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(en) UK, Class War Issue 85 - Editorials

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 12:10:22 +0100 (CET)

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> Editorial - 1: It Is Not The Size, Its What You Do With It That Counts
Saturday 15 February 2003 saw the biggest march in British
history. Over a million people marched through central London in
protest against the planned war against Iraq. At least 100,000
marched in Glasgow, forcing Tony Blair to change the time he addressed
the Scottish Labour Party conference. Other sizeable marches were held
in smaller towns and cities, not just in Britain but across the world.
And they all made absolutely no fucking difference to the plans of
George W Bush or Tony Blair. George W, a Texas oilman and son,
not just of a former US President but a former head of the CIA,
wants Iraq~s oil. Tony Blair hopes that by hanging onto the USA~s
coat tails he will not only preserve the ~special relationship~, but
that some of the big British and Anglo-American firms who support
him so closely will get a slice of the Iraqi action.

All the talk of weapons of mass destruction is just that - talk. If
Iraq surrendered every weapon down to its peashooters tomorrow,
or Saddam fell under a number 6 bus, the Americans would still
invade. George W wants that oil, and finishing the job his dad left
half done in 1991 is an added bonus. If tens or even hundreds of
thousands die, tough titty.

If a slaughter in Iraq provokes terrorist attacks in Britain or the
US, that only serves to strengthen Bush and Blair~s position -
who else will people in London and New York look to protect them
from murderous suicide bombers but the British and American
states? The very states that are despised throughout the Islamic
world. If he does not regard having fun as un-Islamic, Bin Laden
must be absolutely pissing himself laughing.

Reports that share values have soared on the Baghdad Stock
Exchange suggest that what remains of the Iraqi middle class is
contemplating, when it dares, a post-Saddam future. The
Americans will not struggle to find willing puppets in Iraq, just as
they found plenty of people willing to work with them in
post-Taliban Afghanistan. Money crosses all boundaries.
What of the million Britons who marched against this war? The
problem with liberal opinion is that it is exactly what it says it is -
opinion. Many of those marchers, the peace people, Liberal
Democrats and trades union leaders, having said "Not in My
Name" have salved their consciences. They came to London, had
a nice day out, and went home. They can read their Guardian's in
the coming months in the smug satisfaction that they opposed
what is happening.

We would like to be proved wrong and to see a million people
storming the US Embassy, blockading the Ministry of Defence, or
burning down the Israeli Embassy. A bulging post bag in The
Guardian or The Independent is sadly far more likely.

The tide of capitalism, and to a lesser extent that of Islamic
Fundamentalism, continue to rise. We fight these twin evils by
waging the class war, and opposing bigotry and superstition daily.
To get these issues on the agenda the next time a million people
mobilise in London, means getting them on the agenda in our
communities and in our workplaces. And that is a fucking long way
from standing there shouting "Not in My Name".

Editorial 2 - Bradford 1 in 12 Club
In our last editorial we referred to the 1 in 12 Club in our article
"Centres for Solidarity".
We stated that the Club had charged the Mark Barnsley campaign
for a room. We were wrong to do so, and would like to take the
opportunity to apologise to the 1 in 12 Club. We were
mis-informed, but we should have checked the facts with the 1 in
12 Club before we went to press. Please see the letter from the
London Mark Barnsley Support Group on our letters page.
Since September 1997 London Class War has edited 12 issues of
the paper, the pamphlet, 21st Century Class War, and published
Dave Douglass~ book ~All Power To The Imagination~. One
editorial howler in five years is probably not too bad a record.
Ed. Note: From the web page of UK Class War federation avilable:

Welcome to the website of London Class War, part of the
Class War Federation!

London CW edit Britain's most unruly tabloid, Class War, as well
as taking part in a range of political activities and struggle, both
in the capital and beyond.

Whilst we cannot promise to be the most theoretical political group in the city, we can
promise to be the sexiest.

As well as providing some cutting comment on the capital, this
website aims to incite people away from their computer screens
into the place where they can make a difference the streets.

No city in Britain - and possibly few in the world - have such
clear divisions between rich and poor, rulers and governed as
London. New Labour, Ken Livingstone and the various would
be Ken's from Stephen Norris to Gary Bushell have no intention
of doing anything for working class Londoners. They have the
wealth and power for one simple reason . we let them.

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