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(en) Spain, Welfare State or Warfare State? No State at all! (ca)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 05:04:18 -0500 (EST)

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> from Red Libertaria Apoyo Mutuo
  There is no new world lingering beyond the horizon, we have to
build it here and now, plant a forest of dissent in the streets
of our cities, piss on the doormat of the bank of Spain, dare to
be free, dare to live without safety, without security, in
freedom. We want: 

-security +freedom 

To libertarian and subversive people, to the disobedient and
rebels of this society 

The Partido Popular [conservative party in power in Spain] has
set its electoral campaign in motion with the slogan ?more
security and fewer taxes.? The PSOE [opposing central-left
party] has spent a lot of time fighting over the same
catchphrase from the ruling party. They all want to hijack
freedom and deny the distribution of wealth. On a planetary
scale, the Warfare State is working to guarantee security, while
the poor get poorer and the rich richer. 

We propose: 1) To meet to unite efforts, amplifying the
autonomous voices that shout not only against war but also
against peace without justice and freedom. 2) To fight together
against this war that postmodern fascism has declared in all
aspects of life on behalf of security. We proclaim exactly the
opposite: less security and more freedom. 3) To organize local
workshops where we can discuss, propose and agree. 

We have attached to this call our text -security and +freedom,
so that you get an idea of what we are thinking. 

-SECURITY +FREEDOM We are passing through a period of
post-modernity in which security is the supreme value to which
the pleasures of life are sacrificed: freedom bows to the safety
of the citizens, nomadic wandering to smouldering mortgages;
health to mobile telephone antennas; the joy of eating to the
security of dying with a nice body; the free woman to the
sacrament of marriage; the idea of
let?s-fuck-till-the-end-of-our-days, to
don?t-be-promiscuous-or-the-fucked-one-will-be-you; playing to
working, working in what we want to to the obligation of
unstable employment; the desire to be sensible... Using the
events of September 11th as a reference, the Warfare State
imposes security on us in all aspects of life. 

Preventive war strategy consists of three phases: first demonise
the enemy, secondly scare them shitless, and thirdly, let the
imperial forces beat, arrest, bombard, invade and kill them.
Iraq, terrorist groups, the anti-globalisation movement,
immigrants, dissidents, squatters, young people out enjoying a
weekend night, and many others are the objectives of the
American army and of its allies, riot police, local police and
security companies. 

Terrorists and the ?axis of evil? are already Satanised, one and
the same devil; the anti-globalisers and immigrants are their
collaborators, other hoofed beings such as dissidents, youths,
squatters easily for the temptations of the wicked one. The
biceps of the yank army would traumatize anyone, the same as
when the riot cops take over our towns and the municipal cops
assail the Friday-nighters from merrily passing a bottle around.
When the time for a lightning attack arrives, the enemy is
presented as the seven-headed dragon that St George, sword in
hand, faced to defend the villagers. But they are not swords!
They are stealth airplanes, high technology missiles and bombs,
armament used to combat intifades and to slaughter populations;
teargases, water tanks, rubber balls and bullets used to break
up demonstrations. It is like stamping on and crushing

Nobody gives a damn for the life of a cockroach. Those who
survive are sent to Guantanamo, to detainment centres, to jail.
Others are forced to reside confined in cities designed as urban
prisons: videotape-surveillance cameras, guardians, no entry
zones, blockades and prison bars; drugs that help to forget,
encores and onanisms that alleviate desires; factories to work
in redeeming hardships to one day obtain the freedom to settle
in a place that is ? safer. Hovering over the war planned for
Iraq, the vultures are already trading with the oil reserves.
The same birds of prey stuff their pockets with overpriced
housing, precarious jobs, the unpaid work of women, the new
slavery of immigrants and the ?money, money, money? of the
television/sillyvision industry. 

