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(en) Italy, New anarchist space open in Naples

From Ateneo Libertario <ateneo.libertario@libero.it>
Date Sun, 25 Apr 2004 12:54:50 +0200 (CEST)

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The Ateneo Libertario has born in Naples (Italy) as a meeting
point for those, like us, who are striving for a world without any
kind of exploitation and domination of a man on another man, and
where everyone could live in freedom, without borders and masters.
The Ateneo Libertario is far from every logic and pratice of institutional
parties, because we think it's impossible to delegate to somebody else the
solution to our problems, desires and dreams: we want to choose our own life.
As anarchists, we believe all the pain, the violence and the
injustices we are forced to stand everyday are the cause of the
wrong organization of our society. Government, jail, school,
church, army, police: they all were created by masters to submit
us and to deny our natural freedom of thinking and acting. We
want to break down these chains and, to do this, we know we
must stop delegating to someone else all that we can do on our
own: by this way, everyone can start overthrowing power,
authority, hierarchy we find in every moment of our lives, in our
homes as in the streets, in our families as in our neighbourhoods.
Anarchy will come only if we are conscious that, to liberate
ourselves, we must fight for everybody's freedom. Anarchy can't
be forced by a dictature or an army, because any kind of
imposition doesn't belong to us: we know these methods belong to
cops, priests and politicians.

Driven by all these things, as anarchists and libertarians, we
chose to create a place where anyone can begin discussing and
organizing for a world of freedom, equality and happiness. We
want back the happiness we lost when we realized we're obliged to
survive rather than to live, breaking our backs for a living while
masters are getting fat by our labour, sitting with their asses on
their comfortable chairs. We want back that happiness for all
those youths who burnt it to wear an uniform and to die in a
trench or in our neighbourhoods, just in the name of money, of
the flag and country. Instead, we believe our country is the whole
world and our flag is the one of the oppressed and of the rebels
fighting for freedom: that's the reason why we don't want no wars
for money or power. The only war we want to join is the one of
slaves against masters, of life against authority, of freedom against
every! kind of oppression. Those who everyday take decisions for
us keep telling us by their media that we're living in democracy
and they're protecting our freedom, but in their "freedom" we see
nothing but violence, money and exploitation. For this reason we
can't believe we can make better this world, because this world is
made of chains and we're going to live in chains as long as
governments and masters will exist.

The Ateneo Libertario is open on Tuesday (from 8.30 p.m.),
Wednesday (from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and Thursday (from 8.30
p.m.) as an infoshop and a book/magazine/movie/music archive
and distribution about everything concerning the anarchist and
anti-authoritarian movement and theory.

If you have any material (books, pamphlets, magazines, flyers,
videos, cds, etc.) for our archive/distribution, please send it to:

Ateneo Libertario
Vico Verde Monteoliveto, 4
80134 - Napoli, Italia
e-mail: ateneo.libertario@libero.it

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