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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 3 Oct 2003 16:19:21 +0200 (CEST)

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> From: Andrew <andy-A-dojo.tao.ca>
Hi folks, its been a while since the last time I posted so the
list of new pages is very long this time. Apologies
for this. All can be accessed via http://struggle.ws/new.html
Grange Gorman blockade successful
Last nights blockade of the Grange Gorman bin truck depot was a success with
no truck managing to leave during the three-hour blockade. These were the
trucks that were to do the rubbish pick-up in the shopping areas of the city

Dail protest, blockades and the bin tax campaign
The opening of the Dail on Tuesday 30 September after the long, long holidays
the TD's get saw a somewhat disappointing bin tax protest on the streets outside

Bin tax and Reclaim the Streets protests link up in Dublin [with pics]
Monday evening in Dublin saw a Reclaim the Streets demonstration joining up
with an anti-bin tax march demanding the release of two imprisoned activists

Second successful solidarity blockade in Stoneybatter
A crowd of about 25 people had assembled by 8:30, ready to take part in the
blockade. We moved off into Drumalee to await the truck and our numbers grew
as several residents came out to join us.

Monster meeting in Ballybrack + report from Dundrum
There was an excellent turn out for the meeting last night at Ballybrack
workmans club &endash; 100-120 people

Report from High court bin tax hearing
Judge refuses city council's application for blanket injunction

Do We Tolerate This?
Corks Home Helps, members of the Independent Workers Union, took to the
streets on Saturday in a march against the health cuts.This is the text of a
leaflet distributed by Cork WSM members on the march

[Workers Solidarity 77 cover]

* Workers Solidarity no 77
Read online
Download and print out PDF file
* The service charge con
Taking from workers to give to the rich
* Review: Rudolf Rocker: Nationalism and Culture
For Rocker, nationalism was the foremost ideology - or mythology - which
the ruling classes were using to bind the working class to them in an ever
tighter form of voluntary submission.
* Liberia: The myth of humanitarian intervention
Every so often the newspapers fill with stories of a crisis in some
third world country. We see pictures on our screens of gunmen, starvation and
suffering; inevitably we hear calls for humanitarian intervention.
* Review: NEFAC web site
Overall, an excellent, well laid out, up to date site from NEFAC and a
fine addition to anarchism on the "inter-web".
* Mutual Aid
Mutual Aid is the fuel an anarchist society will run on. It is also what
keeps capitalist society going in spite of all the hardship, greed, and
exploitation that exists.
* Red & Black Revolution 7
In this issue of our magazine, we continue our tradition of dealing with
the pressing issues of the day for anarchists and libertarians
* That's Capitalism
Inequality in Britain
* Why all the fuss about Aer Rianta?
The state company which runs Cork, Dublin and Shannon airports is to be
broken up if the government get their way.
* Blockade the trucks - Don't fall for council scams
As we go to print, the bin charges battle has started in earnest in
Dublin with Fingal Council's attempt not to collect non-payer's bins.
* Organising for Change
Just as combining against the bin tax or against the war makes us
stronger so too does combining in political organisations.
* Water tax in Northern Ireland
Northern Irish homes are to be subjected to a tax on water, unless
enough of us get together to stop the government's plan.
* Fight for a women's right to choose
Belfast High Court refuses to say when abortion is legal
Dublin - Alliance for Choice launched
* Bin tax - the WAR has begun
After being beaten on every front and with non-payment still remaining
very high, Fingal council became the first one to try and implement their new
tactic of non-collection of the rubbish. This morning there are eight
different trucks which are blockaded into various estates in the north Dublin
area known as Fingal
* Successful first bin truck blockade in Stoneybatter [with pics]
The anti-bin tax campaign in Stoneybatter took its first action today
when it blockaded a bin truck just off the Oxmantown road. The truck was
blockaded for one hour as a solidarity gesture with the campaign in Fingal.
* Report on Bin charges meeting Kingstown Hotel Dun Laoghaire
Numbers and caution disappointing &endash; hopefully more resolve at
local meetings
* Cabra activists blockade bin truck [with pics]
All bins are still being collected in Cabra (and the Dublin city area)
but we felt it was important to send a message of solidarity to Fingal
activists and also send a warning to the council that we were prepared for them.
* Massive anti-bin tax meeting in Cabra
The decision to flex the muscle of the campaign by this action was taken
on Monday night at a meeting in Cabra. The massive meeting of between 500 to
600 people took place in St. Finbarr's GAA Club.
* Bin tax protesters lobby at depots
Yesterday Fingal council attempted to start refusing to collect the bins
of those who not paying the bin tax. This morning the campaign in the Dublin
city area swung into action. Our first move was a lobby of the depots that the
trucks leave from each morning
* Anti bin tax protest in Ringsend
Friday morning the council announced that they would begin implementing
non-collection of bins in the Ringsend area of the city. Anti-bin tax
activists mobilised to blockade the trucks to force them to collect all the bins.
* Bin tax protesters in Cabra blockade two trucks [with pics]
As Fingal council took a High Court case against bin tax protesters this
morning bin tax campaigners in Cabra blockaded two trucks in solidarity with
Fingal campaigners. Our intention is to hold onto at least one of these two
trucks all day.
* The Alliance for Choice
Web site for pro-choice group
* 20 years on - time to scrap the 8th Amendment
The Alliance for Choice publicly launch a collection of short
articles by people who were active in the 1983 Referendum campaign, or who
have been active in pro-choice politics since then
* Pro-choice group condemns bully-boys
8 men and 2 women associated with Youth Defence now the Mother and
Child Campaign today attempted to break up the successful press conference of
the Alliance for Choice in the Shelbourne Hotel.
* Five years after the last Class War
Five years since the Class War Federation tried to encourage new
developments in the anarchist movement by winding itself up M.H., who was
involved in Class War at the time, asks what problems still remain for us and why.
* Class War - still going five years on
In 1997, some members of the Class War Federation tried to wind the
organisation up. They intended issue 73 of Class War to be the last. Not all
members agreed with this in 1997 (the federation and paper still exist in
2003). Here, Paul Marsh of London Class War gives an altogether different account.

August 2003

PDF file of State or Revolution

[Start or revolution]

* The State or Revolution
An anarchist answer to Lenin, written for Marxism 2003
* The SWP versus Anarchism
Here are a few quotes from Pat Stack's Socialist Review article "Anarchy
in the UK?" which formed the basis of his talk at Marxism 2001. Ask yourself
why the SWP leadership systematically lies about anarchism.
* Lenin, History's "Hidden Democrat," speaks!
Stright form the horses mouth
* Anarcho-Quiz on the SWP
Test your knowledge
* What is Anarchism?
There is an alternative to Leninism's state capitalism and party power.
It is called anarchism, a socialism which places freedom and working class
management of society at the core of its vision of struggle, revolution and
* Another world is possible?
Under capitalism, 8 people make life and death decisions for millions.
Under Bolshevism, 19 people made them

New global anarchist index

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revolutionary history and struggles around globalisation

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