This singular territory where we live is safer and safer, but
less and less free. Half of the population is condemned to live
under the chains of matrimonial security. What is a woman
without a partner? A person with less chances of ?domestic?
abuse. Out of those who do work, most are forced to do so
precariously, in construction, restaurants, services,
agriculture, industrial subcontracts, or in tourism. Only a
small minority of civil servants have a job assured for life.
But who wants to go and clock in at the same time in the same
office, seeing the boss's same ugly face every day during forty
years? Any continuous employment -permanent or precarious- gives
us the security of being able to eat every day and the
possibility of getting a twenty or thirty year sentence of
forced labour if they grant you a mortgage. The Spanish coast is
covered in ?for sale? signs in English, it and land in the big
cities are sold at astronomical prices imposed by the brick and
cement speculators, for a global real state market that offers
its bargains throughout all European cities. Meanwhile, if you
want four walls to live in: go and squat! 

To prevent an invasion of leaky boats packed with third world
immigrants from breaking the peace and quiet of the beaches, the
State dedicates millions from the national budget towards
building an electronic wall that separates us from the other
side. The coastal mountains are dotted with the antennas and
radars that watch over the Algerian oil fields and gas
pipelines, the security of the international companies that
market it is our security, according to Natural Gas company. We
also suffer and put up with the imperialist military bases of
Rota, Moron and Gibraltar. 

We have a system of parties, trade unions and associations that
are demanding more safety and are trying to make freedom
compatible with security. They are selling us a smokescreen. The
biggest demand for security comes from ourselves, from the fear
installed in our hearts. We are like a bird that has lived its
life in a cage. One day the owner, feeling sorry for it, opened
the door of the cage. But the bird never dared to step outside.
It was used to warbling behind bars, it felt free and happy

The forest is not a safe place, there are poisonous mushrooms
and dangerous animals dressed up like old grannies. It is
terrain designed for an ambush. Bush, the king of cleverness,
offered a drastic solution in the summer of 2002: chop it down.
But the little wee creatures that inhabit the forests are
determined to do just the opposite: to make that the heath and
the trees grow in each town, that the verdure and lushness of
the forest is a good place to live in freedom, that mutual aid
is the norm of coexistence among beings which while very diverse
live on equal footing. They try to build spaces with a vacuum of
order, where social relationships and exchanges are demonetised,
and existence is politicised by the minute. 

Far from the spotlights of the mass media, of institutional
politics with capital letters, from the sensational actions of
major campaigns and the proposals of brilliant lists of demands
for everybody, far from that, the work that we fancy is building
fragments of a programme of subversion on the ashes of single
thought, building community among people who share our
affinities, those who want to live. Now that the the rush and
the deadlines of the 2002 summits in Spain have come and gone,
we can start mining: leaving the forest, young moles will
perforate the chambers of the earth, building tunnels and
underground galleries, until arriving at the foundations of the
metropolis and KABOOOM!!! happily attend its demolition. 

The salespersons of security, employment, marriage, housing in
property and copyright have a captive market of clients that
swing their identities to the beat of their
publicity-manufactured desires. Interrupting this is the first
task to be done in order to consolidate nomadic communities in
each town. A nomadicism that looks for ways to flee from the
fortress in which we are captured, organising an exodus from
these drylands, from the barren moor we inhabit. A nomadicism
that equates the world of security with living death. Nomadic
communities that are in the forest, at the oasis of the desert;
that seek to live outside capitalist social relationships, away
from money and dominations, recognising the impossibility of
glimpsing another world on the horizon. It is important not to
be dazzled by the mirages of possibilities, so frequent in
asphalted territories and sandbanks. All illusions vanish in the

We have to meet, to build spaces where we can exchange
experiences, to debate what we can jointly carry out and to knit
networks that facilitate cooperation and foment the multiple
faces of the nomads as a unilateral break. 

We must dare to live with -security +freedom. 

Original Spanish PDF version on:

English PDF version on: 

Red Libertaria Apoyo Mutuo
Apdo 51575, 28080 Madrid, Spain (Epanya) 

Link: www.red-libertaria.net

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