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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review Number 624 20th to 26th December 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 16:29:52 +0100 (CET)

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John Howard, pleased as punch with his electoral demolition of the
Alternative Liberal Party (ALP), is ploughing through Windschuttle┤s
┤The Fabrication of Aboriginal History┤ as his holiday reading. The
Prime Minister takes immense satisfaction from the fact that he has
played a prominent and active role in a movement that he believes
has turned back ┬┤the tide of political correctness┬┤.
Over the past decade, bands of historical, cultural and social
revisionists have been spearheading a counter revolution against the
legislative gains made by women, radical and religious minorities,
gays, the disabled and indigenous Australians. Australians who had
consistently denied natural justice and who in many cases suffered
active discrimination at the hands of the law, the bureaucracy, the
community and government because of who they were, not because
of what they did, had for the first time in Australian history, legal
options to pursue if they believed they suffered discrimination.

Indigenous Australians have come in for special treatment by the
whitewash lobby since the High Court recognised their claims to
land. On the 3rd of June 1992, it recognised indigenous Australians
had legal claims to land because of their occupation of that land prior
to European colonisation.

Faced with the prospect that the cornerstone of capitalism the private
ownership of land, had come under threat as a result of the 1992
High Court ruling, a new industry has sprung up that through
fanning the flames of fear, the distortion of historical fact and the
reinforcement of old age prejudice has attempted through stealth to
whittle away the few legislative victories that have been won by
indigenous Australians since the movement for indigenous land
rights gained political, cultural and social traction within the
Australian community.

It┬┤s extraordinary that the Prime Minister of Australia gains
satisfaction from his involvement in a political and social movement
whose primary aim is to strip away the few legal protections those
Australians who have suffered systematic discrimination have been
able to achieve. Political correctness is a term that only exists in the
consciousness of those who are frightened that the power
they┬┤ve been able to exercise in the past is under threat.

The rest of the Australian community, especially those who have
suffered discrimination, view the legislative changes that have
occurred not as political correctness but as welcome access to a legal
system that for far too long has denied them justice because of the
colour of their skin, their religious practices, their sexual orientation,
their physical and intellectual abilities or their gender.

Irrespective of how many Windschuttles come and go, irrespective of
how many John Howards pick through the intellectual entrails of
Windschuttle┬┤s distorted presentation of historical reality, the
battle in Australia to recognise human beings for what they do not
what they are, will eventually be won because an increasing number
of Australians are not willing to let entrenched institutionalised
discriminatory practices go unchallenged.


It seems the chickens are coming home to roost. All those single
parents, disabled pensioners and unemployed who voted for John
Howard and his motley crew, are in for a big surprise. In an attempt
to increase the participation rate in poorly paid, boring, part time,
repetitive jobs, the Howard government is about to introduce
legislation in Federal parliament that will push people who are
receiving non old age pensions into these jobs.

The ┬┤work first, welfare second┬┤ push is designed to
increase national productivity, by pushing the 2.7 million Australians
of working age on single parent and disability pensions and those
receiving Newstart Allowances, into the paid workforce. The program
is specifically targeted at single mothers and people on disability
support pensions with psychiatric problems.

Over the next few years, the value of the pension for this sector of the
community will decrease in comparison to the pension received by
those entitled to the old age pension. Things will be made so
uncomfortable for Australians receiving these pensions they will
eventually be forced into jobs which, when childcare payments and
transport costs are taken into account, will be worth as little as the
current pension payments.

Over the past few months, people receiving single parent, disability
support pensions and Newstart Allowances, have been transferred to
the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. The
Howard government┬┤s attempt to push hundreds of thousands
of Australians, who are currently on non old age pensions, into the
ranks of the working poor, is a cynical government attempt to supply
poorly paid factory fodder to the country┬┤s manufacturing

The idea of single welfare payment is designed to push people, who
are of working age who are on pensions, into the paid workforce. It is
not designed to assist them to find productive meaningful work. Over
the next 12 months, all those working age pensioners who voted for
the Howard government will soon find out the Liberal / National
Party government is no friend of the poor and the dispossessed.
Howard┬┤s ┬┤battlers┬┤ have been sold a very sick little
puppy, once these people begin to experience Howard┬┤s brave
new world, they will lash out at their tormentors in the Howard


It┬┤s easy to dismiss the news that a Dandenong factory has
taken on 60 Chinese welders as a story about a greedy employer
taking on guest workers to increase profits and decrease production
costs. The furore that has erupted as a consequence of the breaking
of this story has not extended beyond a superficial analysis about
what┬┤s happened. Vawdrey Industries has acted in accordance
with current immigration laws.

