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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 18:37:32 +0200 (CEST)

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Buses, trams, commuter trains and subways are necessary for people to get
around in society. We cannot choose to walk 5 kilometers if it does not suit
us to pay the fare. The public transportation should be like the sidewalk -
paid by all, free to walk on. It would be as absurd to charge for it, as
charging for public transportation.
United we stand strong! “P-kassan” - the freeriding insurance - is a
cooperation between people in similar situations organised in Planka.nu. We
do not afford the fare or do not want to pay it. You pay a small amount to
the fund and if you get caught freeriding your bill is payed. The idea of
this insurance is not new. It has been tried before and for quite some time,
especially by students in the university cities, and has worked well even
though in a small scale. The difference is that we have a greater goal than
just helping each other to freeride. We want free public transportation,
owned by us together and controlled by the workers in it.

In Stockholm, all those who make less then 40 000 kronor per month (about
4500 euros) would benefit by letting a small tax raise finance the public
transportation. Free public transportation is a way of taking from the
richest and giving to the rest of us. It is about time for that kind of
redistribution in our segregated cities.

And think about the socioeconomic gains that could be achieved by getting
rid of all the ticket lines, tickets and control systems. Lots of money goes
to these systems which leads to nothing but a bad mood in our common spaces.

In the long run free public transportation would lead to other positive
effects, like a better urban environment with less traffic jams. Today car
traffic is prioritized at the expense of public transportation. Roads are
financed by tax money and are free to use, but the public transportation is
financed by fares. It is rather strange that the authorities punish those
who choose the means of travel that suits the environment best.

Planka.nu started of in the year 2001 by some anarkosyndicalists in
Stockholms Syndicalist Youth Associastion who is a part of the nationwide
anarcosyndicalist federation in Sweden with 26 clubs around the country. It
was decided to begin the project when SL, the local public transportation
company, raised the charge for a monthly based travelcard to unbelievable
500 crowns, despite the worsened quality of the service. In the beginning of
2003 Planka.nu also started in Gothenburg by Gothenburg Syndicalist Youth
Associastion and (A)larm*. During 2003 a sisterorganisation under the name
pummit.org also began the same activitys in Helsinki in Finland.

The final goal with the project is to have a free collective trafic that are
being payed trough taxes. This are trying to be done via means of direct
action, more specific trough a chargestrike agains the collective trafic
companies in Stockholm and Gothenburg. People join the fund P-kassan (read
more here down under) that payes the eventual fines given from the
inspectors of the Västtrafik, Gothenburgs public transportation company, and

Planka.nu in Stockholm are right know still a workinggroup in Stockholms
Syndicalist Youth Associastion but in Gothenburg it have developed to an own

Planka.nu is operated idealistic and no profit are taken from it –
everything goes back to the work for a free public transportation. Planka.nu
have no board of directors of any sort. The structure is plat and no one
have more power than anyone else.



In Stockholm can pay different amount of many to become members. The
different alternatives are 30 crowns for seven days, 100 crowns for a month
and 500 crowns for six month. There is also possible to pay for only
evenings and weekends specially adjusted for people who get sesoncards from
school. In Gothenburg there is only one alternative and that is 200 crowns
for a month. Before it has been 300 for 2 months but since Västtrafik raised
the ticketcosts it was no longer possible to have that fee.


Short facts about the economy
- Planka.nu are all financed with money from P-kassan, their finefund
- No profit are generating through the finefund. Everything goes back to the
activitys and none takes anything in form of salaries or so
- Exept for paying Planka.nu:s members fines the money also goes to finance
propagandamaterial like folders, posters, pins, flyer and other things
concerning Planka.nus activities.
- Sometimes we give money to other projects. Among other things planka.nu
help people without papers (that proves that you are, according to the
goverment, a swedish citizen) with money to buy journeytickets together with
No One Is Illigal. Finances like that are presented on our webbpage as news.
- P-kassan is planka.nu:s first economical priority. The money that pays the
fines are always watched so it always are money to pay fines with.
- Planka.nu:s economy is handled by an unpayed cashier that are voted in by
the members.

E-mail questions to planka.nu in stockholm: planka.sthlm (at) suf.cc.
Stockholms mobile number is: 0739-457168. You can send snailmail to:
Box 601
114 79 Stockholm
Gothenburg e-mail is planka_gbg (at) hotmail.com and their number is
* Their miniplatform reads: "We will be a zit in the arse of the bourgeois.
We are not pacifists".

- Written and to some extent translated of A-infos Sweden with startingpoint
from texts from Planka.nu:s webbpage: http://www.planka.nu/

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