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(en) US, 15th feb anti authoritarian initiatives: 2/15 NYC Rally: Call City Officials Protesting No Permit, Portland, Maine, U$A, etc.

From "Victor Chernov" <wsany@hotmail.com>
Date Mon, 3 Feb 2003 12:02:36 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The response throughout the country to our call for an anti-war march and
rally in New York City on Feb. 15 has been enormous, and we are expecting a
truly massive turnout. With scores of major peace mobilizations planned all 
around the globe for that day, Feb. 15 promises to be the single largest day 
of protest in world history.

We're writing to update you on the plans for Feb. 15 and let you know how 
you can support this historic event. We know rumors have been circulating 
about location and other matters. This is the official update on the march 
and rally.
The reason we have not yet been able to provide a location for this event is 
simple: With less than two weeks left before Feb. 15, the City of New York 
has still not granted our request for a permit to march and rally. We have 
another meeting with the police on Tuesday and remain optimistic that an 
agreement will be reached.

But we need your support. Please immediately contact the following officials 
and urge them to grant our request:

**NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg: 212-788-3040, 212-788-3210, and/or
**NYC Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: 646-610-8526
**NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito: 646-610-6910

We also encourage you to contact media outlets about this situation. You may 
give them the Feb. 15 UFPJ office number for follow-up: 646-473-8935.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Workers Solidarity Alliance - 

Subject: Feb 15th Anti-War Protest: Portland, Maine, U$A
From: tintin <tintin@tao.ca>
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1:00pm - Three Points Marches Begin: South Portland, USM, Munjoy Hill
2:00pm - Convergence in Monument sq: Rally/March/Drumming/Music/Theater/Etc.
4:00pm - Public Forum/Speak Out (place TBA)

As Bush and his cronies beat the war drums in Washington louder and faster,
our resistance is growing, strengthening and spreading.  Millions of people
are taking to the streets and getting active in the struggle against this
war and all wars orchestrated by the global elite for power, oil and
control.  February 15th is the next International Day of Action Against the
War in Iraq with actions happening in many European cities, and cities here
in North America 
including New York and San Francisco.

While we understand people?s desire to go to NYC, we also feel it is equally
important to work locally.  There is immense anti-war feeling in our own
backyard and we ought to show it here!

On Feb. 15th, three marches will feed from different ends of Portland,
for a mass rally in Monument sq. and grand march through downtown.

FROM THE WEST will come a march across the South Portland Bridge.
(meeting at Mill Creek Plaza Shaws)
FROM THE NORTH will come a march from the University of Southern Maine.
(meeting at the USM Student Center parking lot)
FROM THE EAST will come a march from Munjoy Hill.
(meeting at the monument where Congress St. meets the Eastern Prom)
The three marches will converge on Monument sq.  Here there will be
street theater, piñatas, music, singing, dancing, puppets, and
up to a mass march through downtown.

Come inside to warm up, and use the day?s energy to think about the next
meet new people, and talk.
This Community Forum/Speak Out will be held in a place soon TBA.

This is where we stand so far.  There are two more planning meetings.
Please be in touch resist207@riseup.net (681-0035)with any ideas or suggestions,
and please consider showing up for the next organizing meeting!

Below follows the rest of the original call for those interested in helping

We have initiated planning for a Day of Action Against the War in Portland
on February 15th in solidarity with actions happening around the world.  We
also discussed the possibility of that evening having a Community Meal and
General Assembly or Public Forum to discuss how we can stop the war in Iraq and how
we can build a strong and unified anti-war movement here in Maine.   Our vision
for this protest was to use it to initiate a network or coalition of people
and groups opposed to the war which can serve to enable and foster further
resistance and dissent to the war and promote alternatives to the global war

Please help organize the Feb 15th action and other anti-war actions in Portland 
and Maine. We invite anyone opposed to the war to come to these meetings and
get involved. February 6th at 7pm at Portland West 181 Brackett St. Portland
and on February 13th, 7pm at Peace and Justice Center.  Childcare will be
provided at these meetings if needed.  We encourage people to come, share
their ideas, be creative and together we can create an empowering and effective
action against the war.

We plan on weekly percussion/theater/leafleting vigils - Sunday at noon
(with Food Not Bombs already there, it?s a perfect match!) and Fridays at 5pm.
Both in Monument sq.  We plan on organizing public community/neighborhood
meeting(s) on the War.
We hope to attract a diverse and large group of people who will all respect
each other?s individual place in the anti-war movement(s).  We want to initiate 
this coalition/network on a basis of mutual support, non-sectarianism, and
non-hierarchical organizing.  We want to create a space where all view points,
tactics, political ideologies, and strategies are respected and honored.
Together we can create a strong movement against the war and for peace,
justice, equality, and freedom.

For further info: resist207@riseup.net, 681-0035, and stay tuned, more to
come shortly!

This call out was put out by a loose unnamed collective of people with no
formal organization.  Most of the people involved with initiating this
involved in activism in Portland and Maine in a variety of capacities.
For regular (once a week) updates on radical events and activism write to

Subject: February 15: An Anarchist Call for Global Action against Capitalism
 and War
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February 15: An Anarchist Call for Global Action against Capitalism and War

The ongoing war between the United States, the United Kingdom and Iraq is
only one component of a global struggle between the rich and powerful and
the billions who are oppressed for their benefit. Blair and Bush, like bin
Laden and Hussein, use the politics of international war as a diversion
from their wars against the poor, the excluded, and the Earth.

 From the West Bank to the West Side, and from the rainforests of Colombia
to the farmlands of Great Britain, the ruling class maneuvers to extract
the maximum profits from the Earth and its people. International war is
one more tactic in this class war, for the acquisition of natural
resources, the elimination of surplus populations, and the consolidation
of patriotic unity between the oppressors and the oppressed.

On February 15, 2003, millions around the globe will march in opposition
to the escalation of this war. We call on all who seek a world free of the
oppression of authoritarianism, capitalism, ethnic hatred and religious
fundamentalism to participate in this unprecedented mobilization, through
convergences in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Aotearoa, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona,
Belfast, Berlin, Berne, Brussels, Budapest, Cairo, Cape Town, Copenhagen,
Dublin, Edmonton, Glasgow, Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta, Johannesburg,
London, Lisbon, Madrid, Manila, Montreal, New York, Oslo, Paris, Prague,
Ramallah, Rome, San Francisco, San Juan, Sao Paulo, Skopje, Stockholm,
Sydney, Tallinn, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and anywhere else, and to
escalate this component of the struggle against the ruling class through
direct action, including strikes, sabotage, sickouts, occupations, civil
disobedience, and the mass reclamation of public space. Let's make our
resistance to war visible in as many ways as possible!

 From London and New York to Cairo and Ramallah, our resistance will be as
global as their oppression. On February 15, to the streets! And to the

No war between states! No peace between classes!


This call can be found online, with a current list of endorsers and list
of local events, at: http://www.infoshop.org/f15call.html

Coming soon: http://war.infoshop.org



Please send endorsements to: chuck@mutualaid.org

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