Every step in this troubling saga has been supported and approved by
rules set down by the Federal government and implemented by the
Department of Immigration. While the Howard government plays
hardball with the Bakhityari trying to win brownie points with the
battlers that have deserted the Alternative Liberal Party (ALP) and
have, through their electoral support, made John Howard the second
longest serving Prime Minister in Australian history, the Howard
government stabs these battlers in the back consigning their children
to a lifetime of unemployment or poorly paid part time manufacturing

Although the Howard government has won election after election on
a limited immigration mandate, the number of immigrants that have
legally entered Australia since this government was elected has

The news that a trailer manufacturing company in Melbourne is
taking on guest workers because it can┬┤t employ local workers,
is no news at all. What is news is that the Howard government has
consistently failed to support local companies who have attempted to
train local workers and has allowed them to legally bring in thousands
of semi skilled workers into Australia through the back door. What is
news is that these so called guest workers are immigrants in
everything but name only. Once they┬┤ve finished their current
contracts, they will be given Australian citizenship and be allowed to
stay in the country. The numbers involved will never appear on any
immigration quota.

The Howard government is a high immigration government whose
anti union and anti worker policies have kept manufacturing wages
so low that young Australians are not willing to enter the
manufacturing trade, either as apprentices or unskilled workers.
Finding themselves in a bind of their own making, faced with a
manufacturing sector that won┬┤t and can┬┤t increase wages,
they have elected to dramatically increase the immigration quotas
through the back door and have allowed Australian based industry to
import large numbers of semi skilled and unskilled labour to
artificially keep wages down.

The losers in this cynical exercise are Howard┬┤s battlers who
elections after election have put their faith in a political party that
talks tough about immigration while secretly increasing immigration
quotas and consigning the battlers that have kept them in
government and their children to a lifetime of part time poorly paid
work and generational unemployment.


The dumping of Kevin Heinze by ABC management after 37 years of
loyal service (although he believes he has plenty of knowledge and
information to pass on) is symptomatic of what is wrong with
Howard┬┤s ABC. A network that provided a thriving alternative
to much of the commercial dribble that passes as analysis,
commentary and entertainment on commercial radio and television
has now become a mirror image of its commercial rivals.

Lynn Haltain from ABC local radio 774 was replaced while on
maternity leave. On return from her maternity leave, she was forced
to enter negotiations for a new contract with ABC management, with
a solicitor by her side. An intelligent, perceptive broadcaster, nobbled
by program content that is trivial and demeaning, finds she
can┬┤t face another year of the new light, bright and airy
ABC-and resigns.

The transformation of the ABC from an organisation that was willing
to throw off the shackles of self censorship to one that practices self
censorship, has occurred as a result of both subtle and dramatic
changes that have been forced on the ABC by a government that is
wary of any opposition to its current ideological jihad.

The Howard government has been in power long enough to stack the
ABC Board with members whose primary concerns are their
ideological peccadillos, not the future of the ABC. The introduction
of short term contracts has given ABC management the cudgel they
need to remove popular presenters who are not willing to play the
bland, boring, safe game that both management and government
expect of them.

Things have become so bad, questions should be asked about why
taxpayer┬┤s money should be spent on a network that has,
through the implementation of the Howard government┬┤s
ideologically driven agenda, gelded the ABC. Staff and the Media and
Entertainment Alliance are at an important crossroad, they can allow
themselves to be picked off at random or they can take united militant
action and force ABC management, the ABC Board and the Howard
government to take notice of their concerns.

In the event of major workplace upheaval, it┬┤s likely that the
long suffering listeners and viewers would rally behind those staff
who are willing to challenge the political orthodoxy that currently
permeates a once proud independent broadcaster.


Gunns Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP
action) that was lodged in the Victorian Supreme Court against
prominent Green activists and Green organisations last week and
what seems to be the finalisation of James Hardies compensation
dilemma, have more in common than initially meets the eye. James
Hardies was forced to the negotiation table, although it had no legal
liability to compensate victims of its products, because it had moved
its operations offshore because of the threat of an effective boycott of
its products both here and overseas.

