ownership of guns, the
Ku Klux Klan & the National Rifle Association, in the superior & satirical
Bowling for Columbine.
TRIVIA: See also Panther; or Up In Smoke a live concert show of Big Name
rappers; or Tupac Resurrection 2003 'more idol/Leadership cult viewing for
fans; or 8 Mile "white" brat millionaire Eminem immortalised. Rarely seen
alas are women rappers; Queen Latifah, does appear in bland Hollywood flicks
(& she is not rapping).

CNT No.302, June 2004, Organo de la Conferedacion Nacional del Trabajo,
APARTADO 4040, 18080 GRANADA, SPAIN, Tel:958289009, Fax:958288992,
jlgrua@ugr.es redaccion@periodcocnt.org
FREEDOM Vol.65 No.12, 12th June 2004, Anarchist Fortnightly, 84b
Whitechapel High St, London E17QX, ENGLAND Tel/Fax: 02072479249
LE LIBERTAIRE No.247 June '04, Revue de synthese anarchiste, Boite Postale
745, 76060 Leitavre Cedex FRANCE Tel:(0148414594),
ROJO Y NEGRO No.167 June 2004, CGT, C/-Compania9, 10 1zda, 31001
Pamploma/Iruna SPAIN, Tel:948224766, Fax:948212399,
UMANITA NOVA Vol 84 No.19 EL 30th MAY 2004, Settimanale Anarchico, C.50
Palermo 46, 10152, Torino ITALY. tel/fax (011) 857850 Mobile 338-6594361

DEBT ELIMINATION APPEAL 'Our debt stands at $1529.50
OUR DEBT STANDS AT $1529.50. Producing a weekly publication is an expensive
undertaking. As you can see, our debt is beginning to climb. In order to
keep the debt at a reasonable level and to publish weekly, we require
readers especially internet readers to subscribe to the Anarchist Age Weekly
Review. Currently snail mail subscribers are cross subsidising internet
readers. If you've got a little bit of extra cash, think about joining the
'Dollar A Day' club. When you write to us pop in some 50cent stamps (every
little bit helps). Subscription rates for the Anarchist Age Weekly Review
are $1 per issue, $10 = 10 issues, $50 = 50 issues. We rely on our
subscribers to keep a record of when their subscriptions runs out and
resubscribe. Make out money orders and cheques to LIBERTARIAN WORKERS & send
If you're sending $20 or less, save on cheques & money orders and send us
50cent stamps.
Debt 23-06-2004 $1529.50

