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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 17:26:52 +0200 (CEST)

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Hi folks, below are the latest additions to Struggle which comprise a
collection of anarchist articles on the war and other topics
followed by 'on the ground' reports from the bin tax struggle in Dublin.
Access via http://www.struggle.ws/new.html
Why does he hate America?
Find out which unelected head of state urged terrorists to attack American troops.
Anarchism and War
A short article on the anarchist position on capitalist wars.
The return of the wildcat
Workers at British Airways went on wildcat strike. This discusses the response
of the "liberal" press to the action.

Babylon's Burning
The dossier is a side issue. The real issue is that the government lied to
justify an illegal, immoral and imperialist war and that (most of) the media
went along with the lies (as usual).

The "More Oil" Case for War
Text of a leaflet handed out on the September 2003 anti-occupation demos in
London and Edinburgh.

Dodgy dossiers, dodgier decisions
On the all-party foreign affairs committee deciding that Blair did not lie.
Plus a few comments of the state of the UK anti-war and anarchist movements.

Democracy in action!
On the hypocrisy of Blair lecturing Chinese students on democracy.

Paging Mr. Kettle...
Blair (killer of thousands of Iraqis) on the death of Saddam's sons (killers
of thousands of Iraqis).

Labour Pains
On the 2003 Labour Conference, on Blair's "reverse gear" and what the
alternative to Labour really is.

Something to really swear about!
A few comments on the insulting and illogical "oath" the Blairites want to
make immigrants swear.

Phoney Blair
Blair's backtracking after the war, from WMD to "WMD programmes."

Sale of the Century!
Live, from Iraq... On US plans for selling Iraq off to US corporations.

The lie of the land
On the Bush Junta's backtracking over Saddam's WMD. No lie is too extreme for
these guys!

Letter to Weekly Worker (1)
On the differences between anarchism and Marxism, specifically on the question
of centralism. They printed half of the letter.

Letter to Weekly Worker (2)
I resent the bit that was chopped, plus a new comment on Spain 1936 to do with
the Popular Front. Not printed as made redundant by the next letter.

Letter to Weekly Worker (3)
Correcting Marxist distortions on anarchist opinions on trade unions, plus
more on the Russian Revolution and how anarchists think the revolution will be
defended. Printed, more or less, as it is here.

Letter to Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism - Letter to Fight Racism, Fight
Imperialism (short version)
A letter in reply to a disgraceful "review" of an anarchist pamphlet in the
paper of the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG). Corrects many lies,
including some against the Makhnovists.

Cabra marches on Mountjoy
Over 500 people assembled in Cabra outside the Bingo hall and marched down the
New Cabra Road towards Mountjoy prison where there is still ten brave anti-bin
tax protesters incarcerated.

Day of action brings bin trucks to a halt
This morning saw a day of action across Dublin against the bin tax. At depot
after depot activists from the campaign turned up in the early hours of the
morning to stop the bin trucks leaving. This act of defiance is our answer to
the continued jailing of activists by the high court.

Another bin tax march on Mountjoy jail
Saturday saw the second major march on Mountjoy jail of the bin tax protests.
As many as 3,000 took part in this one, most marching out from Parnell square
with a couple of hundred marching down from Cabra to meet them at the jail

10 jailed, hundreds protest at Mountjoy
Last night at very short notice over 300 people protested outside Mountjoy
jail. On Saturday a Dublin Council of Trade Unions march will leave Parnell
Square around midday to march on Mountjoy jail.

Blockades and lobbies of Dublin city bin truck depots
There were blockades on two of the four Dublin city depots this morning and a
lobby of the Rathmines depot. This is to mark the High Court case this morning
when 24 protesters from the city are being dragged into the courts for
breaking the councils injunction against blockading trucks.

Access via http://www.struggle.ws/new.html

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