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(en) US, Bring the Ruckus is a new [antiauthoritarian] revolutionary political organization-in-formation.

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Date Sun, 7 Sep 2003 11:49:14 +0200 (CEST)

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It’s an “organization-in-formation” because while the
basic politics, strategy, and structure of the group have been put
in place and local chapters are forming, it is not yet a fully
established organization. This will take place
at our founding meeting in the fall of 2003. The purpose of this
new organization (sometimes referred to as a “cadre
group” on this site) is to encourage the development of a
revolutionary working class movement in the United States that
can participate in the struggle for a free world. The role of Bring
the Ruckus (BTR) is not to start the revolution—that can only
be the work of millions of the oppressed. Nor is it to lead the
revolution—history shows that vanguard parties destroy
freedom rather than preserve it. Instead, our role is to analyze,
understand, describe, and participate in attempts to shape the
course of history. BTR is a group of committed, politically active,
non-sectarian revolutionaries with a common politics who come
together to develop revolutionary thought and practice and to test
it out in struggle.

The origins of Bring the Ruckus lie in the Ruckus collective, a
small group from Phoenix, Arizona, that has existed since 1997.
(Neither the Phoenix Ruckus group nor BTR are associated with
The Ruckus Society. BTR will soon change its name to eliminate
any confusion.) In the summer of 2000 this group began studying
various revolutionary organizations and social movements with
the goal of drafting a proposal for a new revolutionary
organization in the U.S. (Some of the organizations and
documents the Phoenix group studied can be accessed by
clicking on Study).

The result was the document “Bring the Ruckus,”
published in April 2001. The document was distinguished from
other revolutionary perspectives by a combination of three things:
1) its rejection of the Marxist vanguard party and anarchist
network structures, 2) its insistence that the aim of a
revolutionary group is to help build a dual power, and 3) its
argument that the best way to build a dual power in the U.S. is to
fight institutionalized white supremacy.

Phoenix Ruckus distributed the document and debated it with a
wide number of people and organizations over the next six
months. (To read some of this debate go to Criticism and
Response.) During this time, others signed on to BTR and began
working to build the group. In March 2002, two members of
Phoenix Ruckus along with comrades from Portland and Houston
did a “Fight the Power, Build the Power” speaking tour on
the West Coast. The purpose of the tour was to lay the
foundation for an organization.

The fruit of all this effort was a meeting that took place in
November 2002 in Phoenix. At this meeting the politics,
structure, and political strategy of this new
organization-in-formation was hammered out in rough form. As a
result of the meeting, locals in Amherst, Atlanta, D.C., Los
Angeles, Phoenix, and Portland have formed or are forming. To
read a report on the meeting go to November 2002 Meeting

BTR is having a founding meeting in January of 2004. At this
meeting we will formalize our politics, structure, and strategy,
refining them in response to the political work and debate that we
will have done in the year leading up to the meeting. Our current
aim is to nurture a culture of serious, honest and respectful
criticism among members in order to facilitate revolutionary
struggle. To do this we publish an internal discussion bulletin
and operate an email list available to all members. We also have
a “Friends of BTR” email list open to anyone who is
sympathetic to BTR’s politics but does not yet want to
become a member. We do not plan to start a paper, but we will
update this web site regularly and BTR members will continue to
write articles for other magazines. Further, we are also in the
process of organizing another speaking tour in the spring or early
summer of 2003.

To learn more about the politics, structure, and political work of
BTR, please check out the links on this page. If you are
interested in joining or would like more information, please
contact us.

"Fight the Power, Build the Power" Tour hits East Coast in July

This July, an East Coast U.S. speaking tour brings together a
diverse section of activists addressing the need for radical
alternatives to our current political structure. Doing so, they
advocate, requires people challenge white supremacy and
privilege, and building a national organization to work toward

The tour, titled "Fight the Power, Build the Power: A Movement
for the 21st Century," will make the following stops across the
East Coast:

July 25 :: Boston, Lucy Parsons Center
July 27 :: Amherst, Food for Thought Bookstore
July 28 :: NYC, Hunter College Student Resource Center,
Thomas Hunter Hall #202
July 31 :: Philadelphia, A-Space
August 2 :: Washington, D.C., Brian Mackenzie Infoshop
[dates/locations subject to change]

