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(en) Another war is possible ... social Class War

From "apatrisan" <apatrisan@yahoo.com>
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 11:40:32 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

The summit of the European Union in Thessaloniki will be
realized in the echo of the military crusade against Iraq by the
USA and its allies, in the circumstances of its military
occupation and of all negotiations for looting it through
"development" and "humanitarian" programs, launched not only by
those forces who military invaded the country, but also by the
so-called "peace-loving" part of the european block.

And if the "big idea" of the European super-state and of the
ambitious role it wishes to play in the game for global
domination seemed to stagger by the partial interests of the
member-states, this -given the hierarchy existing in inter/state
relations and the inter/authoritarian antagonisms when the stake
is the distribution of the world - does not reverse the
orientation of European Integration: The establishment of an
integrated space of exploitation, social control and repression,
that functions as a base for the capitalist attack over its
borders, as a fortress for the refugees and immigrants who try
to cross them and as a vast prison for the inside.

The construction -and the enlargement- of Fortress-Europe, the
elaboration of a common constitution and the efforts to form
concrete policies in issues like "defense", security and
international affairs, are part of the procedure of political
and economic integrations for the expansion of Capitalist
pillage and the consolidation of State terrorism in the frame of
globalization of domination; of that campaign to re-conquest the
world in all levels and with all means, triggered by the
collapse of the cold-war scene, promoted by trans-national
lobbies and reinforced by the modern weapon of technology and
the infinite possibilities it provides for the approach of the
nightmarish authoritarian vision to control any aspect, space
and time of life.

If the massive slaughter in Iraq highlights the barbarity of
war, then the political management of exploitation, persecutions
and death by the EU institutions outline the barbarity of
capitalist peace, for which war is a precondition.

It is a "peace" that means the relentless draining of the
"expendable" populations living outside the european borders,
and whose misery feeds the stock-markets; a "peace" that means
looting the natural resources of the Balkans, of their destroyed
by the war regions, and of all the territories integrated in the
Union, transforming their societies into cheap labor to refresh
the european markets; a "peace" that means the deepening of
social inequalities and exclusions within the "developed"
european countries. This "peace" is nothing but a continuous
human sacrifice in the altar of profit, where thousands of
workers are killed or injured in the so-called working
"accidents", thousands of immigrants suffer a modern form of
slavery in order to be allowed to stay in the "capitalist
paradise", and thousands more people are buried alive in the
dungeons of wage slavery. It is an undeclared war where human
dignity is daily mutilated by class oppression, alienation and
the chase of survival.

Together with the modernization of the methods of exploitation,
the methods to impose it are also modernized. Within the
international orwelian scene of the "anti"terrorist crusade,
these methods tend more and more to totalitarianism, as the
institutional, military and police violence, the technologically
supported surveillance and repression are the necessary
responses to the insecurities caused to the rulers by the
existing or possible threats, incubated against the hurricane of
the authoritarian aggression.

In the case of the E.U., the european army is to serve its
imperialist aspirations, while the further fortification of its
borders for the murderous confrontation of immigrants is
dictating the formation of a common frontier police,
concentration camps and the remodeling of Schengen Information
System, according to the requirements of the enlargement. At the
same time, the integrated judicial space, the european
terror-law that criminalizes any subversive _expression against
the structures of exploitation and oppression, the treaty of
extradition to the global cop and owner of the Guantanamo -that
will be signed by the greek P.M.-chairman of the EU and US
president after Thessaloniki summit- signify the passage to the
era of globalized repression.

Globalization of domination has never been an unhindered
procedure without opponents, nor simply an object of academic
research by its apologists. On the contrary, the modern assault
of the State and Capital, and its unbearable for the people
consequences, became the point of reference and explosion of
social and class resistances throughout the planet, from Chiapas
to Argentina and from Seattle to Genoa where the rulers' clubs
were meeting. More than a reflex action, these struggles, free
from the cold-war antagonism between two different authoritarian
systems, brought back in the forefront of history an
internationalist revolutionary perspective, where there is no
place for "national" or partial "solutions". It was the actions
of resistance themselves that created a new sense of collective,
the one of communities in revolt of the South and the North, of
the armed Indians and the youth in the capitalist cities that
re-liberated the forces of Utopia, for a world without borders,
globalized from below...

Especially concerning the resistance that broke out against the
summits, as only one of the infinite expressions of struggle
against global domination, they became moments of social
counter-attack to the symbolic galas of the bosses, who
arrogantly take cover in luxurious guarded zones in order to
announce decisions that mark the future of the world. These
summits became meeting points of those engaged in the daily
struggle in the different places that these decisions are
realized, and created opportunities for interaction and for the
outbreak of insurrectional events that assailed the artificial
social peace and the fake one-way of submission.

Against this fiery wave, it was not only the ideological
propaganda and the repressive violence of the State that were
organized to confront. It was also a rag-bag of obsolete aspects
of the regime (political parties and syndicates, stalinists and
nationalists) on the one hand, as well as those post-modern
versions of political represantation (NGOs, Social Forum etc) on
the other, who both rushed to chain whatever new was arising, in
the bonds of the old world and its defense, or in the limits of
the "possible"; a term that meant nothing but the transformation
of the dynamics expressed in the streets into some packages of
supposedly "realistic" proposals aiming to reform capitalism or
find alternatives for the management of the authoritarian
system. Basically though it only meant their effort to present
resistance as a well-controlled phenomenon to put in the sales,
as a reality that can function as pressure so that these
self-appointed leaders will be recognized by the bosses as
trustful interlocutors.

This antagonism with the representatives of the european
super-state, and also with Reformist international and with the
stalinist and patriotic relics of the past, passes this time
through the streets of Thessaloniki; a city that is a symbol for
the capitalist assault in the Balkans, and consists one more
"red zone", a space colonized by the values of merchandise and
social control; a city that will be guarded by both the state
forces of repressions and the institutional "antiglobalization".
The role of the latter part was already shown during the
previous summits within the greek presidency of the Union, where
they hurried to provide their guarantees to the state, to try
marginalise the self-organized anarchist black blocs in
coordination with the police and to dull things through
ruritarian manipulations -like their novelty to lead the
demonstration during the EU summit for the Enlargement that was
taking place in Athens on April 16 towards the U.S. embassy!!

This summit, under the greek presidency, is a chance for the
_expression of social resistance against the local dictatorship
of political and economical bosses: the dictatorship of profit
crushing the lives of the workers and the jobless, of the
hundreds of people losing their works and those who survive
under the "black labor"; the dictatorship that is promoting
doctrines, like the enhancement of the country's image through
its ascent to the ladder of domination, meaning the increase of
its percents on the pillage of other societies and further
misery for local proletarians; the dictatorship of police death
squads in the cities and the borders, of the "democratic
court-martials" for militants, white cells and acceleration of
state terrorism.

It is a chance to challenge the foundations of Fortress-Europe,
shattering the illusions of social consent to their criminal
projects. A chance to oppose self-organization and direct action
against hierarchy and capitulation. A chance to send a message
of solidarity to all the oppressed in the world, to all who
fight with any means against the tyranny of the State and the
Capital, demonstrating that the way from protest to revolt is
always open.


initiative from Solidarios
Anarchist Bulletin for Counter-Information and Action,
no. 23, June 2003

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