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(en) UK, Manchester Anarchist News - MAN #3 - If voting changed any- thing... it would be illegal!

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://af-north.org/men3.pdf)
Date Tue, 1 Jun 2004 06:08:21 +0200 (CEST)

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Councillors are Parasites....
Keeping us interested in voting keeps our
attention away from our more urgent need to
really change things. Voting once every five
years takes our minds off the corruption and
extortion that is at the centre of local
`democracy'. The local state is not nicer and
cuddlier than the national state (which goes to
war, bombs civilians and tortures its prison-
ers). The local state is made up of a bunch of
parasites, given the job of controlling us on
behalf of the Government - regardless of its
political colour. It is there to pretend we have
interests in common with the state, to collect
our taxes, and to watch us, monitor us and
police us until we pay - and how we pay!

While they debate about bins, potholes and
speed cameras, our money goes in its mil-
lions, tens of millions; hundreds and hundreds
of millions; directly into the pockets of the
30,000 or so local councillors who run the
local state.

Bin Laden = BiNP.....Bin here before...!
Councillors are
Nasty bastards.....

These people in local Government are not
nicer for being smaller......they are as much
to blame as Blair, Straw, Blunkett, and yes,
even Thatcher for the abuses and violence
(economic and social, as well as physical)
that they carry out.
While they may be happy to blame problems
on the national policies of their political mas-
ters, if we raise our voices to protest and de-
fend, the truncheon wielding police officer
and the magistrate who locks us up are, like
as not, our neighbours, paid for out of our
Council Tax. They are paid for by us to be the
armed wing of the government at the level of
the local state - while debates rage about
municipal redecoration and no smoking poli-

These are not the people who are fighting
fascism. On the contrary, the BNP are a god-
send to them. The local state uses the fascists
as the national state uses Bin Laden - to con-
vince we are on the same side and to rally us
to support them.

First, we are told to use votes as our anti-
fascist action, "...use your democratic right to
defeat the enemies of democracy", then the
pretence drops, and its not the vote that
counts, but only a vote for them, as only
"...a vote for Labour will keep the BNP out"
(NW Labour Party Campaign).
Bin Laden = BiNP in their perverse strategy,
they create an environment for fascists to
thrive in, then blackmail us into supporting
them as the only way to fight back....while
State terrorists inflict a death toll beyond the

capacity of medieval fundamentalists, and
implement policies of racism and division the
BNP would never dare publicly to advocate.
Fascists might dream of leaving asylum seek-
ers destitute on the streets, or deporting them
to their deaths - it is Blair and his Tory cheer-
leaders who are actually doing it!

The local state and the national state are two
cheeks of the same arse. We do not freely
participate, for if we choose otherwise we are
watched, fined and ultimately locked up. Nor
are we fooled by the false debate of national
versus the `super-national' state of Europe.
We don't care whether Capitalism is blue
with red spots, or red with blue spots. The
state at all levels is the bully boy enforcer of
business, money, the ruling class and its
vested interests. `Democracy' and the cult of
voting is the smoke screen they hide behind
to do it.
Whoever we vote for, Government wins -
Don't participate - agitate!
Just the act of getting elected puts &5,000 a year in the
pockets of `our local representatives'. This goes up to
&10,000+ for those in the big cities like Manchester or Bristol.
And that's if the councillors do nothing. Sitting on a commit-
tee; being an officer on a committee; chairing a committee, all
see this figure rise and rise so that many of those elected are
pocketing over &20,000 a year of our Council Tax....

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