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(en) The manifest of Anarchist Moravia - Against social and economic system

From "Batur Özdinç" <batur_ozdinc@hotmail.com>
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 16:27:58 +0100 (CET)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The individual has no right for deciding about him/herself in today`s social 
system, because is locked in huge invisible cage created by state and 
capitalism. Is thrown upon decisions of people, who did never meet, who did 
never talk to about her/his living conditions, and/or requirements. These 
people, not only playing ?About us, without us?, are taking decisions about 
our lives for their behalf, they even are payed for it. Today`s parliament 
democracy consider itself to be the best of the systems and prevents the 
society from developing for better, because it wants to keep its existence 
based on elit`s domination and exploitation of common people, for its 
authorities` behalf.

Its not unlike the capitalism, which is able to operate only with 
presumption that it manipulates all for its behalf, is protected by 
international organizations, such as NATO, European Union, IMF, World Band, 
WEF or NAFTA. These organizations have huge effect for instance in 3rd world 
countries, where are trying to expand multinational corporations` capital, 
in reason for cheap labour and cheap raw materials.

That means these countries are not able any more to produce their own 
economy and are forced to admit capitalistic conventions, for instance of 
United States. Owing to these facts is common, that officials of 
multinational concerns rule what plants will be cultivated on the other side 
of world, which not reclaimable raw material resources will be extracted in 
countries, where half of population even did not hear about those plundering 
their country this way. Many people do not realize these facts, because 
present system depress them by consumption being to them daily presented 
like perfect, but making efforts to efface people`s longing for liberty. 
Mankind is actually degraded by capitalism for even lower level of society, 
letting itself to be overrule by its own product, apparently guaranteeing 

Anarchism against authoritarian products

Anarchists also definitely stand against all negative society products 
mostly rising from authoritative social and/or economic system. The problem 
of fascism, neonazism is for instance tried to be solved by Antifascist 
actions (AFA), which are working by presence of anarchist principles, almost 
all over middle Europe and are strengthening positions in eastern Europe 
too. Next of problems involved into today`s hierarchical society is problem 
of gender. Group of anarchofeminists is trying to shatter these stereotypes 
- Feminist group of 8th March, but where involved are not segregating 
antipatriarchal activities from the struggle against the state and 
capitalism. Anarchists also fight against redundantly huge motorism showing 
striking inequality among people and even more destroying equilibrium of the 

Free society

We want society that is based on free agreement principles inside and among 
single self-governing units with living in these localities people`s 
agreement. Political way of self-governing would work on decentralization 
and creating self-governing federations in adequately big localities. 
Function of company must be elective and recallable at any time and 
candidate must be chosen according to his/her abilities in current branch, 
obviously without any forms of racist, sexist, religious and other 
prejudices. A human has to have a right actively participate on decisions 
taken in process of production. Individuals should behave in this company 
with solidarity and remember, that the liberty of individual reaches till 
doesn`t restrict a liberty of others. We want to live in society where 
industry would restrict only for necessary and ecologically acceptable 
level, when working hours will automatically shorten for the time necessary 
to ensure living requirements, because there will be not need to work for 
redundant authoritative institutions (armed forces, police, judiciary, 
government...). we attempt to create social equilibrium where people will be 
born in the same conditions and equal presumptions for life, what will cause 
general emancipation and invert failure of real utilizing human abilities.

Anarchist Morava

We are several of individuals participating on foreign action as with 
anarchist nature as on action without clear anarchist message; what were for 
instance preparations for protest during NATO summit in 2002. These 
demonstrations and all activities at all connected with expanding anarchism, 
in right sense of the word into public consciousness, are concentrated 
around big cities such as Prague or Brno... but we don`t want free society 
only in these centers, next to cooperating with these localities we`re 
trying to expand these ideas further. We live here and we want the anarchy 
also here. We attempt to illuminate to people of this area , what actually 
the term anarchism means, because we stand the opinion the public meaning is 
much influenced by mainstream media. Seeing that we are non-profit 
organization we are forced to make benefit actions and collections to be 
able to edit our materials and realize information projects.

Our door is open for everyone who would like to join in, unless would not 
apparently impair anarchist principles, or would not cause the stagnation of 
development of A-Morava. There is also free ground for creating foreign 
ideal fractions, as we want to show the possibility of creating your own 
opinions. Individuals cooperate here on concrete projects, by preventing 
this way from solving ideal differences among supporters of single anarchist 

- collective of Anarchist Morava -

mobile: +420602575098
email: info@anarchismus.unas.cz

We haven´t enough money. If will be possible to make
some benefit action or gathering, please contact us. All of this saved money 
will be use for the 1th may demonstration in Ro¾nov p. R. (propagation, 
money for bands..) and for rent some place for our infocenter.

Anarchist Moravia

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