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(en) strike against the war

From Ziggy <ladystardust@gmx.co.uk>
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 15:15:03 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

> Capitalism needs war - we need neither Strike!
They have started the war. It is up to us to change history. To stop our
everyday routine and strike against the war, against our worsening living
and working conditions, against their crazy logic of profit above all
else. Striking is one of the most powerful weapons we have and we?re gonna
use it!

School Kids
In the last week thousands have walked out and protested all over the
country. They organise by word of mouth, e-mail and telephone trees. They
squatted streets and attacked cops at Downing Street. In Oxford they
trapped the soldiers of a recruitment stall in their van. In Manchester
they brought city traffic to a stop.

Fire Fighters
After the union leaders cancelled the strike for Thursday, 20th March and
recommended to accept the ?pay offer?, the fire fighters now have refused
to do so. The conflict is not solved. In the last weeks the union leaders
have cancelled various strikes (at Peugeot, at the Railways). We should
take an example from the school kids and start to rely on our selves and
each other, rather then on them.

Last Tuesday Italian port workers went on strike against the United States
using their workplaces to ship war equipment out to the Gulf. Against
?being involved in preparation for a military operation in Iraq?. A
48-hour strike by Finnish Dockers put a stop to all cargo traffic in and
out of Finnish ports last week. On 8 March in Belgium hundreds of striking
dock workers clashed with police outside European Union headquarters Friday
over plans to open its ports to greater competition.

Oil Workers
In the last month there has been a total strike by Nigeria oil workers,
raising supply fears in global oil markets. Truckers in Los Angeles had a
one day work stoppage for compensation for the recent increase diesel
prices. 2,000 oil workers in Kenya burnt bosses vehicles in a protest
against poor working conditions and maltreatment by the management.

See for more: www.labourstart.org
What is this war about?
This war is not only about US access to oil, it is also a way to try to
make us feel powerless. They want us to accept paying the bill for the
crisis of their system of profits. The average worker in the USA today
works 6 hours more per week than 1976, for less money. Most households are
in debt, people need two or three jobs to make ends meet, millions have
lost their pensions in stock market crashes. This society is in crisis,
because it can?t contain its own contradictions anymore and they hope the
war is a way out.

· we are supposed to work more, despite all the shiny, new, highly
productive technology and increasing knowledge
· billions live in poverty, while markets are overcrowded with wealth
that can?t be sold
· more and more workers all over the world work together in chains of
production, but they still want us to believe in our countries or our
companies interests

People are fed up and don?t believe the bosses and politicians promises
anymore. In Argentina they kicked the government out of power, organised
?peoples assemblies? to make their own decisions, a hundred factories are
squatted and being run by the workers. This war is also meant to oppress
our hopes and demands, our struggles for a better life. We are supposed to
shut up and be happy that the bombs are not falling on us.

Let?s walk out against their war and crisis.
Despite the threat of legal repression in the name of ?national security?,
despite media smear campaigns people keep on fighting. If war is legal, if
crisis is legal, if social cuts are legal, so what if our strike is not!

Go out! Support each other!


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