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(en) zabalaza #4 - Kill the Bill! - the ANC's Attack on the Workers and Poor by an activist of the Anarchist Black Cross / Anti-Repression Network

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 09:30:15 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

It has become increasingly clear to any activist that international
repression is on the increase; both as a reaction to, among others,
the massive anti-capitalist riots at the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy
(with solidarity actions around the globe) in June 2000, which saw
the murder of 22 year old Italian anarchist activist Carlo Giuliani
by forces of the Italian state and, more significantly, since the
September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the

The United States Government has jumped at this opportunity (or
played a part in its' orchestration) to implement new 'anti-terrorist'
laws internationally, which could also be used to justify increasing
repression and criminalisation of global resistance and national
liberation movements.

Ever eager to sell-out the South African working class, to which it
owes its wealth and power, and ultimately the African working
class as a whole; the ANC has been quick to follow suit. Since S11
Government has re-introduced an anti-terrorism bill, originally
abandoned because of widespread reaction due to its human
rights infringements, into parliament. If passed into law, the Bill
could be used to justify the criminalisation and imprisonment of
community activists and organisations, radical workers and unions
(if we still had any) and many other libertarian and anti-capitalist
structures. In fact, anyone who opposes the status quo could, at
one time or another, fall victim. Because its definition is so vague,
it can be used in constituting almost any initiative directed against
the ruling establishment as "terrorism".

The very same factors which are influencing an increase in class
inequality and indeed struggle in South Africa are systematically
being implemented around the world; privatisation, evictions,
cut-offs, retrenchments, massive cuts in social spending
(education, health care etc.), war mongering etc.

The working classes' natural response to this oppression and
exploitation has been to fight back. This is evident internationally;
from the armed uprising of the Zapitistas in Chiapas, Mexico; to
the emergence of the new social movements in South Africa. From
the Black Bloc tactics at anti-capitalist riots in Europe and the US;
to massive general strikes in Venezuela and the Argentines' "Fuck
you!" to their rulers.

The international working class is once again raising its' middle
finger to our oppressors, and with it we can expect an iron fist of

This is a matter which' does not simply affect anarchists or
socialists, trade unionists or community activists. It affects us all,
the world over:

For those at the top of the power structure the escalating level of
global repression and silencing, or attempts to silence popular
dissent, represent the levels to which our class enemies will go in
order to maintain, and increase their control. It also symbolizes the
true feeling within the ruling class, that of fear!

They are afraid because they know, more so than our own class,
that we are responsible for their power. Because we the working
class produce the worlds wealth, yet we enjoy none of it.

From the point of extraction, we are in the mines, forests and on
the farms, dripping sweat, blood and tears as we tear out our
Earths' vital organs for raw materials to produce the capitalists'

In the factories we too process the raw materials into products,
which our bosses then sell for massive profit whilst paying us shit.

Also, at home, we make up a large part of the market, to which the
capitalists' sell back the stolen products of our labour.

We are responsible for the day-to-day running of both the
production and distribution of almost everything in 'our' society.
With the exception of laws and prisons, war and poverty,
exploitation and oppression etc. Which only exist to defend power
and wealth and increase capitalists' profit.

The jobs that our bosses and managers do could, for example, be
just as easily performed by a rotational delegation of immediately
recallable shop-floor representatives elected by, and answerable
to, their fellow workers.

This is why they are scared, this is why they are building more
prisons and this is why the ANC is reviewing the new
'Anti-Terrorist' Bill (ATB), because they are scared of our power.

Only by carrying forward with the program for the implementation
of Stateless Socialism, of Anarchism, can we stand a chance in the
face of a suicidal capitalist onslaught the likes of which the world
has never seen. And build a new world free of misery, want and

We must organise and harness this power to meet and over- come
the repressive new face of 21st Century capitalism.

We must organise ourselves into regionally and internationally
federated workplace and community based councils to challenge
those in power and regain control of our lives and our workplaces.
To seize the means of production and distribution and operate
them in the interests of all.

We must develop revolutionary working class militias to confront
and expel the police and armies from our communities and defend
ourselves from both foreign and internal occupation. They serve
only to enforce the will of our irreconcilable class enemies.

We must organise industrial actions in solidarity with both local
and international struggles; for better working conditions, higher
wages, free education and healthcare, an end to evictions and
cut-offs etc.

We must embark on massive international campaigns of civil
disobedience and direct action, from industrial actions and
sabotage to armed defence of our communities to loosen, and
ultimately break the noose that the State and capitalism have
tightened around our necks.

These are the tactics the international working class used to
overthrow the racist Apartheid regime, because they were proven
to be the most effective, and these are the tactics that have been
used in uprisings throughout history. Because they reflect the true
aspirations of the working masses, freedom, equality and social

This is where the power of the working class, and the seeds of a
new world lie.

Only through anti-authoritarian, directly-democratic, decentralized
and non-hierarchical organisation(s) and means of struggle will we
be able to counter and overcome international repression, which is
undoubtedly going to get worse as our struggles advance, by
making it difficult for the State and its agents to infiltrate our
movements and imprison or remove our 'leaders' because we have
none. We have only mutual aid, co-operation, solidarity, working
class unity and a will to fight!

Through these means of organisation we will be able to build a
power structure from the bottom up and not the top down as is
presently the case. A structure that will be strong enough both to
combat the coming repression and overthrow the system of
capitalism as a whole, which puts the wealth and power of a few
before the lives and needs of billions. And usher in a new, free and
equal, Anarchist, society.

Organise, unite and fight. Kill the Bill!

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