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(en) In The CAN - the Occasional Newsletter of the Cardiff Anarchist Network - Kicking shit out of the US Air Force

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(//us.geocities.com/bozavine/can/)
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2003 15:19:09 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Since the last CAN benefit
gig, we've been campaigning
pretty much non-stop against
the war in Iraq.
CAN diary of
anti-war events
(so far........)

February 15th
- the biggest ever anti-
war march......

...and of course CAN was

Between one and two million
people marched in London that
day. Blair, though, thinks the
views of his pals in Washington
matter more than the feelings of
British people. So much for

Why Direct Action?
After 2 million were ignored,
why ask? From the start the
anti war movement has said
that we needed a campaign of
direct action and civil
disobedience. If this
government wanted to go to
war, our job was to make that
as difficult as possible to do.

This is why there has been a
series of protests and actions
taking place at Fairford. This is
a huge military base in
Gloucester that our government
has `given' to the US air force.
They are using this base to load
American B52s and Stealth
bombers with missiles from an
arms dump in nearby Welford.
Fairford is vital for the US war
plan, which made it an obvious
target for protest and direct

Jan 26th ­ Large protest
`Gloucester Weapons
inspectors' demand access to
the base to search for weapons
of mass destruction. Dozens of
protesters got over or through
the fence to `inspect' the base

Feb 23rd ­ Protesters
demand entry to the base
With war getting nearer,
protests at Fairford become
more serious. US support
vehicles and personnel have
been moved onto the base.
Ropes and `people power' bring
down the main gate and riot
police fight to keep out
protesters determined to do
whatever possible to stop the
bombing of Iraq.
Protesters determined to stop the bombing
of Iraq bring down the main gate at
Fairford US Air force base

2nd March ­ CAN
activist joins peace
As the US Air Force flies in
B52s and support planes, a
peace camp is set up by the
base. Peace campers endured
harsh conditions to monitor
activity on the base. Despite
freezing conditions and driving
rain, police prevented them
using tents or lighting fires for
warmth. They have faced
continued harassment from
police and US military, but are
still there, and welcome any
support that anyone can give.

9th March ­ CAN joins
action to `stop the bombers'
Activists from Oxford, Cardiff
and elsewhere take part in a
direct action against the base.
Protesters cut fences and enter
the base. Protesters gain
access to buildings and the
runway, causing the US military
to freak out big time! All flights
were halted for at least half an
Above: blocking the runway at Fairford...
Below: ...and facing arrest
Not just Fairford..

1st March ­ BAE
systems Glascoed
Unknown to many, one of the
biggest ammunition suppliers in
the country is situated just
outside of Usk in Gwent. The
sort of thing produced at
Glascoed includes tank shells,
mortar shells, small arms
ammunition, missile and
torpedo warheads and depth
charges. It is also thought that
they are producing depleted
uranium shells.

CAN went to the BAE systems
site ­ a complex of buildings
about the size of a small town ­
as part of the `site unseen'
campaign by the Campaign
against the Arms Trade. CAN
entered the site using a
homemade rope ladder to get
over an eight foot spiked metal
fence, and then `inspected' the
plant, evading security for more
than an hour.

Respect to others...

CAN is only a very small part of
the anti-war movement. Across
the country people have shown
extraordinary courage and
tenacity. Recently two trident
ploughshares protesters armed
with bags of sugar put 30 US
refuelling vehicles out of action
at Fairford. At another base,
another ploughshares protester
disabled a fighter jet with a

Much respect to them ­ they all
face hefty sentences if

Actions like the ones reported
on this page have been taking
place right across the country,
on almost a daily basis.

Although the level of press
coverage is minimal, there is
every indication that the
government is seriously worried
by the level of action taking

At Wellford, the arms dump just
off the M4 needed to arm the
bombers at Fairford, another
peace camp has been set up.
Activists from London who had
been at the camp were arrested
on their way home and charged
with conspiracy to commit
criminal damage, despite the
fact that there had been no
damage and the protesters
were going home!


The number of arrests made
across the country, of people
doing nothing more than
actively opposing an illegal war,
must run into thousands. CAN
activists have also been
arrested. Six people have been
arrested at the various Fairford
protests, and three face
charges that carry a maximum
sentence of three months
imprisonment and /or a £2,500

Your support tonight is
vital to help us carry on
this campaign.....and
pay the fines !!
And it still has some way to go.
Even when the bombs stop
falling on Iraq, there is much to
do to stop America simply
turning on the next suitable
victim. US desire for world
domination, globalisation and
rampant capitalism won't
disappear when Saddam
Hussein does.

Next Fairford Demo ­ 22nd
March; Join us ....

Or just to get hold of us -
email bozavine@yahoo.co.uk
Tel. 07775881139, ask for Snooch
Source with pictures....

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