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(en) Poland, Warsaw, Towards a Citizens' Critique of the European Union Conference - May 14 -15, 2005

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(Laure cube-A-zigzag.pl)
Date Sun, 22 Aug 2004 07:43:57 +0200 (CEST)

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FIRST CALL FOR PARTICIPATION http://www.euconference.tk/
(First and foremost we would like to make this call amongst anarchists and
anti-authoritarians as we would like to create a strong anti-statist and
anti-capitalist perspective; we will try to develop an anti-capitalist and
libertarian perspective as much as possible and will avoid speakers coming
from a nationalist point of view. However this will be a public conference
and, as such, we will not be organizing this as an "anarchist-only" event.
For most internal discussion however, we choose to accent the anarchist
point of view.)


We would like to focus on a critique of representative institutions of power
and the EU as an instrument of European capital as well as its functions as
lawmaker, policeman and fortress keeper. As local politics are more and more
dependent on the economic and social policy dictated by the EU, activists
from across Europe should find a common challenge in exposing the agenda of
this institution, developing a critique and discussing strategies for common

In particular, we recognise a strong need to create a working relationship
between activists from the new Europe and the old and to explore how the EU
has been working and promises to work in difference ways for people in more
and less powerful countries in the hierarchy.

In many ways, this is a conference long overdue. We do not know of many
efforts to speak to the public on the EU from a left libertarian perspective
and international discussion from an antiauthoritarian view has been rather
sporadic. We are hoping that this conference will help to change that.


As anarchists, our critique of the state and international state and
monetary institutions is clear. Yet somehow articles and protest actions
tend to focus on certain institutions more than others.

In the process of a critical examination of the mega-machine, we must
develop a clearer picture of what different institutions actually do and
create a map with which one can analyse the interconnectivity of the work of
these organizations. We expect some NGOs to also occupy a place on this map.
Only through a more critical analysis and examination of the mechanisms of
power can we hope to expose the inner workings of the machine and develop a
strategy for destroying it.

We understand capitalism in and of itself to be a form of institutionalised
power as most worldwide institutions are in its service. We are particularly
interested in revealing capitalism's disguises, in showing where capitalism
has co-opted areas and terms such as "workers' rights" to forward its
agenda. There are no statist solutions to the problems of social inequity,
nor can any organizations working as part of the machine do anything but
camoflague the real nature of problems and attempt to convince people that
the road to change lies through institutions and experts acting within the
legal framework allowed by those in power and not through self-organization,
direct action, revolutionary measures and non-hierarchy.


We are hoping to initiate a deeper discussion and analysis of EU politics
before the conference. Up until now, we have had rather loose discussions
and only issued some minor articles and positions but, we are hoping to form
a new bulletin board and discussion group soon. Until then, we suggest
starting threads on the greatly underused alter-ee discussion forum.


We expect to be able to judge the scale of the event in a few months. We
suppose that there will be some smaller group discussions and a few
informational lectures, talks and discussions with the larger public over a
period of two days, Saturday and Sunday. For now, the working languages
will be English and Polish.

It may be important to note that we have chosen these days so that the
conference proceeds the Summit of the Council of Europe. The COE is not an
EU institution, so this conference is not a direct response to the Summit
(although the COE and the EU have plenty in common) but we feel that,
regardless of the size of any protest mobilization, the timing of the
conference will benefit it in terms of publicity and public interest.

We do not expect to be given as much trouble from the authorites as last
year (during the AEF) and therefore, we expect a few hundred locals to drop
in. We would like to see some two-three dozen activists take part in the
preparation of discussions and workshops and hope that they will be very
international in character.

Please see the website for more details; we will try to update it as
important information comes up. For now, we have proposed some topics and
are waiting for new suggestions.


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