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(en) On the Attack

From "Al S" <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 02:19:13 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

>From the Autumn of 2001 to the Autumn of 2002 there
have been what? at least half a dozen massive anti-war
demonstrations in central London, not to mention
protests marches where there have never been protest
marches before, the largest anti-war demo in Glasgow
ever etc., etc. Are you listening Tony Blair? Well is
he? It is time to go on the offensive, it is time to
start inflicting a cost, it is time to stop asking
nicely, it is time to stop playing by their rules. The
following are some beginnings...  

October, 02 Over 100 anti-war demonstrators took part
in a mass trespass in the runway grounds of Shannon
airport, a civilian airport in the West of Ireland
which is being used for re-fuelling by the U.S.

November, 02 Walthamstow anarchists re-decorated their
local Territorial Army base, and an anti-war mob
invaded the Confederation of British Industry
Conference in Manchester.

Night time, 8/12/02  - "The Armed Forces recruitment
office in central Bristol was attacked. All windows
were smashed, locks  glued and walls splattered with
blood-red paint. 'NO WAR' was the spray-paint
message...This is direct action against state
terrorism and social control. It is also a call to the
anti-war movement to begin serious, effective
resistance. The genocidal system is not challenged by
marches, rallies and petitions. Polite protest poses
no threat to the war machine. It is time now to get in
the way and do some damage...Pick your targets and
fight back. Anyone can take direct action..."

Women with bolt croppers, 14/12/02 

"We, the Women with Bolt Croppers claim responsibility
for breaking into US spy base Menwith Hill in
Yorkshire and destroying their devices for
intercepting radio communications...we made our way
through fields and fog and rain to the fence of the
No alarms sounded, no-one came to challenge us...We
walked to our target unhindered. Armed with just a
pair of bolt croppers and a hammer we set about our
task of causing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth
of damage to the US listening devices...We had been
inside the base, undetected sabotaging the war effort
for over an hour! It was easy!...Imagine the power we
would have if just 1% of the people on the last
anti-war demo decided to take their opposition to the
war a step further..."

RAF Fairford, 8/12/02 - Over 500 anti-war
demonstrators went to Fairford in Gloucestershire. RAF
Fairford is one of only three B-2 Stealth bomber
forward bases in the world. First wave of attacks on
Iraq will most likely be carried our by Stealth
bombers flying from Fairford and Diego Garcia. Some
people managed to enter the base...

Actions on January 18th

In San Francisco an anarchist bloc of two thousand
broke away from a permitted march of 200,000 to wreck
havoc on the streets. The British Consulate and the
Immigration and Naturalisation Service  offices were
re-decorated, and the police constantly outwitted.

In Volkel in the Netherlands one hundred voluntary
weapons inspectors gained access to the grounds of a
military air base.

In Northwood near London over 150 demonstrators took
photos of the British military HQ - illegal under the
official secrets act, and the next day the base was
blockaded by hundreds.

There was also a demonstration outside the U.S. Army
Europe headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.

Earlier in the month:
Jan. 5th Anti-War protestors break into a U.S. Airbase
in Suffolk, Jan. 8th, Scottish train drivers refuse to
carry ammunition, 
Jan. 11th, Anti-War demonstrations disrupt US Air
Force-run military base in Norfolk, same day, blockade
of Naval base at Portsmouth.
Meanwhile: Thousands of German troops have been
drafted in to protect U.S. Military bases in Germany
from upcoming angry mobs of young thugs...thereby
freeing up American soldiers for combat in Iraq. Fans
of elections take note, this is a deed of the German
government comprised of the Social Democrats
(erstwhile Marxist revolutionaries, ... if you go back
far enough, who campaigned on a peace platform in an
election only a few months ago) and the Greens (who
made their name through being pro-peace and
anti-NATO). Indeed there already is a small unit of
German squadies in Kuwait, not to mention the first
two German military actions since ?45 (Kosovo and


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