Gunns, as the largest employer in Tasmania, believes that with the
Tasmanian government and the CFMEU┬┤s Forestry
division┬┤s support, it┬┤s powerful enough to try to have the
monkey on its back removed through legal action. Irrespective of
what it believes are the merits of its case and irrespective of the
ultimate court decision, it risks running the gauntlet of an effective
boycott strategy. At the end of the day, the economically successful
Gunns conglomeration relies on consumer sales to increase profits
and satisfy its shareholders desire for ever increasing yearly dividends.

Even a partially successful boycott campaign which is relatively easy
to organise on the national and international stage, through the use of
the internet and alternative media sources, will have immediate
effects on yearly profits. In such a climate, it┬┤s highly unlikely
that new investors, especially institutional investors, will want to
invest their money in a company that faces a determined opposition.
It┬┤s also possible that current investors faced with the possibility
that the dividends they derive from their shareholding may dry up,
may decide to offload their shares in Gunns.

The defamation case that McDonalds took against two anarchists in
London highlighted that although McDonalds had a partial victory in
court, the public odium that its action generated continue to affect its
bottom line. Gunns should seriously consider withdrawing its
Victorian Supreme Court writ against the Green┬┤s movement
before it finds itself in the same no win situation McDonalds found
itself in.

Q. What role do feast days play in an anarchist society?

A. Feast days? Yes, feast days. All cultures have days interposed in
the calendar year that provide a welcome respite from the tedium of
everyday life, which celebrate important moments or events in that
culture. Many cultures celebrate moments of religious significance;
others celebrate important secular events or a combination of both.

In Australia, it┬┤s always been difficult finding days that can be
celebrated by everyone. When Australia was predominately a
Christian country, Christmas and Easter provided moments which
could be marked by society as a whole. Secular, national holidays
include the Queen┬┤s Birthday and ANZAC Day. Different States
mark May Day and Labour Day. No national holiday is held to mark
the contribution that working people and the trade unions have made
to life in this country. As anarchists, we find it difficult to join in
celebrations that mean little, if anything, to us. In these
circumstances, it┬┤s important we create our own feast days to
break the boredom of everyday existence.

There is no reason we can┬┤t celebrate those days that are
important to us. I personally celebrate 2 days each year, Mabo Day
and Eureka Day and make it my business to have those days off every
year and mark them together with other like minded people.

Mabo Day is a relatively new phenomenon. On the 3rd of June 1992,
the High Court of Australia passed a judgement that recognised that
indigenous Australians had a right to land in law because of their
prior occupation of the land. In my opinion, this day marks the
beginning of a reconciliation process between indigenous and
nonindigenous Australians that could be conducted between equals.
Unfortunately few Australians, even indigenous Australians, mark
this day. Torres Strait Islander communities around the country,
especially those living in the Torres Strait, mark this important
turning point in Australian history. It┬┤s appropriate that as
anarchists living in Australia, we publicly acknowledge this important

The other day I celebrate is Eureka Day, the 3rd of December. On the
3rd of December 1854, a small band of miners at Eureka in Ballarat
were massacred by an overwhelming British military force. I celebrate
this day with many anarchists from around the country at Ballarat at
Eureka on the day the massacre occurred. I celebrate this day
because the central elements of the Eureka rebellion Direct
Democracy, Direct Action, Solidarity and Internationalism are
concepts that are still critically important to anarchists today.

Other days that could be se aside include the 1st of May. Australian
anarchists have a particular affinity with this day, as the first anarchist
organisation formed in Australia was formed in Melbourne on the 1st
May 1886. Another day that anarchist also celebrate is the 11th
November. On that day in 1854, the Ballarat Reform League the
organisation behind the Eureka rebellion was formed, Ned Kelly the
famous bushranger was hanged in Melbourne on the 11t November
1880, Armistice Day was declared on the 11th November 1918 and
the reformist Gough Whitlam Australian Labor government was
overthrown on the 11th November 1975.

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays period, think about what
days are important to you in 2005 and if you think the 1st May, 3rd
June, 11th November and the 3rd December are important to you,
come and join us and celebrate these events in the company of people
who appreciate their significance.


