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(en) US, Boston, Upcoming Events at the Lucy Parsons* Center

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 20:50:41 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
News about and of interest to anarchists
http://ainfos.ca/ http://ainfos.ca/index24.html

(1) Wed Jul 21, 7: Movie Night - The IMC Israel/Palestine Wall Trilogy
(2) Fri Jul 23, 6: The ŅMiami ModelÓ Š A Documentary,
Presentation and Discussion
(3) Sun Jul 25, 7: Horns and Halos Film Screening
(4) Tue Jul 27, 7: Combating Fortress Europe -The Fight Against
Far-Right Political Movements and Social Trends in the European
Union, Presented by Bob Wester
(5) Thu Aug 5, 7: Peter Khan Zendran Event Š Free Iran
(6) Wed Aug 4, 7: Collecting Anarchy - Continuing the Legacy of
the Joseph Labadie Collection

(7) Sat, Aug 7, 6: The Yellow City Revolution

(8) Thu Sep 16, 7: MOVE Documentary Screening

(9) Sat Sep 25, 7: Murdered By Capitalism - John Ross

(10)Tue Oct 26, 7: Zine Video Tour

*** All LPC events are free and open to the public (though
donations are greatly appreciated). If you have any questions,
please call us at (617) 267-6272. For info about who we are, how
to host an event, how to become a collective member or how to get
to the LPC, please read the end of this email. ***


ITS RAFFLE TIME!! The LPC is currently running araffle
drawing to win a beautiful hand-sculpted bustof Lucy Parsons
made by a local artist.

By purchasing a raffle ticket you will not only gain the opportunity
to win a piece of art valued at over $3,000, but you will be helping
an all-volunteer run radical bookstore buy a new home which will
have room for offices and a large community area and, more
importantly, freedom from landlords!

The drawing, originally planned for May 2004, will now take place
in mid-September in order to give us enough time to plan a party
and invite all our friends to join us at the drawing. Updates with
more information on the party will be forthcoming.

Tickets are only $5 each, so drop by the store and buy yours now!

(1) Wed Jul 21, 7: Movie Night - The IMC Israel/Palestine Wall

*** Temporary Inconvenience (40 min)

The story of Masha Encampment against the separation fence that
lasted five months last year and developed
Israeli/Palestinian/International cooperation.

*** Democracy is Not Built on Demonstrators' Bodies (30 min)

The media aftermath of the shooting (by the IDE) of an Israeli
demonstrator at Masha during a nonviolent direct action.

*** Rough Cuts of Rough Demos (15 min)

Development of solidarity between Israeli & Palestinian activist
into a grassroots movement as it faces increased violence by the

*** This event is part of our Free Radical Film Night Series. Every
Wednesday night at 7pm we show a movie from a wide variety of
political themes and genres. It happens year round, so if you
donÕt get an email about it you can always call the store to see
whatÕs playing that week or just show up! ***

(2) Fri Jul 23, 6: The "Miami Model" Š A Documentary,
Presentation and Discussion

A showing of the newly finished IMC documentary entitled "The
Miami Model" about police brutality in Miami at the Free Trade
Area of the Americas (FTAA) Ministerial last November. The film
will be followed by a presentation and discussion about police
misconduct/brutality, the "Miami Model" and itÕs repercussions
for mass mobilizations such as the DNC. The discussion will be
led by IMC members who we present at the FTAA Ministerial and
were witness to some of the police atrocities.

(3) Sun Jul 25, 7: Horns and Halos Film Screening

What if someone wrote your biography? Would there be horns and
halos involved?" - Author J.H. Hatfield

Horns and Halos captures the unlikely connection of three men--a
U.S. president, a discredited author and an underground
publisher--whose paths to power and popularity become tangled in
a book.

