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(en) RAAN Network News #2 - Updates from the Red and Anarchist Action Network August 2003

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 7 Feb 2004 10:46:56 +0100 (CET)

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Organizing a RAAN Collective:A Report From Cincinnati
During the August 9th `Rally Against Racism', RAAN-affiliated militants
in Cincinnati distributed copies of an essay titled "Towards a
Revolutionary Struggle Against Racism", which included a call for a
forum of individuals interested in establishing a network presence in
that city and putting the ideas expressed in the essay into action.
Quoted below are some lines from that piece:
"It has become clear that liberal methods of resistance are not
enough to combat the crimes committed against us. This is a time
for revolutionary solutions and revolutionary methods. The CPD will
never be on our side, so we must rid our neighborhoods of crime
ourselves. We cannot be fooled into thinking the police work for us.
They work to defend the rich life of the ruling class, while our
neighborhoods are filled with crime. If they worked for us, they wouldn't
kill us! The courts will not find murdering cops guilty, so we must
bring them to justice by other means. Real economic justice cannot
be found in this capitalist system that treats us like objects and
leaves us with barely enough to support our families. The rich will
never bring us economic justice! They may toss us a few more
scraps, but it is up to us to take back what should be ours!"
Contacts have been made as a result of this initiative, and a discussion
regarding meeting times and locations has started amongst the
potential members of the collective. If you are in the Cincinnati area
and would like to get involved with RAAN, please feel free to contact
The Female Species Collective at thefemalespecies@hotmail.com


On Sunday July 13th, a window at the New York City branch of
Revolution Books, the propaganda outlet of the so-called "Revolutionary
Communist Party", (an authoritarian Maoist group) was vandalized with
the following message: Dear Leninist Scum, Bolshevism is not communism.
PS. Next time it will be a bomb.

Representatives of the bookstore contacted the maintainers of the Red &
Anarchist Action Network's website regarding the incident, and were
informed that not only is there no way of accurately tracking network
membership in the city, but that unlike the RCP, RAAN functions on a
basis of autonomous decentralized activity, and so the most that our
Internet hub would be capable of doing would be to raise awareness
about the action.

Members of RAAN are encouraged to decide for themselves whether or not
this action should be supported by the network.


1.) Book Liberation Week swept across the West Coast as RAAN activists in
San Diego donated liberated books to book-hungry activists and the Anarchist
Black Cross Network.

2.) Revolution Summer's "Animal Liberation Week" went down in San Diego in
the midst of police harassment and FBI intimidation. Actions and Protests
were carefully monitored and documented, with activists (including RAAN
operatives) being followed and spied on. This came in the wake of an ELF
attack that caused around $50 million in damages to a new condo project in
San Diego.

3.) RAAN collective Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA)'s campaign
against the Modesto "Homeless Mission" heated up, with angry letters and
phone calls on both sides. After a 100 person self-organized meeting by the
homeless at the small town's Food Not Bombs, police stepped up harassment
of the homeless and people sleeping out side. The Mission's leaders do not
allow different sexes to talk to each other in the building, and workers there
have been seen taking food that was intended for the homeless. Other shel-
ters across the country do not have the same strict standards as the Modesto
Mission, which are only in place because of the Mission's religious beliefs.

4.) DAAA operatives also dropped an anti-GMO banner, distributed literature,
and handed out books donated by the BLF (Book Liberation Front) to people at
the Modesto Farmers Market, where many conerned organic farmers come to
sell their crops.

Police Repression in Indianapolis
Less than expected protestor turnout and heavy police pressure turned
the anti-NGA (National Governor's Association) convergence in
Indianapolis this August into nothing more than a passive display of
dissent. The majority of the NGA meeting's budget was spent on secu-
rity, and the Indianapolis police forces had been preparing for the
meetings for over a year. With less than sixty demonstrators, it was
amazing that we accomplished what little we did do. Solidarity Books,
the local anarchist collective, was raided once. Apart from the raid,
there were several confrontations outside the bookstore in which
masked anarchists sat in front of the store and were videotaped by
police cameras. Demonstrators used cameras of their own to videotape
police during any confrontations. Throughout the entire weekend, cars
were searched and people were detained, but because no laws were
actually broken, none of our comrades were arrested. The actual
demonstrations were nothing more than a parade marching defiantly to
and from the designated "free speech zone" with a RAAN banner pro-
claiming, "One Direction: Insurrection - One Solution: Revolution"
behind a line of police.

DIY CORNER RED & BLACK FLAGS - By The Kazm Collective
Here's a quick, easy (and cheap!) way to
make lots of red & black flags to hand out
at protests, which will greatly increase
the presence of any anti-capitalist bloc.

The best way to get fabric for your flags is
a hotel raid: Find a local hotel and wait for
a time between when everybody is checking
out and when everybody is checking
in. Usually anytime right after 12 is good.
This is when the cleaning people are at
the height of their activity, and you can
wander around the halls of the hotel and
pull linens off of all the cleaning carts.
Bedsheets are huge and make good banners, but
for flags you really want to concentrate on
the pillowcases. Just cut/rip
one open and you'll end up with a big
piece that more or less matches your
expectations for the size of a flag. Make
sure to get lots!

The pillowcases are white, so you gotta
dye them red and/or black. Fabric dye can
be found in most convenience or art-sup-
ply stores, and the price for one package
of red dye was 50 cents (but liquid dye is
better than the type which you dissolve).
One package is enough to make a bucket
of dye that will easily take care of three or
four flags. Follow the directions - usually
it involves boiling water, salt, and some
stirring. Only dye one pillowcase at a
time, and leave them in long enough to
get really bright reds and dark blacks.
Don't try to make a red/black diagonal flag
with this method! (you'll end up with an
ugly tye-dye)

Flagpoles can be made out of almost any-
thing, and are really easy to dumpster. We
were able to find some bamboo stalks.
The flags can be attached to the poles
with duct tape or a staple gun.

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