It┬┤s customary at the end of the year to think about what┬┤s
happened during the year and to make plans for the new year. 2005
will be a particularly difficult year for anyone who┬┤s involved in
social struggles, lives on a fixed income, is a union member or is
involved in political struggle. The Howard government will, for the
first time since it was elected 10 years ago, hold a comfortable
parliamentary majority in both houses of parliament. What type of
legislation that will be passed in parliament, will be directly related to
the amount of extraordinary opposition that can be generated.

The State has never been so powerful in Australia. Micro economic
and social changes have created the conditions that allow the State to
introduce more and more authoritarian solutions to what are
essentially social and political problems. In such a climate, both
individuals and groups who have been involved in social struggle
become targets for both the State and the corporate sector. In such
conditions, people have to rely on the support of those around them.
Without that support, even the little opposition that existed to both
the corporate sector and the State in 2004 will be swept away in 2005.

People can participate at various levels in that resistance. They can
provide much needed financial support and they can provide both
moral and practical support. One of the most important factors that
tend to eat away at the confidence people involved in social struggle,
is a sense of isolation. Letters, emails and telephone calls from
supporters can, in any circumstances, give people and groups
involved in social and political struggles the impetus to push forward.

Finally, no political or social movement can survive, let alone grow
without significant practical support. Authoritarian regimes prosper
because they are able to successfully use the State apparatus, the
courts and Parliament to crush any opposition. Unless people are
willing to join groups that are involved in active resistance to the State
and the corporate sector, the isolated groups that are at the forefront
of this resistance will never be able to create the momentum to evolve
from groups to a mass movement, that has the potential to radically
transform society. The decision is in your hands.

Do you continue to be a spectator in the events that shape your life or
do you become an active participant in the struggle to create the
conditions that allows you to control your own destiny? Think about

you going to do in 2005?


Q. What happened to the men that were acquitted of High Treason?

I was surprised to find in the recently published ┬┤Eureka
Encyclopaedia┬┤ that John Joseph was the only one of the 13
miners that was acquitted of High Treason, to be buried in the Old
Ballarat cemetery. The 1page entry for John Joseph reviews the
evidence tended at his trial and surprisingly ends with the sentence
that he had gone to New Zealand returned to Ballarat and was buried
on the 20th June 1900 at the Old Ballarat cemetery (GN7 12). John
Joseph was the African American miner in the Eureka stockade who
had hailed from New York. He was arrested for his part in the
rebellion and was the first of the 13 miners to stand for trial for High
Treason. He was tried on the 22nd February 1855 in the Victorian
Supreme Court. The jury acquitted him of the charge 30 minutes
after they retired to consider their verdict. Although many Americans
participated in the rebellion, the only American who stood trial was
John Joseph. The other Americans, who were arrested, were released
after the personal intervention of Dr. Charles Kenworthy and the
American Consul. As John Joseph was an African American, no one
intervened to gain his release.

To be honest, I was surprised to learn the John Joseph had been
buried at the Old Ballarat cemetery. I hadn┬┤t been able to find
any information about what happened, to this interesting figure in the
Eureka rebellion, after he was acquitted. I was interested in
organising a public ceremony at the Old Ballarat cemetery to mark
the 150th anniversary of his acquittal. I had a short chat with the
legendary Eureka historian Dorothy Wickham and asked her to check
out the information and the gravesite. She rang me back a few days
later, with information at her fingertips that clearly shows that the
John Joseph buried at the Old Ballarat cemetery is not our very own
John Joseph, but another miner.

Dorothy Wickham has a few slender leads about what happened to
John Joseph and where he is buried. Over the next few months,
she┬┤ll be doing the hard work of tracking down any original
sources she can get her hands on. Hopefully in time, she will be able
to piece together the story about what happened to John Joseph after
he was acquitted of High Treason in the Melbourne Supreme Court
on the 22nd February 1855.

The Anarchist Media Institute will be organising a public event in
Melbourne to mark the 150th anniversary of the acquittal of John
Joseph and the other 12 miners; A remarkable chapter in the Eureka
story and Australian judicial history. Keep your eyes on the
┬┤Action Box┬┤ early next year to find out what┬┤s
happening, where it┬┤s happening and when it┬┤s happening.
Join us and Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka rebellion.

