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(en) Freedom 6402 25 Jan, 2003 - G8 Evian: Convergence of anti-authoritarian and anti-capitaliststruggles (it,fr)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 2 Mar 2003 08:58:44 +0100 (CET)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Convergence of anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist struggles
CLAAACG8 Platform
The G8 summit will take place in Evian from 1st to 3rd June
2003. The G8 gathers the governments of the eight richest
industrialized countries in the world and imposes a world order
which benefits an enormously rich minority to the detriment of a
huge majority of enslaved and oppressed individuals. We believe
that between human beings, there should exist relationships
other than that of the market, of domination, alienation and
exploitation. Pollution, the waste of natural resources and
differences in wealth are ever more catastrophic. Globalization
translates into a degradation of living and work conditions and
an increase in social control. The bosses, with the connivance
of the States, are on the offensive with the destruction of
public services, attacks on labour rights, job precariousness,
flexibility, layoffs and the dismantlement of social rights
(welfare, pensions etc.).

This capitalist system cannot be reformed as it inevitably leads
to these effects. The break with capitalism is, in our opinion,
the only possible way to prevent a human and ecological economic


War is a permanent state of society. Almost all aspects of
social life are subject to the logic of militarization. The
military and industrial lobbies use the pretext of terrorism to
intensify the world war on the poor, the exploited and against
every form of resistance to the capitalist order. They are the
main motors of the system. If we want to stop this war machine,
we must seek out, block and attack those responsible together
with their ligic and structures. The army, in the service of the
States and the capitalists, repress the social struggles and
impose a world order which oppresses the people (see Argentina,
Algeria, China, Chechnya, Iraq, etc.).

The militarization and "marketization" of society and
individuals leads to inter-personal relationships which are
marked by inequality, by the limitation of fundamental liberties
and by patriarchal oppression. In particular, the capitalist
logic provokes a globalization and repression of women's
situations all ocer the world, with massive job insecurity, the
treatment of their bodies as marketable goods and the loss of

Movement around the world is striclty reserved for those people
who can afford it. Of course, for the people of the Couth, the
Northern fortresses such as Europe or the USA have bariers that
need to be climbed, but at huge human costs - loss of life,
racism, discrimination etc. Those who do succeed in getting over
the borders which divide the exploited and which are the
expression of nationalism, will become the labour to be
exploited for the benefit of the bosses and the mafias (above
all where prostitution is concerned). But in the countries of
the North, mobility is restricted to those who can pay for it.


It is ever more urgent that our voices be heard because we,
unlike many, place in question not only the effects but also the
causes of globalization - capitalism, as well as state control
and parliaments which restrict populations in a manner which
impedes self-determination, which controls through exploitation,
through police and through the judiciary, and which encourages
all forms of alienation, be it religious, sexist, racist,
homophobic, or whatever.

Recent years have seen unheard of levels of new experiences in
self-organization and direct action, in an ever more lucid and
conscious refusal of the delegation of power and the statist or
institutional methods of effecting social change.

We believe that these movements can converge in three
fundamental elements:

* the refusal of the delegation of power, in particular the
statist methods of bringing about social change

* self-organization and autonomy of social movements, on an
anti-authoritarian basis

* revolutionary direct action and social disobedience.

In effect, the class war is not dead! Only collective struggle,
in our workplaces and in our homes, can allow us to build a real
opposition to the capitalist offensive.

Convergence of anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist struggles

The signatories to this declaration will dedicate themslves to
participating in the anti-G8 campaign, in collectives and local
and regional initiatives, in the alternative anti-capitalist and
anti-war village (VAAAG) as well as in the red and black sectors
of mass demonstrations, in the "feu au lac" initiative and in an
initiative for the opening of borders, in full adherence to the
spirit of the above text.

First signatories of the CLAAACG8 Platform:

Alternative Libertaire 
Confédération Nationale du Travail (CNT 73, interco 42, interco
69, CNT-Education 69) 
Fédération Anarchiste 
Réseau No Pasaran 
Organisation Communiste Libertaire 
Organisation Socialiste Libertaire 

Contact us! 

c/o La plume noire,
19, rue Pierre Blanc,
69001 Lyon


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