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From anar kom <anar_kom@yahoo.co.uk>
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 14:10:46 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

black block march in thessaoliniki started around 17.
about 3000 people were in blacks. the reason for that
was to be unidentified in any case of charge. the
march was planned to be on the same street where we
had damaged cameras in the march that was two days
media was placed on the roof of an apartment building
nearby the university. lots of flares were sent
towards the cameramen, although none of them hit
anyone it was such an enjoyable scene. during the
march it was possible to see that most people were
tense. differently from the previous march, slogans
were not shouted together. people seemed like
wondering about when will the events begin. the
decision was not throwing molotovs until aristotales
square but nobody knew what were to happen. entering
the street windows of the shops’ -which are not
covered with metal- were started to be broken. alarms
of few shops were broken - they were covered with
metal. sirens started to ring. we couldnot go so far,
cops suddenly appearing from side-streets threw plenty
of cs (i think pepper) gas on us. the gas is very
effective, suddenly you feel a sense of burning. the
exact place where the gases were thrown was frontier
part from the middle of the cortege. there was a big
panic and most of the crowd started escaping back.
most of those in the front line were dispersed with
the effect of intense chemicals. by throwing molotovs
against the cops’ attack from cross streets some were
defending the ones running back. so most of the group
reached the university and interestingly cops did not
meet them in front of the university. a part of those
in the front line faced to clash with both cops and
communist party members. some were said to have beaten
by communists. a part of the rest of the group burned
lots of banks, shops and mobile phone stores. we know
that about 30 places burned but i did not hear
anything about mc donalds. police didnot only throw cs
gas also used lots of chemicals. using rubber weapons
they had sprayed chemical weapons on lots of comrades,
these cause temporary paralysis and their effects may
last for days.

21 greek and 8 comrades from other countries were
arrested. next day a demonstration was organized for
the court, a group of comrades opened their backs
towards the court and showed the slogan of “no
justice, no peace”. later cops attacked the group
using sticks.

while these were happening another anarchist group was
marching on a street parallel to the one on which
black block was marching. this group was about 800
people leaded by thessaloniki anarchist initiative and
they had nothing to do with the incidents. media
reflecting black block about 300 people told that the
other group was 2000 people.

university was surrounded by cops and time to time
they were still keeping on throwing chemicals inside.
clashes continued in front of the university for a
while. but police did not enter inside (they would).

after so much stuff next day when the events were
cooled someone from agf (we don’t know him) claimed us
with tearing down their posters and this probably
happened on the day when there were clashes.
tragicomic but real.


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