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(en) US, Tomorrow the DNC invades Boston... but we are ready! - Continued FBI Harrassment of DNC Protesters

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2004 10:48:28 +0200 (CEST)

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The last few days have seen significant updates from across the country
detailing an FBI program of harassment and intimidation targeting Anarchists.
Update from the Boston ABC. http://blackteasociety.org/calls/harassment2.php
Update from Kansas Mutual Aid Legal Collective:
http://www.infoshop.org/inews/stories.php?story=04/07/23/8684245 7:10am CST,
11:53am CST http://www.infoshop.org/inews/stories.php?story=04/07/23/2753184
So far we have heard reports of FBI visits in Denver, New York, Boston, Lawrence,
Kansas City, Kirksville (Missouri), and Topeka, with the certain possibility of more to come.
What to do if visited by the FBI (or other police agency).

Logistics Updates
July 24, 2004

Greetings from Boston!

The Bl(a)ck Tea Society has been putting the finishing touches
on our organizing, so here are some updates from the logistics

The after-hours convergence center phone number is now the
regular convergence center number.

• If you need to call us at night - for late arrivals who need
housing or for late-night emergencies - you will be able to reach
us at the convergence center line, 617.266.1625. For all other
phone numbers, go to

• Also, our convergence center is now open until 11pm each

Additionally, we've updated several sections of the Boston Guide
since our initial release. You will find changes as follows:

• The city detail map has been updated to reflect changes in
the security zones. Get the newest version at

• The pdf print version of the entire welcome guide has been
revised on several sections, and a calendar has been added.
Please, download and print the new guide before you come if you
want the most up-to-date information. It is located at

• In our web version only, we have added a city issues section

• In our web version only, we have added a section on bike
safety and updated the getting around town page at

• We have added a new link with lots of interesting info on
security, complete with photos. You can find it at

• We have added a calendar with comprehensive details on
delegate, protest, and social events located at

Hope this all helps, and if you need anything, just holler at us!

Legal and Security Updates
July 24, 2004

Before you come to town, we'd like you to know what the
situation looks like on the ground.

What follows is the most current information we have on legal
and security in Boston. For the National Lawyers Guild's
"Massachusetts Demonstrators' Manual," please see

For a map to help you understand the security zones and to see
where all entrances to the zones actually are, please download
our PDF map at

For all other logistical information, please visit

Without further adieu, here's a breakdown of what we know
about security and legal:

HARD ZONE - the Fleet Center north to the waterfront
-only credentialed delegates, media, and employees are allowed
-there is a security tent and magnetometers at entrance
-delegates will be bused in (the bus terminal is in the soft zone)
-surrounded by 8' fence with opaque black covering
-controlled by Secret Service
-there are restrictions on air traffic and water traffic around the
Fleet Center, as well as street and highway closures (detailed
information is in our Boston Guide)

FREE SPEECH ZONE - in the soft zone
-people with "large" bags or people who "look suspicious" will be
-other bags might be searched (the cops say they will do this only
if they have reasonable suspicion)
-if you do not consent to a search, you will be "removed" from
the area
-no signs with wooden/plastic/otherwise hard sticks (cardboard
tubes okay), umbrellas, or basically anything you could carry that
cops might say could be used as a weapon
-no "inappropriate" clothing allowed
-narrow, low access points will make it hard for people to get in
an out safely (one is only 5.5' high)
-the area has old elevated train tracks above it (and support
beams from the ground level)
-29,000 square feet total
-holds 1,000 people
-there is a stage, speakers and a portable microphone inside
-no tables or chairs allowed inside
-police horses may be inside zone
-no vehicles allowed inside
-no bicycles allowed inside
-there is a 12' double fence between the FSZ and delegate bus
terminal that is made of 4' of concrete on the bottom and 8' of
metal fence with netting over it
-there is netting over the entire top of the FSZ, closing the space
-there is razor wire at the top of the fences/around the train tracks

SOFT ZONE - south of the Fleet Center
-an 8' fence will be put around the entire area, on the sidewalk
nearest to the zone
-there are only four designated access points to get in or out of
this zone
-people with "large" bags or people who "look suspicious" will be
-no bicycles
-no tables or chairs allowed inside
-no signs with wooden/plastic/otherwise hard sticks (cardboard
tubes okay)
-no vehicles allowed inside (it is unclear if this includes police
-no bicycles allowed inside
-no bomb-sniffing dogs allowed inside (they will be with the
National Guard just outside of the zine and at the entrances)
-controlled by Boston Police (though BPD reports to federal

-no parking on many city streets
-newspaper boxes have been removed from most of downtown
-trash cans have been removed from much of downtown
-mail boxes have been removed from much of downtown

