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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2004 21:32:07 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
News about and of interest to anarchists
http://ainfos.ca/ http://ainfos.ca/index24.html

* The A-Infos Project is coordinated by an international collective of
revolutionary anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist activists, involved
with class struggle and who regard it as a total social struggle.
* These are people who conceive themselves as revolutionary
class-struggle social anarchists, anarcho-communists, libertarian
communists and others who hold similar opinions but use other labels.
* A-Infos is organized by people who feel anarchism is a social
theory, and that a revolution is necessary to bring about the new
class-less social order, and that this revolution can only be made
by the vast majority of the working people.

The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and promote is the
anarchism of the Haymarket martyrs and those expelled by Karl
Marx from the First International for criticizing his
authoritarianism and the elitist, vanguardist degradation of the
masses of the working class...

We do not support the kind of anarchism proposed by some
pseudo-modernists and pseudo-"revolutionaries" who regard
symbolic activity as substitute to mass struggle, or the kind of
anarchism of "humanists" who hold other tasks as equal or more
important than the revolutionary struggle for abolishing the
capitalist system.

A-Infos’ work is not inspired by egoistic and egocentric
individualism, primitivism, "free capitalism without a state" or
even a state without free capitalism - who oppose the present
capitalist order but do not offer instead a viable model of modern
social order of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

It is not enough for individuals and groups to use an anarchist
label for their texts to be distributed by A-Infos.

In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles
in several languages, covering a wide range of areas of struggle.
These include workplace and environmental struggles as well as
the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia. A-Infos also
distributes news on indigenous people’s anti-colonialist fight
against settlers, occupation and marginalization, as well as
anti-nationalist and anti-regional separatist struggles, because
workers have no country but the world as a whole....

A-Infos is specialized press agency, in the service (as we see it
best) of the movement of revolutionary anti-capitalist activists
who are involved in the various social struggles against the
capitalist class and its social system.

A-Infos is not an open "liberal" service that distributes anything
"we" are sympathetic to -- it is not Indymedia. It is first of all a
free distribution tool for information from and about collectives of
anarchist (and other anti authoritarian revolutionaries) involved
in the struggle.

A-Infos workers do not think we are the ones who should decide
who, on the social anarchist camp, is a "real" anarchist or not.
However, as resources are limited, we have the right and duty to
(autonomously) choose what we distribute what we feel is best
among the contributions and contributors. The freedom of
association the A-Infos collective is based on means nothing
without the freedom not to associate, if workers so choose.

A-Infos has a role to play in the world anarchist movement.
Information is strength. A-Infos helps to build a sense of an
international movement. A-Infos is, to a certain extent, one of
the few international organizational tools of the movement. But
to keep this role it must stay a tool in the service of the
movement and not a free-for-all information service.

A-Infos is not just an internal movement tool. Like the Anarchist
FAQ, it's also a means to present the movement to the wider
audience and to a new generation, and acquaint them with
international aspects of the movement.

A-Infos is an autonomous anarchist press agency that is not the
bullhorn of any "social" movement. Even when self-proclaimed
anarchists (or even if real ones) are involved is not a guarantee
A-Infos will distribute contributions. Even if we ourselves
sympathize with given movements is no guarantee articles will be

Thus, A-Infos distributes the news and analysis its workers want
to share with the world non-authoritarian activists community --
mainly posts from anti-authoritarian revolutionary collectives and
reports about direct action of social struggle both of activists and
of common people in their daily life.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the services we provide, is
welcome to use other services or build her/his own.

A-infos is both an organizational tool, a propaganda tool, and an
information tool of the movement -- and is not merely "news by,
about and of interest to anarchists."

****** The A-Infos News Service ******
News about and of interest to anarchists
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