Melbourne City Council has been accused of suppressing a report on
prostitution by homeless people, some underage, in the CBD. The Sex in the
City report found homeless people as young as 16 were trading sex for
shelter or money. The council, who commissioned the report, has stopped the
final paper being released. James Rowe from RMIT's Centre for Applied Social
Research accused the council of looking towards local elections in Nov. Rowe
says "in the city you don't even have the informal protection networks where
the girls & boys look out for each other...if you're in the city you are
alone. People disappear & are raped". Rowe said the council was "thinking of
the short-term political gain" in stopping the report being released.
(Source: Melbourne Times)
The Labor Party has announced that it would allow the US military to set up
a joint training facility in Aust. Opposition defence spokesman Chris Evans
said an ALP govt would allow a joint facility despite their differences with
the Bush Admin over Iraq. (Source: Herald Sun)
Having joined the ALP, Peter Garrett has changed political beliefs he'd for
up to 20 years. The ex environmentalist & lead singer of left wing band
Midnight Oil says he now supports mandatory detention of refugees, doesn't
believe Aust should break its military alliance with the US & no longer
supports shutting down Pine Gap or other US military bases. Mr Garrett
joined the ALP after arranging to run as the Labor candidate in the safe
seat of Kingsford Smith. (Source: Herald Sun)
The US govt has paid the Halliburton company 1000's of dollars to drive
empty trucks across Iraq. 12 current & ex truckers who regularly made the
300-mile re-supply run from Camp Cedar in southern Iraq to Camp Anaconda
near Baghdad told Knight Ridder they risked their lives driving empty trucks
while their employer, a subsidiary of Halliburton Inc., billed the govt.
Defense Dept records show that Kellogg Brown & Root, a subsidiary of
Halliburton, has been paid $327 million for "theater transportation" of war
materiel & supplies for U.S. forces in Iraq & is earmarked to be paid $230
million more. The convoys carry tires for Humvees, Army boots, filing
cabinets, tools, engine parts & other equipment. 1 driver said his doctor
recently told him he might lose the use of his right eye after a Dec attack.
Iraqis shattered his windshield with machine gun fire. Glass got in his eye
& he broke 2 bones in his shoulder, his truck was empty at the time. "I
thought, `What good is this?'". Another driver recalled a trip in Dec. As
he was hauling an empty truck to Baghdad Int'l Airport, Iraqis threw spikes
under his tyres & a brick, a cement-like clot of sand & gasoline through his
windshield, scattering shards of glass all over him & into his eyes. Ratliff
caught up with his fleeing convoy in his damaged truck & made it to the
airport safely. He was told to return with another empty trailer. Some of
the truckers charged the company is billing the Pentagon for unnecessary
work. Halliburton has also recently been found to have massively overbilled
the US govt for catering, 2 of its employees are under criminal
investigation over alleged bribes related to contracts to supply fuel to the
US military, & Aust company Morris Corporation says its contract in Iraq was
suspended after 6 weeks b/c it refused to pay a Halliburton employee
kickbacks of up to $3 million. US Vice President Dick Cheney is a ex CEO of
Halliburton & still receives an annual payment from the company. (Source:
Sun Herald [US], Guardian [UK], Sydney Morning Herald)
A Melbourne 18yo says a cop bashed him at a party. Julian Glennon told the
Herald Sun yesterday a Snr Const struck him repeatedly with a torch at a
17th b'day party in East Preston. Julian, an adhesives factory manufacturer
from East Preston, suffered a broken right hand, a fractured left thumb,
substantial facial injuries & a closed right eye. He said he was king-hit
with a torch from behind, knocked to the ground, & set upon by a male Snr
const. Witness Trish Prendergast said 2 cops arrived about 11.30pm looking
for 3 men over a hit-& -run accident & particularly for a man last seen in a
white jacket. "They just attacked me," he said. "It was mistaken identity,
as I was wearing a white jumper & they thought I was their man. My face was
pushed into the ground & I have big bumps on my head & back." He said he was
bundled into a divisional van & "driven around for an hour before the car
stopped & suddenly went to the Austin Hospital." Trish's mother, Sue
Prendergast, called 4 police stations before finally locating him at the
Austin. She said one officer told her Mr Glennon had "fallen over as he was
drunk & hurt himself". Julian said the police didn't take a statement,
didn't take him to a police station or give him any explanation. Police
denied the accusations. (Source: Herald Sun)
Defence Minister Robert Hill has responded to criticism he misled the public
over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, by saying that providing more details
would've harmed the relationship b/w the Aust & US govts. Senator Hill said
he expressed "in general terms" the concerns of Aust liaison officer
Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Muggleton about US practices. "I declined to take it
further than that b/c I didn't think it was in the best interests of our
relationship with the US," Senator Hill said. (Source: The Age)
QUOTES OF THE WEEK: "We need to have a less-cramped view of what torture is
& isn't." (An unnamed US military official, reported in The Wall Street
Journal [US])
"On Jan. 13, Spec. John Harold Ketzer, a military intelligence interrogator,
saw a dog team corner 2 male prisoners against a wall, 1 prisoner hiding
behind the other & screaming, he later told investigators. 'When I asked
what was going on in the cell, the handler stated he was just scaring them &
that he & another of the handlers was having a contest to see how many
detainees they could get to urinate on themselves...'". (The Washington Post
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Has been awarded to those liars & thieves (yes thieves) in the Howard
government, who steal taxpayers money to have their political lies
advertised in commercial publications and on commercial radio and TV.

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