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(en) France, Brittany: Platform for the creation of a Coordination for Free & Anarchist Brittany

From "CBIL" <cbil@no-log.org>
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:03:18 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Here it is the platform for the creation of CBIL (COORDINATION for FREE AND ANARCHIST BRITTANY)
Red and black salutations
Due to their specific culture, their History, their languages,
their feeling of common belonging, Bretons indeed are a people.
Every people has a right to exist as such. We are therefore for
independence of Brittany, in order to take our future in hand,
to develop our languages and our culture and to repair the
damage done by French colonialism: loss of our culture, of our
languages, total dependence to the state... We want to be actors
and actresses of our own History.

France as it is presented to us does not exist. Its national
conception eclipses our identity, in spite of the principles it
is supposed to be based on. It is a political project leading to
standardisation, subservience of peoples and centralisation of
competencies. In Brittany and elsewhere, the French state has
always behaved as a colonialist state:

-economically (fisheries management, agriculture, industries,

- socially (job centres, unemployed people forced to accept
unfair contracts under the threat of cutting off of their
unemployment benefit, etc);

- politically (centralisation of power and decision-making
structures in Paris, without local consultation, etc);

- as regards military affairs (JAPD, planned repartition of
occupation forces, etc),

-as well as in all other fields (energy sources and production,
education, ...).

We are internationalists

... and therefore we stand by other struggling (either socially
or for national liberation) peoples and are conscious that
fighting for an anarchist Brittany can only be conceived in the
framework of a battle fought at world level. With this aim, the
Breton fight constitutes a spark which can induce others, in
particular as regards emancipation struggles which are a
potential pool for radical social changes.

As regards languages, the Breton people as a whole, due to the
French language-killing and standardising policy, now speaks
French. We are therefore not against the French language, but
Breton and Gallo now must take again the place they lost in
society, education, the media, etc. We are in favour of a
multilingual society, in which all languages brought here by
immigration will have their place, without exclusion.


Our struggle is in the continuity of the social emancipation
movement born with the Industrial Revolution. For us, national
liberation cannot be achieved without a collective and
individual liberation. Nevertheless, we do not favour any
struggle more than another.

The state, in spite of what it pretends, is a tool that works
inevitably against peoples and individuals.

Taking care of one’s affairs means not leaving anyone else
(elected people, cops, prefects, etc) decide in our place.
Whether for social, economy, international relations, ecology...
or for everyday life in which laws are repressive tools which
prevent the individual from deciding what is good for him / her.
We are therefore in favour of a functioning which starts from
the people: village, commune, group, country assemblies, which
make it possible for every individual can express him/herself
and for every idea to be debated with all to reach a consensus,
in order to take everybody’s interests into account.

So far, all models which were imposed on us failed (capitalism,
Eastern socialism, electoral democracies, etc). It is
consequently time to imagine and build a new society on human,
collective, non-speculative and non-authoritarian bases.

An anarchist Brittany is resolutely against capitalism,
authoritarianism and fascism. Because the law of markets is only
beneficial to a handful of individuals who exploit the rest of
the population and natural resources, we are against all forms
of patronat and for the re-appropriation of production tools by
those who try to set up self management and produce only what is
necessary. Let’s break the productivist logic, which only aim is
profit !

The cultural standardisation of people answers the needs for
standardisation and control of consumption of exploiters. This
logic leads to intolerance.

For us, independence means opening towards the others. We won’t
erect frontiers and reject the other. Brittany is multiple and
multicultural and we are conscious that it is through this
cultural diversity that peoples go forward. We stand against
every form of chauvinism. Be Breton does not mean being born in
Brittany or bearing a Breton name. Be Breton can mean choosing
to participate in Breton collective life, in initiatives and
decisions, being present in the assemblies.

Kenurzh Breizh Dizalc’h ha Diveliour
Coordination Bretagne Indépendante et Libertaire

For a free and anarchist Britanny : http://www.cbil.lautre.net

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