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(en) US, SF, Fresno Black Bucket Bloc Takes to the Streets Against Bush

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 20:07:50 +0200 (CEST)

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With a small crowd turn out against Bush speaking in Fresno
Wednesday, of only around 250-300 people, CVAC (Central Valley
Anarchist Collecitves), and various other amti-authoritarians,
organized a successful breakaway Black/Bucket Bloc march of around 50 people.
At about 10am, CVACistas, and DAAA (Direct Action
Anti-Authoritarians - Modesto, both part of the Red and Anarchist
Action Network [RAAN]), operatives arrived at the convention
center, to find that protesters were confined to the opposite side of
the street. A CVAC banner stating "Pro-Community,
Anti-Capitalist (DAAA-RAAN CVAC-RAAN), was put up
between trees. An info both was set up, with everything from
NEFAC, Green Anarchy, Crimethinc., to the ELF, and Go Vegan!,
and other anarchist prop. Food Not Bombs Fresno began feeding,
and we broke out the buckets and snare drums for all to use.

Black anarchist flags, upside down American flags, and a RAAN
red/black "Class War (Sickle A)" flag was taped up, flown by
people, or put up somewhere for use. The drumming started along
with chants of "Bush is a Liar". The drumming then moved down
about half a block, to where the "pro-bush" people had collected.
One man (Freeper?), had a sign saying, "How dare you Demoralize
our Troops?", and yelled at us. Along with our drumming, he started
to dance, and yelled at us more, we responded by gathering around
(the 300 pound + man), and chanted, "Dance Monkey Dance".
Later, that same man grabbed a young woman and her friend
forcefully, and then made rude (sexual?) comments to her. While
the man was being quote, a group of spirited radical women
chanted, and screamed, "Sexual Harasser!", and "I abuse little
girls!". The man latter left, and local Fresno activists thanked the
bucket bloc not only for the energy, but also for chasing the
Freeper? off, being he apparently counter protests alot, and never
leaves activists alone.

A RAAN banner was then placed by the "pro-Bush area", reading,
"Smash the State, Build the Community, Sustainability,
Cooperation, Autonomy RAAN". As soon as it was put up, we
were verbally attacked by a liberal. She began stating her distain
for our "violent banner", at a "non violent protest". After some
discussion, it was pointed out to her the her sign for Kusinich was
violent, because he had voted in favor of US aid to Israel to kill
Palestinians, she stormed off.

Collecting ourselves back by Food Not Bombs, and after CVAC
scouts returned with a game plan to getting by Bush's motor
blockade, we decided to head out on an un-permitted march. The
banner was hoisted, and after a spirited chant start by a
CVACistas, we started down the block, screaming: "Who's
Streets; Our Streets". Collecting about 50 or so people, we took off
with buckets, flags, and the RAAN banner in front.

We went up for about three blocks, and then went right, following
the path discovered by CVAC scouts. We then poured into the
right side lane of the street, chanting, "Hey hey, ho ho, this
capitalist systems got to go!", and "Drop Bush, Not Bombs". We
then went right after a block, to find the street blocked by a cop
car, and police lines. We took over the street, and
screamed/chanted, "Fuck Bush", to a nearby cheering and
supportive bar full of drinkers. Bush's car pasted, and we were told
by police to get back onto the street. After some commotion, we
decided to get back on the street, and keep going.

We then headed forward again, and then went right onto the street
were the front of the convention center was at, and we originally
couldn't get to. We set up the RAAN banner right in front of where
all the people were coming out of the dinner, and drummed,
chanted, screamed, and yelled as they passed. A Modesto man
then went up in front, and put his hands to signal to be quite. When
quite was reached, he asked very quietly, "whos streets?", the
crowd answered back with "our streets", equally quite, and then it
built up for a huge out burst of energy, music, noise and anger.

After all the dinner eaters had left, we then headed back to the
other side, and to collect our things.

All in all, a successful action happened. Bush ended up speaking
about 3 hours late, and the drumming made the protest energy stay
there, and made many people, especially younger folks want to
stick around. The breakaway march was also an event that many
people came up and later thanked us for, saying that they were
happy for what we did, and that they were so happy to participate
in the action. Thus, a group of people that would have probably just
stood around and held signs, got to see that they can in fact do
things directly to at least try and change the cohesive forces that
are in control over their lives. Let Bush know wherever he goes, we
will try and stop him! For central valley anarchists and
anti-authoritarians, this is just the beginning!

CVAC is working on a prisoners book project, and DAAA is
gearing up for a teach-in/film showing/ event about Mumia and
Sherman Austin (Nov. 7th). You can reach both at:

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