-the Secret Service is generally in charge
-FBI is responsible for "crisis management and responding to
-Federal Emergency Management Association is responsible for
the "preparation and mitigation of any major crisis that occur"
-Boston Police Department will report to those three agencies
-Massachusetts State Police are working alongside the BPD
-the National Guard, Coast Guard, and "civil support" are also
assisting, reportedly with no law enforcement or arrest powers
-no private security firms have been hired to help
-the "Tactical Unit" of the BPD will be present for "crowd
control" - they do not carry handcuffs and are not empowered to
arrest (famous in Boston for wearing black-on-black with no
badges, we have been told the tactical unit will have badge
numbers on the left breast of their shirts and on their helmets)
-Staties are in charge of keeping an eye on Beacon Hill
-Delegates' hotels will have anywhere from one officer to a whole
squad guarding them 24/7
-the subway system (and likely some buses) will be conducting
searches at all entrances - you won't be able to ride public
transportation without consenting to a search
-police will have tear gas and pepper spray
-police will have paintball guns with permanent ink (weapon
specs at http://www.fnhusa.com/contents/ll_303.htm)
-Boston police will NOT have tasers (though it is unclear
whether federal agencies will have them)
-it is unclear whether police will have projectiles (we have been
told police would have all of the "usual" weapons that they
normally carry)
-we are told police will not be able to arrest people without
approval or under orders from commanding officers (though
police may arrest without such orders if they are acting in

-cops will not recognize street medics or allow them into the jails
-there will be doctors at the prison where protesters are taken
-people injured on the street will be taken to Mass General
- if you do not want to go to a hospital, please yell for a medic
and make it known that you don't want to be taken to a hospital

-many roads, highways, commuter rail & subway trains are
closed or functioning on strange schedules - please review
transportation information at
before you come

-The National Lawyers Guild has a 24-hour emergency legal
number, 617.723.4330
-The NLG is prepared to defend all arrested protesters through
-The Boston Anarchist Black Cross is prepared to support jail
solidarity and help bail people out (ABC funds will not be able to
sustain mass arrests, so donations and people with their own bail
money are appreciated and needed)
-All adults arrested for protest will be taken to Suffolk County
House of Correction
-All minors will be taken to MBTA Police Headquarters
-All court appearances will take place at tyhe Roxbury Division of
Boston Municipal Court Department (addresses and directions
for these and other jails and courts are at
-You can be held for 24 hours (or until Monday morning if
arrested on a weekend) before you have to be arraigned in
Massachusetts (though cops interviewed in local press suggested
they might try to hold some people until the DNC is over)
-"speedy" trial is considered one year
-minors who are arrested in Massachusetts have historically
needed a parent/guardian present to bail them out. We are going
to do our best to get minors out, but it may be tough if you're a
minor from out of town. A lawyer told us one possibility is having
a note from a parent specifying that you are not a runaway and
naming adults (names and addresses) who can pick you up.
Meanwhile, police have said the procedure will be the same as it
always is.
-for Know Your Rights and Dealing With Cops information,
please go to the "Legal and DNC Security" section at

Call For No-DNC Spokes!!
July 24, 2004

The Bl(A)ck Tea Society is calling for no-dnc spokescouncil
meetings to be held on Monday (7/26) and Wednesday (7/28)
from 7pm to 9pm.

The Monday spokes will cover the entire week (including the
Bazaar), while the Wednesday spokes will focus on the Thursday
Day Of Action.

Both spokes will take place at the Alternative Village
(Convergence Center):
Community Church Of Boston
565 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02116

Map and Directions:

What Is A Spokescouncil?

At spokescouncil meeting, affinity groups select a 'spoke' to act
as their spokesperson. Decisions made at spokes are not binding,
affinity groups still maintain their autonomy and are free to
choose their own tactics, actions etc. These two meeting will
allow the local organizers to get everyone else up to speed, share
resources, answer questions and in general facilitate co-operation
between groups.

This is NOT a place to discuss (argue, debate) tactics or

As in our internal meetings, we operate on anti-authoritarians
principles and consensus. We ask that all groups and persons
coming to spokes respect the facilitation process. Disruptive
individuals will be asked to leave the space.

All Anti-Authoritarians are welcome and encouraged to come
and participate.

Absolutely NO members of the police or government agencies
are allowed.

Absolutely NO member of the media are allowed.

For the entire week, the Alternative Village is a Safe Space.
Sexism, racism, homophobia, aggressive behavior, drunkenness,
verbal, physical, or sexual abuse/harassment will not be
tolerated. This, of course, includes the spokescouncil meeting.
The Bl(A)ck Tea Society is an ad-hoc coalition of
anti-authoritarians organizing in the Boston area and beyond to
resist the Democratic National Convention. contact:

logistics and legal update

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