In October 1999, a short article appeared in the New York Times:
St. Martin's Press recalled Fortunate Son, the first published
biography of George W. Bush. At the time of its recall, the book
was #8 on Amazon.com's best-seller list -- no doubt due to the
book's widely publicized allegations that Bush had been arrested
for cocaine possession in 1972. However, Bush wasn't the only
one with a hidden past. Citing distrust of the author, J. H. Hatfield,
the publisher pulled the book from stores after learning that he was
a convicted felon.

Several weeks later, small underground imprint Soft Skull Press,
the self-styled "punk of publishing," announced that it would
re-publish the book. But getting Fortunate Son back on the shelves
wouldn't prove so easy. Operating out of a tenement basement on
New York City's Lower East Side, 29-year-old founder Sander
Hicks struggled without significant success for over a year to get
the book back into stores and into the national consciousness.
After months of lawsuits, bad press, and disagreements with the
distributor, Soft Skull made one final desperate attempt to make a
splash at the 2001 Book Expo of America. Against the author's
wishes, Hicks revealed the sources for the book's cocaine
allegations, which leads to electrifying consequences.

The filmmakers worked in the direct cinema tradition of the
Maysles Brothers to bring the viewer into the world of
underground publishing. Horns and Halos is also peppered with
sit-down interviews that help unravel the details of this bizarre
story. Key players such as Pete Slover, the journalist who broke the
story about Hatfield's past, and Mark Crispin Miller, media critic
and an avid defender of the book, help to shed light on the
complexities of the story.

The filmmakers have a history of making fiction films outside the
realm of traditional narrative, about subjects existing outside the
realm of traditional society. Their previous films deal with the
underground music community.

Although they were interested in documenting their community,
they felt too close to the subject matter to make a traditional
documentary. Instead they wrote scripts based on their
experiences. This allowed them to explore their world from both
insider and outsider vantage points. From outside Hollywood and
even Indiewood, they understand what it is like to be part of
underground culture trying to impact mainstream culture. They
bring this sensitivity to the portrayal of characters attempting to do
the same thing in a different industry.

In addition to shooting, editing, and directing Horns and Halos,
Hawley and Galinsky have made two feature films together
("Half-Cocked" -1995 - released on video by Matador records, and
"Radiation" - Sundance 1999 in addition to over 30 other festivals
worldwide). They have made over 50 short subject videos. David
Beilinson co-produced the film. He is a documentary producer for
PBS's In the Mix.

Directors' Statement:

As screenwriter and scholar Robert McKee states, "True character
is revealed in the choices human beings make under pressure."
When faced with difficult decisions there is rarely one clear
answer. Horns and Halos reveals the complexities of the decisions
rather than simply the results.

(4) Tue Jul 27, 7:30pm: Combating Fortress Europe - The Fight
Against Far-Right Political Movements and Social Trends in the
European Union

Presented by Bob Wester

The last few years have seen an enormous rise of anti-refugee,
anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim attitudes and policies within
self-acclaimed "humanitarian" super power European Union. Both
within governments, and the wider population.

The Netherlands, is no exception, although its rise of xenophobia
had an unusual pathway. Unlike some other EU countries like
Belgium, France or Italy, which have strong fascist parties
represented in parliament, the Dutch had it their way. Since
halfway the 1990's right-wing opinion leaders tried to break the
"taboo" on the "immigration debate". Although partly successful,
the big "breakthrough" came only later. In the aftermath of
September 11, the eccentric extreme right-wing populist Pim
Fortuyn stole the hearts of big parts of the white population with its
Muslim, refugee, and immigrants bashing agenda and a vague
rhetoric of "New Politics" which would bring politics closer to
citizens. After Pim being murdered, the dominant frame moved
from a progressive liberal to a conservative liberal one.

Since then nationalism and racism are on the forefront of Dutch
politics. But critique on it is associated with the "leftist church",
and "political correctness". Every protest against it is accused of
leading to another murder of a politician and so a threat to
democracy. After an initial total defeat of anti-racist groups, the
last few months saw a rise in critique on and a resistance against
the deportation of 27,000 refugees.

