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(en) UK, Guns & Roses Jun 2004 - North East Class War.

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 09:10:02 +0200 (CEST)

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> Police Found with Snouts n Trough
There's another police scandal, and this time Cleveland police have
mislaid 7.3 million. While the tame government watchdog says it can't
find any evidence of ?misappropriation of cash or a major breakdown of
systems of financial control? they?re only telling us part of the story.
Evidence of fraud is portrayed as ?managerial irresponsibility?
so they can get away, again, without having any criminal charges
laid against them. How on earth do you explain the fact that of
the 113 staff given ?slush funds? to spend, ONLY 13 met the
criteria to get this perk. This isn?t a mistake; this is people buying
their leisure at OUR expense and fraud. Other examples of how
they get away with it includes overtime without any managerial
control, and this is on top of the way they abuse their
time/clocking off anyway. Police ?sickness? rates are still a
national scandal anyway.

Another way they wasted money was spending it on
computers for EVERY police officer! What the fuck do they need
these for? Not for patrolling the streets, or while they harass car
drivers for going 2 mph above the speed limit. Other managerial
?mistakes? lost a million, and every police force it was revealed
mislays money like this. This is when the Cleveland police took
an increase of 45% in the council tax in 2002/3 anyway, on top of
a 26% increase the year before.

When an MP, Vera Baird can say there was ?true
irresponsibility? and the Northern Echo editorial says ?the whole
thing stinks? its common knowledge that the police are
manipulating thieving liars. They?ve become a law unto
themselves and resemble a parasite leeching of our backs digging
their fangs in, and covering up. They do not have any right to tell
us that we can?t do a bit of work on the side, get some cheap
tobacco or anything else when this corruption is going on.

On their Case & In their Face

When you?ve got them by the balls, squeeze them tight and watch them
fall and in this case as council leaders from ?Wear
Valley District Council? now know if they intend to screw the
tenants out of millions they will end up with more than red faces
after sniffing the arse of the treasury & central office.
After voting in a special Housing Committee, council leaders
decided that money made from the sale of land & housing
(Capital Receipts) was going to be sent to the treasury even when
knowing fully that if they ring-fenced this money to housing
regeneration (Repairs) they could keep 100% , under new rules
passed in April.
Now we are not talking about chump change here as although
an estimate of five ml has been quoted by the council as the value
of the whole of their capital receipts, it is now known that monies
from the sale of two controversially demolished estates amounts
to seven million but suspicions of corruption overhangs these
deals as in both cases an application to the government to except
the undervaluation of the estates has been made.
District councillors already accused of being as thick as shit by
the audit commission are now under increasing pressure to prove
them-selves, but as our insider reveals it is business as usual and
any comparison between ?Trotter Enterprises? and the council
attitude to carrying out negotiations has not gone amiss amongst
staff, aware all to well of not just ineptitude but also a scurrilous
propensity to inaccuracies in negotiation on pay deals.
While there is embarrassment at the decision to do a complete
?U? turn by retaining capital receipts for housing regeneration our
insider has reported that while done for political expediency and
to calm divisions amongst the Labour group after it was found out
that its leadership was less than wise on the issue, it appears that
all are now in a feeding frenzy as the realisation of a claim could
save their bacon with the knowledge that there is growing
dissatisfaction from the electorate.
This one time deal however hard fought for, recovering the
money from idiot?s hands has come with a price tag beyond what
has been recovered. Homes have been destroyed and although
new houses will be built by developers their price tag will beyond
the pocket of those that have been made to leave.
Dispersed to other gutter estates deprived of investment for
years from all political persuasions, surviving as a working class
tenant will become a matter of what will be asked of us next to
give up or pay out because we can be sure if as tenants we do not
shout out with some ?Unity? now any money gained will be lost
to vote catching by politicians whose only concern is getting in
next time.

The Side Cinema-Newcastle Quay Side

The Radical side holds screenings with mix of stories of
oppression and Inspiration from around the world Go to our
web site for full Listings & Reviews of present and past
Films We also make visits to community groups.

@ Mouse with An Addiction For Pork Scatching`s!
Surrey, British Columbia Canada A mouse that had built a nest
Next to the battery in a Surrey RCMP constable's car chewed through
a cable and caused the vehicle to catch on fire in the underground
parking lot at the South Surrey RCMP district office.

Diary Dates
Visit Here:

Corrupt Council Agenda To Fool Tenants, Fails!

Wear Valley District Councils plans to privatise council housing through
the back door from information collected through a questionnaire
delivered at the front door has been proven to be part
of a corrupt councils agenda to fool tenants and stifle resistance.
As ?Guns& Roses? has hinted, the abuse, manipulation and
pushing of the boundaries of legality has become a core thread in
local government and while this information has not been
publicly released yet we have it on good authority that a letter of
apology is to be sent to every tenant. The details will hint at the
tenant not being shown all their choices but again expect a
fudged response to save face.
How the council deals with the expected results from the
questionnaire may be a matter of conjecture but as a resource
wasted our source says even knowing that any figures released
would be not just contemptable but illegal the council clique
intend to move that they are recognised to push through a
decision that it has pinned all its hopes on, bringing about the
realisation of an ?ALMO (Arms Length Management
As desperate measures are being implemented by the council
clique our source has further hinted at a witch-hunt and we at
?Guns & Roses? have become the focus of some scrutiny to
which we would like to thank the council, especially for issuing
our newsletter to Staff & Tenant Representatives, their
admiration for the quality of reporting and acceptance of fair
comment put to a public in the interests of legitimate grievances
of a system at odds with justice for the working class they

?Action for Animals? Centre Protest

?Action for Animals? one of he newest animal rights groups to
be set up in the northeast over the last few months has been
making its presence known to all in Durham.
Its first protest outside William Hell (Hill) Durham City in
support of the campaign to get a penny in the pound for the
welfare of greyhounds lasted over eight weeks with the
momentum kept going by support from the public joining in.
While there was admiration from the staff, the management of
the betting shop was clearly frustrated at the popularity of the
It?s most recent protest against P&G products with its links to
vivisection, at the Milburngate centre saw an invitation to give
leaflets out inside turn against them as the management buckled
under pressure from the businesses inside the centre. This
situation was generated first by security asking for the removal of
placards draped over the protesters and then because of the
sensitivity of the public to leaflets encouraging complaints the
protest was removed.
Undeterred and pushed back to the perimeter of the centres
property the group continued its protest amid howls of laughter
and serious discussion with among other things a 5`foot rabbit. A
spokesperson for the group in a statement made it clear there was
a ?commitment to further action and our terms of engagement
will change and our next action, in particular against P&G will be
in Durham?s market place on the 26th June. If interested please
contact us through our e-mail address:
actionforanimal.one@virgin.net ?

Autonomous Centre for Northeast

While the organisation of any activism has come from the
south, the northeast through such groups as the ?Why Don?t
You? group is making it a point to encourage the northeast to
organise through establishing a social centre.
This very real project although at the planning stage hopes to
be making its presence know within the next few months when
suitable premises are found and has put the word out for
participants to be involved in the collective.
As a long term place for people to network and get information
it is looking to inspire, nurture action and resistance and provide a
central point for people to enter the relatively small and difficult to
contact Newcastle radical network and sub culture.
Its wider aspirations are to be looked upon as a regional centre
as many multinational arms dealers have businesses here. But it
is looking to provide a non-cliquey place where making a
commitment to one specific group is not a requirement.
The centre will also include a caf
Guns & Roses is a monthly of North East Class War
of the UK anarchist federation Class War

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