┬┤THE DIGGERS FOUGHT FIERCE ┬ş The Search for the
Real Eureka Stockade┬┤
By Steve Hills 2004

Steve Hills is a freelance writer who has put together an 80page
booklet that he claims puts to rest the debate about the location of the
Eureka stockade site. Over the years, a historical battle has raged
about the exact site of the Eureka stockade. Some have claimed the
stockade was situated where the 1884 monument was erected at the
corner of Stawell and Eureka Streets, other claim it┬┤s located
outside Eureka Park Reserve, while still others claim it lies near the
Eureka stockade Centre that was built in 1996.

Steve Hills has thoroughly examined all the available evidence and
has come up with ┬┤21 plus reasons why the Eureka stockade
could not possibly have been at the monument site┬┤. To be
brutally honest, I don┬┤t particularly care whether the 1acre
stockade was located at the monument, the Eureka Centre or outside
Eureka Park Reserve. I believe what┬┤s important is not where
the battle actually took place, the individuals involved or what type of
musket ball or uniform was worn by the soldiers but in my opinion
what is central to the Eureka story is what people fought for, how
they organised their movement and the social and political
consequences of the struggle. Now that I┬┤ve got that off my
chest, I┬┤ll come back to Steve┬┤s booklet.

Steve Hills makes a lucid argument for the location of the stockade
site. Unfortunately, if you don┬┤t have the historical material at
your fingertips he talks about as a reference point, it┬┤s hard to
know whose opinion is correct. Illustration 8 in Steve┬┤s booklet
gives the reader an excellent visual representation of the
author┬┤s opinion about the true location of the stockade. The
readers that have visited Eureka Park Reserve need to visualise the
lake in the park. The author claims his research has shown the
stockade encompassed much of the lake as well as the ground
between the lake and the Eureka Centre and the Eureka Centre kiosk.

Steve Hills has, like many other people before him, made a
significant contribution to the Eureka debate. He has analysed the
available evidence and has come to what seems to be reasonable
conclusions about the location of the Eureka stockade. He is
currently looking for a publisher for his findings.

If you want to discuss his findings with Steve Hills or are interested in
talking to him about publishing the booklet, ring him directly on (03)
5962 3235.


Thud!! That rock shouldn┬┤t be there. Thud!! The stench of
rotting flesh fills my left nostril. As familiar sights and sounds flood
my cerebral cortex, I quickly fill the newly created portal into Hades,
with the soil that was dislodged when I took to it with a pick a few
seconds earlier. 4 years ago after a fire swept through our house, a
black cat that had been overcome by smoke was boxed and buried in
this forgotten part of the garden. An eon later, its memory buried
under an avalanche of everyday ephemera, I, like a modern day grave
robber, punctured its Holy grotto.

The stench of mortality stifled by the freshly dug up earth, I take to
the earth with renewed vigour, tearing up the ground a little to the
right of the rocks that had been lovingly placed over the dead cat, by
children who were more devastated by the loss of their cat than they
were by the loss of their possessions. Unruly grief, papered over by
time, the gravesite had been forgotten until it was pierced by a pick
looking for a home for a new plant.

Deep gnarled, guttural piercing grief for the Belmont children by a
mother and father, who sent their children to an Adelaide beach for a
glorious afternoon of sun and surf, has been replaced by muted
resignation about grandchildren and great grandchildren who will
never see the light of day.

Somebody knows? Or do they? Were they caught and butchered like
rabbits, their bodies discarded under a pile of hastily arranged rocks?
Did they suffocate under a pile of sand they had tunnelled into on
some forgotten Adelaide beach? Their bones, a testimony to an
unsolved tragedy that occurred over 40 years ago. Extreme unction
denied them, no anointing their forehead with the mark of Christ,
smoothing their way into the presence of God. Gone, forgotten, their
bones hidden a testimony to their passing. Lost children waiting in
limbo for entry into a medieval heaven that only existed in the minds
of priests who sold salvation for the glory of the church.

Someone playing with the earth, preparing it for life, will one day
solve the mystery of the Elmont children and all those other children
and adults who┬┤ve been stuffed into holes in the ground by
felons who have gained remissions for their treachery through the
passage of time.

