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(en) UK, WOMBLES meeting @ Autonomie Club

From dr.woooo <dr.woooo@nomasters.org>
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 09:38:06 +0200 (CEST)

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No doubt many people have been away enjoy the sun (counter revolutionaries!)
and perhaps enjoying whats left of this planets natural environment BUT WE GOT DSEI COMING!!
For all those old and new who would like to participate, create, inspire
and revolt, WOMBLES collective invite you all to attend this meeting
to discuss amongst other things DSEi anti-arms fair actions, debates
on whats happening with the WOMBLES, social centres, breaking out of
the activist ghettos and perhaps getting some renewed interest in
anarchist ideas and organising some resistance to state/capitalist shit.
Meeting is on TUESDAY 26th August starts promptly at 7.00pm @ the Autonomie
Club, upstairs at FREEDOM 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1. Arrive early
if possible. Main entrance is thru Angel Alley which is next to
the KFC (yum!) on the Whitechapel Art Gallery Side. Nearest tube
Aldgate East or busses 205, 25, 253, 67...there is also another entrance
side of The white hart pub thru into industrial estate.

WOMBLES is not a membership organisation, nor do we wish you pledge
alliegence to it. If you want to get involved in anything revolutionary,
anarchist or subversive feel free to come down participate and chat with

WOMBLES against DSEi terrorist

The wombles were born out of a certain necessity, an practical need, an
active desire, a group of like minded people who through experience,
intent, or sheer political will decided one day things revolve & evolve
not from what you want to see happen but what you choose to make happen.

The machinery of capitalism must create greater methods of exploitation,
as the poor & excluded become either products or statistics, as the rich &
the powerful are protected by razor wire & red zones, as people become
more aware, angrier, resistance stronger, demonstrations larger, more
global, the state must increase its powers of repression & criminalise any
form of dissent, the right to demonstrate has become a battleground where
we become mere targets for police aggression. From massive protest marches
to community actions we are either compliant or we are attacked. The
premise of the wombles was always, & continues to be, based on
self-activity & self-empowerment & self-defence. From the early days of
using padding to protect ourselves & refusing to run from confrontation,
(from the baton charges & police brutality), to setting up social centres,
organising benefits, supporting prisoners, reclaiming the urban spaces, t
he wombles ethos has remained the same – The power to generate fear is
only eclipsed by our resistance to it.

The aim is a simple one: to destroy every element of capitalist life, that
which destroys every element of our lives. From the moment we are born, we
are robbed daily, stripped of our humanity. The mass exodus of industry to
lower waged shores has left the majority of the working class
marginalised. Work place struggles of the past, once the dynamic lifeblood
of the movement, are now mere blimps in a one-sided class war imposed by
the world’s power elites. Through the past decade new ways of fighting
have emerged in response to the ever mutating nature of capitalism. The
new class war will be fought by those who dare to transcend the
impositions of class society. It will be fought by engineering clear
conflicts across every sphere of capitalism. With energy, imagination & an
unshakable belief every capitalist institution will be challenged by a
movement which doesn’t quantify its successes on their terms but on ours.
The wombles have been inspired by, & ; ; are part of, this movement.

What began as a tactical response to the violence of the state has become
a inspired meeting ground, for those willing to participate & have a
genuine desire to see a radical change in the way society is structured.

Our politics, like our activities, have always been broad & all
encompassing, based on principles of non-hierarchical organising, &
libertarian ideas, there is no membership & everyone has an equal voice in
how & what the wombles are. - All of us should be in charge of out own

As the truth about dsei becomes ever more apparent, so our collective
response to it should be decisive, transparent & unapologetic. We are not
here in the hope the parasites profiting from the misery of war see the
error of their ways & politely leave -
Let those who seek to voice their disapproval do so with energy &
enthusiasm, we are here to see dsei destroyed, to ensure this noxious
market place trading in death is unable to continue dealing its latest
military hardware.

The politics are simple: they kill us. No amount of glossy pr & expensive
showcase lunches can change that. As part of dsei direct action network we
seek to confront them on our terms, form a creative diverse action to stop
them entertaining dictators & governments & regimes who are here seeking
more effective means of killing humanity, more obscene ways to torture

What capitalism creates we can destroy. Through nerve, determination,
positive action & a collective will. We are not simply fighting for our
right to protest any more, we are fighting for our lives.

We know what dsei is & we know why we're here. Be angry, be effective, be

Love & Rage
e-mail: wombles@hushmail.com
Homepage: http://www.wombles.org.uk

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