The tour is the result of various collectives working around the
"Bring the Ruckus" proposal released in April 2001 by the
Phoenix collective. The Ruckus collective (not associated with
the "Ruckus Society") formed in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1997 to
discuss revolutionary politics at a local and national level and to
develop a revolutionary praxis. Its main contribution locally has
been the creation of Phoenix Copwatch, which has been
patrolling the streets since early 1999. In the summer of 2000,
Ruckus activists began talking about the need for a national or
continental revolutionary organization. This led organizers to
embark on a program of study with the goal of creating a proposal
for a membership-based national or continental revolutionary

During this time, Ruckus members studied a number of past
revolutionary groups, focusing particularly on their politics,
program, structure, and strategy. In developing this proposal,
Ruckus studied the politics, programs, strategies, and structures
of various revolutionary or radical organizations, including the
Black Panther Party, Students for a Democratic Society, the
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and assorted
political tendencies. In November 2002, various folks from around
the U.S. met to build an organization based on the politics set
forth in the "Bring the Ruckus" proposal (available in English and
Spanish at www.agatatorindex.org). Some of the politics within
the statement are around building a feminist organization and
fighting against white supremacy.

"White supremacy is a system that grants those defined as
'white' special privileges in American society, such as preferred
access to the best schools, neighborhoods, jobs, and health care;
greater advantages in accumulating wealth; a lesser likelihood of
imprisonment; and better treatment by the police and the criminal
justice system," Ruckus activists state in the proposal. "In
exchange for these privileges, whites agree to police the rest of
the population through such means as slavery and segregation in
the past and through formally 'colorblind' policies and practices
today that still serve to maintain white advantage.

"The central task of a new organization should be to break up this
unholy alliance between the ruling class and the white working
class by attacking the system of white privilege and the
subordination of people of color... The glue that has kept the
American state together has been white supremacy; melting that
glue creates revolutionary possibilities."

Speakers for the tour have united from various points of the
United States to tackle various topics related to the development
of a revolutionary organization, white supremacy and more.
Scheduled speakers include:

-> Traci Harris, Los Angeles Ruckus collective
-> Roy San Fillipo, Los Angeles Ruckus Collective; editor of "A
New World in Our Hearts: 8 Years of Writing from the Love and
Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation"
-> Heather Ajani, Phoenix Ruckus collective; Phoenix Copwatch;
Anarchist People of Color

Those who wish to assist with or attend a tour stop in their areas
should contact ruckus@agitatorindex.org or check out our
website at www.agitatorindex.org
News: No War But Class War / la seule guerre, la guerre de
International Day Of Action Against War
by Alternative Libertaire
(No verified email address) Current rating: 1
06 Sep 2003

Anti-war coalitions in various countries have called for an
international day of protest against all occupations on the
coming 27th September, the 3rd anniversary of the Second

International Day of Action Against War

The infinite war of George Bush is an infinite injustice. There is
no freedom, no peace for the occupied populations of Iraq,
Afghanistan or Palestine. The millions of anti-war demonstrators
from the four corners of the globe who opposed the aggression on
Iraq were right. The Iraq war brought no freedom, no democracy
for the Iraqi people who are resisting the occupation more and

Neither can the vultures of Iraq be at one and the same time the
doves of peace in Palestine, where the objective of Bush and his
ally Sharon is to suppress a people who continue to fight under
the worst of conditions for the recognition of their rights.

The American Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld, expressed
the heart of his doctrine in July when he said "My opinion is that
we are in the middle of a global war against terrorism and anyone
who disagrees with that is on the side of the terrorists".

We urgently need to develop our struggle against this crazy

Because the real terrorists are not the Iraqis, nor the
Palestinians, nor anyone who rises up against injustice. The
terrorists are those who order the massacre of the occupied

Anti-war coalitions in various countries have called for an
international day of protest against all occupations on the
coming 27th September, the 3rd anniversary of the Second

We invite you to join to us for this international movement by
organizing a demonstration on 27th September in Paris against
the occupation of Iraq and for justice in Palestine.

Alternative Libertaire

international (at) alternativelibertaire.org

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