Thud!! Another rock, this time no thought provoking stench I keep
digging into the virgin soil.


John Elder┬┤s article on ┬┤Typo Station┬┤ in the Sunday
Age 19/12) raises questions about the long term fate of thousands of
troubled young Australians who have major problems fitting into a
you beaut, whiz bang 21st century world that has little if any place for
them. The positive experiences shared by a relative handful of these
young people at Typo Station, highlights the importance of physical,
practical experiences in many young people┬┤s lives. Irrespective
of how positive these individual experiences are, there are fewer and
fewer rewarding permanent positions available for young adults who
do not have the aptitude, desire or skill to do other types of work.

Most will find themselves working in dead end, poorly paid temporary
jobs in the private sector that doesn┬┤t do justice to their talents.
The Typo Station example should be expanded by State and federal
governments to give other young people similar opportunities.
Consideration should also be given to establishing a national network
of government owned and worker run cooperatives that are able to
provide permanent work for graduates of these programs. These
cooperatives would be able to give both young and older workers the
opportunity to produce goods and provide services outside of the
constraints that are normally placed on workers by the need of the
private sector to generate profits for owners and shareholders as well
as pay workers wages.

Profits generated through the government owned and worker run
cooperatives could be shared between the cooperatives and the
workers. A percentage of the profits generated by these cooperatives
could be ploughed back into the cooperative; the rest of the profits
would be shared among the cooperative members. The more
productive the cooperative, the greater the profits that are shared
among the members.

Cooperatives provide a mechanism that allows people who may not
benefit or fit into the public or private sector, to lead useful,
productive lives. If only a small proportion of the taxpayer┬┤s
money that is now wasted on the private sector to find people jobs
was injected into a national cooperative movement, many people who
find they cannot find a place in today┬┤s society, could, like the
Typo Station boys, be reintegrated back into society.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers For A SelfManaged

ARIVISTA ANARCHIA, No.304 Dec/Jan 04/05, Editrice A, C.P.
17120, 20170, Milano, ITALY. Tel:022896627 Fax;0228001271

CNT No.307 Dec 04, Organo de la Conf Nac del Trabajo, Pza Tirso
de Molina 52, 28012 Madrid, SPAIN. Tel:913690838, fax:914200856

LIBERTAIRIA Il Piacere del l┬┤utopia Vol.6 No.4 Oct/Dec 04,
CP.17025, Milano, ITALY. Tel:0226143950, fax:022846923,
www.club.it/eleuthera email:eleuthera@tin.it

LE LIBERTAIRE No.251 Dec 04, Revue de Synthese Anarchiste,
BP 745, 76060 Le Havre Cedex, FRANCE. www.lelibertaire.org

ZABALAZA Anarchist Communist Federation 2004, South African
based Federation www.zabalaza.net

UMANITA NOVA Vol.84, No.38 Dec ┬┤04, Settimenale
Anarchico, C/Federazione Anarchico Torinese, C.50 Palermo 46,
Torino, ITALY, tel/fx:011 857850, Mobile:3386594361,


DOWN TO EARTH 04, P.O. Box 295, Brunswick East 3057
Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

SUMMER CONFEST Wed 29 Dec 04-Tue 4th Jan 05, Gulpa Creek
near Deniliquin Email:folks@dte.org.au

AN IRREGULAR Gippsland No.5 Dec 04, Peace Newsletter, Peter
Gardner C/PO Swifts Creek 3896, Vic, AUSTRALIA.

Spirit Eureka 150 yrs on

**A Eureka Diary Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the
Eureka rebellion by Takver
www.melbourne.indymedia.org/print.php?id=84245 **Eureka Dawn
Walk stirs up debate about civil liberties

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FEBRUARY 2005 ***


Has been awarded to the 4th estate for their pathetic, one
dimensional aural, oral & visual commentary in ┬┤04. It┬┤s
enough to drive any sane person to religion.

