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(en) ex-USSR: Avtonom #19 English summary and action report

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 2 Feb 2003 01:30:07 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

> After a long delay, Avtonom #19 is finally out from print!
Avtonom is quarterly (well, not even almost quarterly) paper of
Autonomous Action, which developed from network to
libertarian communist federation January 2002, after two years of existence.

Currently Autonomous Action has
local groups in dozen or so cities of Russia and
Armenia, and supporters in Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan
and Ukraine.

You may contact Autonomous Action or Avtonom
by writing to
P.O. Box 3472
350001 Krasnodar Russia
(please do not indicate name in the envelope)
P.O. Box 13
109028 Moscow Russia
(please do not indicate name in the envelope)
Our webpage is http://www.avtonom.net

One copy of Avtonom costs 1.5$ or euros (for CIS 0.85$
or euros), we have also a more safer posting adress abroad
which we may pass to you upon request. Check also
our distro catalogue at http://www.tao.ca/~dikobraz/distro
for 30+ other anarchist papers in Russian and Belarussian languages.

Avtonom #19 English summary

All articles are in Russian language

Page 2: Information about 2nd general meeting of the Autonomous Action.
"A way to go beyond horizont", an article by Moscovite activist
about his personal experiences from 3 years of activity of Autonomous
Page 3: "Why anarchists are against alternative service? Are there
alternatives to alternative?" by Dmitri Sablin
Page 4: "Russia - Japan: 1-0 for the revolution", an anarchist-communist
analysis about the 9th of June football riot in Moscow. Author concludes
that although racist elements were present and they committed few racist
assaults, the main force of the rioters targeted state institutions (such as
Duma) and posh cars, leaving cheap cars untouched. Target selection
of the riot represents ideological shifts taking place in hooligan scene and
class youth in general.
Page 5: Argentine revolution: neighbourhood assemblies today
Pages 6-7: Interview with FAU of Germany, an article about Illegal immigrant
workers in Moscow,
and article of Vasiliy Orlov of Krasnodar about his experiences in his
city's labour market.
Page 8: Article about ecological protests in the city of Taman of Black Sea
rim during
summer, "6 points about necessity of ecological revolution" by Arina
Page 9: Article about Polish bordercamp of 2002.
Pages 10-11: "Feminism - liberation of men!" by Petr Ryabov, "Sexism in the
anarchist movement" - a discussion between 3 feminist activists, Myshka,
Sanya and ChK.
Page 12: Historical article about anarchist commune of San Cornelio Spain
Page 13: History of Dutch Kraaker movement
Page 14: Article about Moscow hostage crisis by Listev, article about
welfare in anarchist society in the "basics of anarchism"-series.
Page 15: "Laboratory of research of chaos"
Page 16: Bolt Throwers Firm - antifa hooligans in Russia (this article is
in English in a-infos archive).
Page 17: Interview with Brigada Flores Magon. Riots in Ozarow of Poland.
How to protect oneself from RP-73 (Russian standard of police baton)
Page 18: "Do we need fight clubs?", article about book of Jack Palanick by
Page 19: Book reviews: "Anarchy" - collection of Kropotkin's articles
by Ayris-Press of Moscow, 9-11 of Chomski, "Essence of anarchism" by
Paul Eltzenbaher, "Odyssey of Batko Mahno" by Sergey Mosiyash.
Pages 20-21: Some punk/hardcore reviews by Maks, article about state
of punk movement by Roman R, Hip-hop reviews of "White Ghetto"
- album of militant Moscovite rappers Sixtynine, demo of Polish
Duldung and other records. Reviews of anarcho-zines.
Pages 22-23: Protest news from home and abroad

Avtonom #19 action report


During summer local activists of Autonomous Action organised
pickets against deportations of illegal immigrants. In autumn
activists participated to ecological protests against
terminal of ammonium-chloride planned to be built to Taman.


13th of August radical ecologists and anarchists organised
an action against building of a plant for destruction of
missile engines in Votkinsk of Udmurtia. A piece
about dying city was played in the street.

Nizhni Novgorod

12th of July ecologists and activists of Autonomous
Action organised action against Russia joining the WTO.
Distributing of leaflets and papers was accompanied
with a performance.


10th of October local militants of Autonomous
Action participated to protests against Kremlin
economic policy.


31st of August local activists of "Green lighting" group
picketed Adidas for plans of corporation to mass slaughter
of kangaroos in Australia


2nd of December members of "Stop McDonald's" committee
blocked entrance of McD, which was opened although it
was targeted with mass protests earlier this year.


Some 40 people showed up in action against reforms of
educational system in September. Knowledge is not a good!
20th of October 30 persons picketed against building
of two new McDonald's outlets.

Actions 7th of November

7th of November is day of rememberance of the October
revolution. After collapse of the Soviet Union, official
name of the date was changed to pointless "Celebration of
pacification and agreement", since people were not willing
to give up a holiday. In many cities bolsheviks organise
mass meetings, 7th of November is their secondmost
important celebration after the first of May, and for vast majority
of their supporters these two are only reasons to get to streets.

Anarchist attitude to October revolution, and thus to
7th of November is anything but uncontroversial. In some
cities anarchists go happily to queue with bolsheviks to
celebrate their common assault against provisional
governement 85 years ago and forgotting what happened
just 6 months later. In some other cities anarchists
just use celebration as an unique opportunity to leaflet
critical citizens, and in some cities anarchist stay far
from these pathetic and demoralizing actions, which mostly
consist of mentally deranged pensioners.


Local militants of Autonomous Action tried to organise
their own march with theme "burial of capitalism", but
all the ways to square were blocked by police. They
ended up raising black flag and transparent "People before profits"
and distributing leaflets.


City governor Priz lead a meeting of red and patriot forces,
where stalinist youth and nazis from National Bolshevik Party
showed up as well. Autonomous Action organised a picket
of 40 persons against city bureaucracy and red-brown scum.
Main slogans were "Trash nationalism" and "Against power
and capital - for self-governance and free communism!".
Anarchists tried to follow colons, but were pushed to sidewalk
by cops. A small fight with nazis took place, some
anarchists were caught by police but they managed
to escape legal consequences.

Nizhni Novgorod

Some 30 anarchists and other anti-authoritarians
followed stalinist queue with black flag and
banner "Against globalisation of capital". March went
from Minin square to Lenin square, people shouted
anti-WTO and other slogans.


Some 25 militants of Autonomous Action organised a
picket separate from bolsheviks with a red flag with
encirled A and banners "Death to bourgeoisie" and
"Against power and capital". Anarchist press and
leaflets were distributed. Some nazibols and boneheads
gathered after meeting to beat up anarchists, but
hadn't guts to charge.


A meeting alternative to that of red-browns was organised
in cooperation with anarchists, some 400 people
gathered altogether, from which 40 were youth.
Anarchists with black flags were leading the queue,
with transparents "War against war!" and "Against
power of corporations!". Sound system was
playing revolutionary hit songs. After march a meeting with
a performance took place. During march police arrested
two anarchists for having made "anti-constitutional

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