How could this move to right happen? Will the new resistance
against deportations grow and be able to change the tide?

*** Bob Wester is a Dutch anarchist/social ecologist squatter from
Amsterdam who is involved with anti-racist activism and solidarity
with immigrant communities. He is interested in dialoguing with
North American anti-racists in an effort to better combat the rise of
the far-right on both sides of the Atlantic ***

(5) Thu Aug 5, 7: Peter Khan Zendran Event Š Free Iran

Mr. Zendran is a half-Asian human rights activist and author.
Most recently, he has written the book "Victimization of the Farsi,
Arab, Turanian, and Central and Western Asian Peoples". The
book was released May 5th, 2004. He will be doing a talk based on
his book as well as a report on his recent attack by the Rhode
Island Police, his victory in criminal court and his pending civil
court against the Rhode Island Police.

A basket will be passed to help in his legal fees during the event.

(6) Wed Aug 4, 7pm: Collecting Anarchy - Continuing the Legacy
of the Joseph Labadie Collection

The Labadie Collection, part of the University of Michigan Library,
is one of the world's largest archives of social protest literature.
This slide presentation and talk begins with the life and activities of
its founder in the 19th century, through the 20th century to the

(7) Sat, Aug 7th, 6pm: The Yellow City Revolution

Popular St. Louis zinester and fiction writer Carissa van den Berk
will embark on a tour in late July/earlyAugust with Matthew
Berliant and Rachel Jacobs.

The Yellow City Revolution Tour will include an audio-visual
presentation of van den BerkÕs new book, May it Come
Quickly, with music by Rachel Jacobs, poetry by Matthew
Berliant, a series of local Boston zinesters Kim/Mother Rebel, Jef
Taylor/The UrbanPantheist, and Ciarra Xyerra/A Renegades
Handbook reading from their most recent zines, and a slew of
sizzling interactive writing games designed to draw out the creative
zeal in us all.

*** Carissa van den Berk is the author of May It Come Quickly,
published by Yellow City Press, a daring sequel to the young
anarchist coming of age story, Yours for the Revolution.

*** Matthew Berliant is the author of escape ism, a compilation of
radical poetry published by re/creations press this July, and
mastermind of the Wide Open Collaborative Writing Labs.

*** Rachel JacobsÕ groundbreaking "Mechanical Kid" CD has
just been released by Solution Records, featuring her unique blend
of sultry lyrics rhapsodized in a current of acoustic punk.

(8) Thu Sep 16, 7pm: MOVE Documentary Screening

Screening of the brand new documentary on MOVE, followed by
Q&A from MOVE folks and the film makers.

*** sponsored by the Boston Anarchist Black Cross

(9) Sat, Sept 25, 7: Murdered By Capitalism: The U.S. Left, A
Continuum of Resistance

Presented by John Ross

Dubbed "the new John Reed" by La Jornada, Mexico's most left
daily, author/activist/poet/correspondent John Ross will be
teaching at and touring with his latest volume "Murdered By
Capitalism: 150 Years of Life & Death on the U.S. Left," both a
personal memoir of six decades on the barricades of America and a
hallucinatory chronicle of the Left continuum from Haymarket to
Baghdad and back.

Raised in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, Ross, who has lived for
decades in Mexico City's old quarter, is the author of seven works
of fiction and non-fiction and won the American Book Award in
1995 for "Rebellion From the Roots", the first look at the Zapatista
rebellion in Chiapas, which he has covered since its earliest hour.
Other volumes vital to understanding the Zapatista struggle have
been "The Annexation of Mexico: from the Aztecs to the IMF", a
post-Zapatista re-encounter with Mexican history, and "The War
Against Oblivion" (2001), a chronicle of nine years of the rebellion
that has become a staple of Zapatista literature.

