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(en) xUSSR: Avtonom #22 English summary

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 1 Jun 2004 10:52:11 +0200 (CEST)

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Dear friends, welcome to another international mailout of Avtonom. As you see, repression
in Krasnodar and consecutive transfer of editorial collective to Moscow has
deformed our journal from its former riotous self to a boring 44 page
academic opus with a glossy cover and 3 page articles. This might have been
the KGB intention in the first place. Moscow intellectuals are up for no
good. This may be end of Avtonom, but samizdat is still alive and kicking,
just read Luchi from Tyumen or Skunx Times from Kirov to get convinced...
Avtonom is quarterly published journal of Autonomous Action, which developed
from a network to a libertarian communist federation January 2002, after two
years of existence. Currently Autonomous Action has local groups in 13
cities of Russia and Armenia, and supporters and friends in Belarus,
Kazakhstan, Kirgistan and Ukraine.

When writing this, rope is getting tighter in Krasnodar - Dimitri Ryabinin,
currently doing his 6 months framed up sentence is facing pressure from FSB,
and another one of our Krasnodar militants, Aleksei Cherepanov faces serious
charges for planted-up drugs. Due to this, our Krasnodar P.O. Box is not
functional anymore. We need all help you may give in our struggle against
repression. Situation in Krasnodar is changing quickly, so no check our
federal website www.avtonom.org to learn about the current situation and
what you may possible do to help us.

It is very difficult to get foreign radical press and texts in Russia, so we
are interested to expand our mailing list - if you know people who would be
interested to read our materials, please contact them for us! Currently
German correspondence is done by Nizhni Novgorod section, , Italian and
Spanish by our members in Tyumen and all other languages in in Moscow -
please send press with respective languages to cities dealing with
respective correspondence. In another hand, mailing out is so expensive that
we would like to post our papers only to people who understand what is
written in them...

Our paper costs 15 roubles (without post) for everybody, except for
Muscovites who will have to pay

20 roubles.

Relevant addresses are (do not write names of the group to envelopes,
please! Never publish or distribute our addresses without this note) the
following: (Note that we have some changes here.)

Autonomous Action of Moscow and new redaction of Avtonom

P. O. Box 13

109028 Moscow Russia



Anarchist group of Nizhni Novgorod

P. O. Box 25

603104 Nizhni Novgorod Russia




P.O. Box 4481

625001 Tyumen Russia


Our federal site is


Avtonom #22 English summary. All articles in Russian language.

Resistance news

Pages 2-3: News from abroad - Anarchists against FTAA in Miami, USA. Israel
anarchists against the wall.

Pages 4-6: Russian news - Workers strike in city of Kropotkin against
takeover of their factory, rebirth of squat Pekarnia with new name - Klizma,
Anti-repression action in Krasnodar, concert for anarchist political
prisoner Dimitri Ryabinin in Moscow, informal meeting of Autonomous Action
in Moscow, African students protest against racist murder in Voronezh,
hungerstrike in Sankt-Petersburg prisons, Seminar on ecological sabotage in
Nizhni Novgorod, scandal in Kem of Karelian republic, action against fascist
Movement Against Illegal Immigration in Moscow, anarchists in Nizhni
Novgorod and Moscow demonstrate against new forest codex, anti-fascist
demonstration in Sankt-Petersburg, "Case of doctors - 2".

Pages 7-8: Reports from anarchist and anti-authoritarian activities against
War in Chechnya in 60th anniversary of deportation of Chechnyans and
Ingushetians 23rd of February 2004. Movie screenings in Kazan, graffiti
action in Rostov-na-Donu, guerilla theatre in Yekaterinburg, pickets and
meetings in Izhevsk and Samara, non-legalised demonstrations in Vsevolzhk
and Moscow.

Page 9: Announcements of (then) upcoming actions - Marihuana march in
Moscow, festival for 190th Jubilee of Bakunin in his birthplace Pryamuhino,
general meeting of Autonomous Action coming up in Ivanovo next August,
radical ecological protest camp coming up in Perm, 3rd European PGA
conference coming up in Belgrade in July.

