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(en) greece-J24 anarchist demo against EU ministers of labor summit

From "anar anar" <all_anar@hotmail.com>
Date Mon, 3 Feb 2003 10:31:11 -0500 (EST)

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More than 800 anarchists and antiauthoritarians, together with many people 
from the city of Nafplio, formed a black bloc and demonstrated against the 
summit of EU ministers of labor and social affairs that took place on 
January 24.

Despite the heavy rain, the strong police presence (2.500 cops) focusing on 
anarchist demonstration and the intense cooperation between the reformist 
greek social forum, the communist party & other leftist organizations and 
the local authorities to guarantee the safety of the red zone, which meant 
to help the police isolate the black bloc -the only uncontrolled factor-, 
the outcome was a passionate and dynamic anarchist demo.

The bloc started a separate demonstration in the streets of the city at 6 
pm, with direction to the limits of the red zone. It was already dark when 
anarchists opened their banner "LABOR IS NOT A RIGHT, IT IS BLACKMAIL - LIFE 
NOT SURVIVAL", started waving red and black flags and shouting the slogan 
"Solidarity is the people's weapon - War to the war of the bosses. Hundreds 
of citizens left their apartments and came in the sidewalks to see the 
demonstration. Many young people and children got inside the black bloc to 
continue with the demo. In the walls comrades were spray-painting graffiti 
and people where chanting against the state and the capital, against waged 
slavery and working "accidents", against state terrorism and prisons and in 
solidarity with anarchist Vagelio Tzoutzia and all hostages of repression.

When the bloc reached a square where leftist organizations and political 
parties had their gathering, things got intense, as the leftists had that 
brilliant idea to form "human chains" to prevent anarchists from getting in 
the square, and at the same time they left the riot police squads to come 
from behind and surround the bloc. The bloc was very close to the red zone 
but surrounded everywhere by police and the leftists cooperating with 
repression, giving their consent to a possible attack at the bloc, comrades 
estimated that to continue walking forward was impossible.

At about 8pm, the four different political formations (communist party trade 
union, Forum, leftists and greek SWP) that so far had different gatherings, 
decided, in front of the danger of anarchists having stopped near the 
entrance of the red zone, to make a "common demonstration". This 
demonstration would begin from that square close to the red zone and take 
the opposite direction, towards the outskirts of the city!!! From the 
loudspeakers, they announced which bloc would go where, of course not 
including the anarchist one, and that at the end of their demo there would 
be common "human chains" as guards. This way they announced to the cops, 
that what was behind them, anarchists, were outside the "deal", foreign 
object to the rest of the demo (15.000 people).

The result was leftist chains formed in front of the black bloc at the back 
of the demo, and riot police squads on the left, right and behind the black 

In all the way of that meaningless route going backwards, cops were coming 
near the bloc and provoking them so that they would make them panic, run and 
disperse them, but this didn't happen due to the calmness and solidarity of 
the comrades and especially of those who formed the back human chains. Some 
isolated actions during the route, such as breaking the Socialist Party (in 
government) and some objects thrown to the cops didn't end up in disaster 
because of that solidarity and calmness of comrades who continued to shout 
slogans and stood all that pressure from the police.

To finish with the words of a text written by anarchist comrades after the 

"When we finally reached the end, we had every reason to be satisfied. We 
couldn't have done anything more that what we did in Nafplio against the 
provoking EU summit, the suffocating police-state and the meaningless 
"party" that the political party bureaus of reformism and negotiation 
organized together with the local authorities and the police. But almost 
with no former organization, with only weapon our solidarity, passion, and 
class justice, we gathered many of us, we welcomed in our lines many youths 
of the city, we moved alone, based on our own forces, we developed our own 
dynamic, to the limits in that specific negative circumstances, sending the 
message of the struggle from below to all the young, unemployed and working 
people of the city. What we did is our offer to the struggle for that day, 
and a salutation to our comrades inside and outside prisons, who could not 
be with us. And those things that we wanted to do and we couldn't in 
Nafplio, continue to be our goals for the future..."

PHOTOS: http://www.geocities.com/anar_gr2/gr/f_nafpl.htm


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