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(en) Anti-Authoritarians and Algeria & Palestine Study Grp & Forum

From Carwil James <fishe@igc.org>
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 12:35:56 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Anti-Authoritarians and National Liberation:
Study Group and Forum on Algeria & Palestine
Wednesdays, January 22nd through February 12th 

RACE: Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarians of Color presents a
series of events on anarchists and movements for national
liberation.  In a 3-session study group we will take on some
of the most difficult questions about how to envision and to
support the freedom of people who daily face down the
horrors of colonialism, neocolonialism, and/or imperialism. 
The focus for this series will be the resistance of people
in Palestine and Algeria: places where national liberation
struggles have won the attention of the world.

We will draw on the rich history of the Algerian revolution
against French colonialism, the Palestinian intifadas, and
the Berber-initiated anti-state insurrection in Algeria in
the past two years.  We will talk about questions of vision,
of organization, of violence, and of solidarity in the
context of real choices that colonized peoples -- and
anti-authoritarians in imperial countries -- make to achieve

The final event will be a public film screening and forum,
featuring Pontecorvo's film The Battle of Algiers.  The
film, which depicts armed insurrection in the colonial
capital of Algeria, raises many of the moral questions that
we will talk about during the study group. Three to five of
the participants in the study group will participate in a
panel as part of the event.

The discussion will be broad-ranging and inclusive, but will
not extend to the question of whether the liberation of the
Palestinian, Algerian, or Berber peoples is desirable; nor
will it include debate on the desirability of
anti-authoritarian politics per se. Participants are
encouraged but by no means required to attend all three
sessions. If you wish to be involved PLEASE RSVP to Carwil
James at 510/653-3621 or fishe@igc.org. Reading packets
available very soon at Bound Together (on Haight near
Masonic, SF) and the Long Haul (3124 Shattuck in Berkeley,
near Ashby BART) by January 15. Readings also available soon
online from the RACE website:

Study Group Session 1:
Anti-Authoritarians and National Liberation Movements
January 22, 6(!)pm at Casa Joaquin Murrieta
2336 Piedmont Ave. (near UC @ Durrant & Channing), Berkeley

How do anarchists respond to situations of national
oppression? How do we work with or in parallel to
anticolonial nationalists? Is there a permanent divide here?
Is there an overlap here? How do we critique class
compromises in national liberation movements while still
advancing the cause of liberation? What did anarchists have
to say during Algeria's fight for independence? What do we
have to say to the ruling FLN now? How can anarchists
support liberation in Palestine? Why are they less visible
on this issue than many others?

History of Algerian Revolution
Fishbowl Debate on Nationalism

Colin Ward, Albert Camus and the Algerian legacy
J.P. Satre, Colonialism is a system
Fredy Perlman, The Continuing appeal of nationalism
Franz Fanon, selection from the Wretched of the Earth
Cyprus Anarchists, Solidarity with the Palestinian insurrection

Study Group Session 2:
Insurrection, Violence, ?Terrorism?, and Authority
January 29, 7pm at the C.A.N. Office
1605 Ashby @ CALIFORNIA (4 bl. west of Ashby BART)

What led to strategies of violent resistance in Algerian
independence, the first and second Palestinian intifada, and
the contemporary Algerian insurrection? Which strategies are
effective in bringing long-term liberation? Which strategies
are effective in deterring genocide? What is the effect of
resistance on the resisters? What is the connection between
authoritarian anti colonial movements and different
strategies of resistance? When the militants in Pontecorvo's
film stop a mourning and furious crowd from confronting
armed French soldiers with guns by promising The
organization will avenge you, were they seizing power?
Offering safety? Furthering liberation? How does a Society
under constant siege organize a new world in the shell of
the old?

History of the 1st and 2nd Intifada
Discussion of Intifada
Video Clip from film & Discussion Questions
Open Discussion

Ghassan Andoni, A comparative study of Intifada 1987 and Intifada 2000
Brian Dominick, Ambushing the Occupation
Marcos/EZLN, re: Violence and Civil Society
Emma Goldman, selection from ?What I Believe? 
Daoud Kuttab, ?The Path of No Return: An Overview of the Intifada?
Rashid Khalidi, ?Toward a Clear Palestinian Strategy?
Selections from ?A Radical Voice from Palestine?
Tzaporah Ryter, ?Letter Home: From Jenin Camp to White Earth Reservation?

Study Group Session 3:
Post-modern Rebellions
February 5, 7(!)pm at Casa Joaquin Murrieta
2336 Piedmont Ave. (near UC @ Durrant & Channing), Berkeley

What do we make of the current Algerian insurrection? How
could we possibly support it? The Zapatistas and the
organizers of the International Solidarity Movement are
appealing to a global civil society, and to privileged white
witnesses, to support their rebellions. Is the international
solidarity movement an effective way to support the
intifada? What visions do we have for the relationship
between underground organizations and popular resistance? If
imitation is the sincerest form of solidarity, how do we
stand beside Palestinian rebels? Israeli traitors? Algerian

The Algerian insurrection of 2001-2003
Selecting and Visioning the Panel

Selections regarding Background of 2001 Algerian insurrection
Jaime Semprun, Apology for the Algerian Insurrection
Turning the Tide, debates regarding the Intifada
Amira Howeidy, ?All our Destinies?
Mustafa Barghouti, ?Those who give us hope?

Film Screening and Forum:
The Battle of Algiers
February 12
Vista Community College, Berkeley

Introduction to the debates of the series
Introduction to the film
Film Screening: Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers
Panel Discussion: 3-5 Participants selected by study group
Audience Q & A
Solidarity Plans (?)

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