First hand account

Page 10: Ukrop's impressions from Nestor Makhno 115th birthday march in
Moscow 8th of November 2003.

Theory of resistance

Page 11: Critique of bourgeois concept of human rights by Mihail Magid.

Page 13: Translated fragments from Situationist classic "On poverty of
student life" by Mustafa Hayati, previously unpublished in Russian language.


Page 15: "A place under the sun", on grassroots community groups organising
against excessive tightening of urban planning in Moscow.

Zones of conflict

Page 18: "Mikluho-Maklaya street", on life of foreign students in Moscow

Page 19: "I'll change my rifle for a ticket to Tambov", on graffiti by
Russian soldiers located in Chechnya. Graffiti from which header of the
article was painted by soldiers to a dormatory wall in Oktyabrski suburb of

Page 20: A call for an international day of action against war in Chechnya
by Moscow anarchists.

Page 21: Was Bakunin a nationalist? Mihail Magid comments: "...anarchists
take position against anti-german and anti-semite feelings of Bakunin.
Today, nationalism of Bakunin may only attract fascists from NBP and other
such trash."

Page 22: "Language of hostility". On media image of illegal immigrants by
V.N. Titov.

Mother of order - anarcho-feminist bulletin inside Avtonom

Page 25: "A ring of powerlesness". On anarchist position on abortion.

Page 26: "A slap to the face of the social taste" - anarcho-feminists
demonstrate in Moscow 8th of March

Page 27: "Say NO to barbie dolls" - an article about internet-movement
unforeseen in Russia to have Alena Pisklova, normal-looking Moscovite to
represent Russia in Miss Universum contest coming up in Equador. Organisers
of the interenet-voting eventually fraudulently moved Alena Pisklova from
the contest when it became evident that she would gain a landslide victory.

Kind fists - bulletin for skinheads

Page 28: Interview with fans of FC Saint Pauli

Page 29: Proletarian counter-culture in Russian periphery - an interview
with oi!-band Klowns from Kirov

Radical lazybones #5 - workers issue bulletin of Moscow Autonomous Action is
now an appendix of Avtonom

Page 30: Employer of the issue - SAVVA Holding from Moscow. Former employee
tells how she is happy to have survived alive inspection of "security
department", which suspected her of an attempt to gather adepts to a sect
form among other employers....

Page 31: "Proletarian internet", sites recommended by antijob.nm.ru:
kompaktor.narod.ru - yet another site to be added to growing list of
worker-maintained sites against McDonald's, delo-tabak.narod.ru by

Kazakhstan workers of Philip Morris, plohoitrud.nm.ru - antijob of Omsk,
Siberia. Information about common project by nelegal.ru and antijob.nm.ru to
gain rights for Moscow workers without residence permission.

Anarchist Black Cross

Page 32: Coverage on case of Jeffrey "Free" Luers, American anarchists
sentenced to 23 years for a minor ecological sabotage.

Page 33: Coverage on case of Tomas Wilkoszevski, anti-fascist jailed in
Poland for 15 years. What one should remember when writing letters to

In the world

Page 34: "Aegean sea belows to its fishes". History of Greek anarchist
movement, first parts deals with its emerge from under the black colonel's
junta in 70's. To be continued in the next issue of Avtonom.


Page 37: Interview with "Acid Umbrellas" from Yekaterinburg.

Page 42: Avtonom and DIY - editorial collective explains its position.


Page 38: "Against dogms". Petr Ryabov replies to provocative article of Ivan
Nopasaran on "anarchist realism", published in last issue of Avtonom.

Book reviews

Page 40: Russian edition of "Philosophy of Punk. More than a noise!" by
Craig O'Hara, Anthology of

modern anarchism and left-wing radicalism, "White on Black" by Ruben David
Gonzales Galierro,

and "Revolutionary suicide" by Huey Newton.

Page 44: Poem "Squares" by Vladimir Lifshits.

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