In addition, Ross has published a novel of the Mexican cataclysm,
"Tonatiuh's People", a political guidebook to Mexico, an
anthology of basketball writings, and eight chapbooks of poetry,
the latest of which is "Against Amnesia" (Calaca de Pelon, Mexico

"Murdered By Capitalism is a hilarious way to learn the true down
home history of the American Left's heroic past: bravo to John
Ross!" writes Beat godfather Lawrence Ferlinghetti of Ross's latest
offering. "It is a rip-snorting and honorable account of an outlaw
tradition in American politics which too seldom gets past the
bouncers at the gateway of the national narrative" adds cult
novelist Thomas Pynchon.

In addition to his literary output, John Ross is long-time Mexico
correspondent for Noticias Aliadas in Lima Peru, the San
Francisco Bay Guardian, and the Texas Observer and publishes
his own on-line newsletter "Blindman's Buff" (formerly "Mexico
Barbaro"), available at nicadlw (at) earthlink.net.

(10) Tue Oct 26, 7: Zine Video Tour

The tour will feature:

*** Dave Roche (On Subbing) who will do readings from his
zine-turned-book about being a substitute teacher in Portland,

** Nicole Georges, a comic zine artist who will do slide show
presentations from her zines, and

*** Joe Biel who will show his video, Ņ$100 & A T-Shirt,Ó A
full length video documentary about zines in the Northwest US. A
cultural analysis of what causes zine makers to tick; what the hell
zines are, why people make zines, the origin of zines, the resources
and community available for zine makers, and the future of zines.
Interviews with about 70 zine makers, ex-zine makers, and readers
from the northwest.

Featuring footage of the Portland Zine Symposium, other zine
related events, and activities bringing zine culture to life. An
original documentary with over 64 hours of footage for people with
a new interest in zines as well as pros and novices. The video
sparks untapped creativity and new interest into zine making and

Artwork by Cristy Road and music by J Church and Defiance, OH!

********* ABOUT LPC *********

+++ Where are we?

Lucy Parsons Center 549 Columbus Avenue Boston's South End
Telephone: 617.267.6272 Email: lucyparsons (at) tao.ca

+++ What are we?

The Lucy Parsons Center, Boston's collectively run radical
bookstore features an extensive selection of radical books and
magazines, internet access, space for talks and meetings, and free
movies Wednesday nights. Located at 549 Columbus Avenue in
the South End the store is just down from Mass Ave and easily
reached from the Mass Ave and Symphony T stations and the #1
bus. Regular store hours Mon-Fri 12-9pm Weekends 12-6.

+++ Volunteer

Volunteering at LPC isn't just about donating your labor. All of the
Lucy Parsons Center volunteers contribute to all aspects of
running the store and can take part in all decisions in how it's run.
If you know anything about grant writing, web design, or any other
skills you think would be useful, or if you just want to be part of
this great radical project, please email Pete at petestid@yahoo.com

+++ Use our space for radical stuff

One of the most important apects of the Lucy Parsons Center is
providing a community meeting place for radical activities. If you
want to host an event, please send an email to Rebecca at
events@lucyparsons.org. Make sure to give enough notice so that
we can approve the event at our bimonthly meetings.

If you have a group that needs a space to have regular meetings,
just come to the bookstore and fill out a space request form. Again,
make sure to allow time for approval by the collective.

+++ Donate MONEY!

We need support to help ensure the Lucy Parsons Center
continues to grow and be an important resource for the
community. Donations can be made in the form of cash, check or
credit cards. Please call the store for more info. If you don't have a
lot, don't worry, even donating the change of your purchase can
make a difference. The LPC is a 501(c)3 certified non-profit
organization, and all donations are tax deductable.

Subscribe to Our Announcement List:

*** lucy_parsons_center-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

Link: http://www.tao.ca/~lucyparsons
*[Ed. Note: Lucy Parsons (1853-1942) was an Anarchist Labor Organizer
and the wife of Albert Parsons of the Haymarket

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