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The Coalition & the ALP have united to defeat an amendment that
would┬┤ve given equal rights to gay ex soldiers. The govt &
opposition both voted against the proposed amendment to the
Veterans Bill, that would┬┤ve allowed veterans to leave their
pensions to samesex partners. The UN Human Rights Com declared
last year that current Aust laws are discriminatory. (Source: MCV

The bosses of the Tattersall's lotery, who each 'earn' more than $1
million a year for helping to run the company parttime, are seeking
an extra $100 million for the stress of their job. As well as their wages
David Jones, Raymond Hornsby, William Adams & Peter Kerr each
receive director's fees, super & 2 free cars. The men say they┬┤ve
endured "significant pain & trouble". 1 eg they gave involved
entertaining a UK politician, having him stay at a family farm &
showing him the MCG. The men claim they┬┤ve suffered stress
from public & media scrutiny of the Tatts empire, although neither
William Adams nor Peter Kerr have been quoted in a major Melb
newspaper for at least 10 years. The men also cited the stress of using
charitable donations to gain favour with the public, politicians &
business partners, & using their political connections to influence
govt policy. (Source: news.com.au)

Police have been trying to manipulate computer data to artificially
reduce crime figures, acc to a leaked Victoria Police email. The email
says "numerous" requests have been made by police to doctor entries
on the LEAP crime database. The email refers to requests to the
force's Central Data Entry Bureau to reduce crime "subincidents"
into a single incident so as to "bring down the crime statistics for
their response zones". According to 1 source, "very frequent"
requests are also made to data entry staff to alter crime data on LEAP
in other ways. The requests, mostly made to night shift workers
when only 1 supervisor is on duty, come towards the end of each
month as police stations are compiling their regular crime statistics.
A "high number" of phone calls would be made to data entry staff
from senior police seeking to have crime locations changed from 1
region or response zone to another to try to make crime statistics in
that area look better, the source said. The source also said cleanup
rates for crimes are manipulated thru requests from supervising
station officers & officers in charge to improperly change the status of
an investigation from "active" to "pending". An "active" status on the
LEAP database means the crime is still unsolved. "Pending" means
the crime is close to being solved & the offence is therefore 'off the
books'. The source said while senior police at individual stations had
the power to access LEAP directly, they went thru data entry bureau
staff so as not to leave an electronic audit trail. (Source: The Age)

Aust Guantanamo Bay prisoner David Hicks claims he was beaten
while handcuffed and blindfolded. In an affadavit, Mr Hicks also said
prisoners at the detention centre were terrorised by attack dogs &
forced to take drugs. "At 1 point, a group of detainees, including
myself, were subjected to being randomly hit over an 8hour session
while handcuffed & blindfolded" Mr Hicks' statement said.
"I┬┤ve been struck with hands, fists & other objects, incl rifle
butts. I┬┤ve also been kicked." Recently published documents
show that FBI agents sent to Guantanamo Bay warned the US govt
of abuse of prisoners from the time suspected Taliban supporters
were first held there. A letter written by a senior Justice Dept official
suggested that the Pentagon didn┬┤t act on the FBI complaints.
(Source: MX)

Centrelink staff have been directed to withhold info from disabled
people & single parents, in an effort to get them into the privatised
Job Network. A memo from Centrelink management advised that
"people who aren┬┤t currently required to be actively seeking
work, i.e. disability support pensions, parent payment customers with
children under 13 years of age now need to be strongly encouraged to
take part". The 'strong encouragement' incl avoiding telling them
that they┬┤re not required to go. The memo tells Centrelink
workers "don't come up with reasons why someone can't go, & avoid
letting customers come up with reasons why they can't go. For
parenting customers with children under 13 years, & disability
support customers, there's no requirement that they go, so if asked,
you'll need to answer the question correctly, but avoid having it as
part of your spiel." (Source: ABC News website)

Forestry company Gunns Limited has sued 20 environmentalists,
claiming more than $6 million for "corporate vilification" &
disrupting logging ops. The suit has been described as a SLAPP writ
short for "strategic litigation against popular participation" a tactic
used by US companies against their critics. The suits are generally
not intended to succeed, only to intimidate their targets into silence.
As well as alleged crimes, Gunns is seeking damages for "corporate
vilification", meaning the targets of the suit criticised Gunns &
encouraged people to boycott them. (Source: The Age, Tasmania

The WA Lib Party says it intends to limit gay rights if it┬┤s
elected next year. WA's Lib Party leader Colin Barnett said he
intended to raise the age of consent for gay males, ban adoption &
IVF services for gay & lesbian couples & deny access to the Family
Court. (Source: The Age)

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