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(en) Japan, Tokyo, An Anarchist Event S16 - Reclaim the Life

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 17:01:31 +0200 (CEST)

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September 1st in 1923, the 80 years ago, Japan had
Tokyo Earthquake. After the Earthquake Japanese
government diffused the bad rumors about
anarchists/socialists and Korean residents and
made Japanese people hunt Korean residents and
anarchists/socialists including Korean anarchist,
Boku Retsu and his partner Fumiko Kaneko.
Japanese government slew Sakae Osugi, his partner
Noe Ito, and their 10-years-old nephew in
September 16th.

Now, 80 years later, although our lives seem to be
convenient and advanced at a first glance, we have
tons of issues from environment issues to
globalization to labor issues to homelessness to
wars. The bedrock of those issues is just the same
as in 1923. One of the arguments by Osugi was that
every governing system is violence. This violent
system comes out more clearly in the wartime.
However, the system is always in our daily lives.
While this governing system becomes more
complex, our lives become more simple and easy to
control. We would like to look back what Osugi
presented 80 years ago and examine current issues.
S16 -- Reclaim The Life

An Exhibition: Osugi Sakae and his Comrades
at Shinjuku Kumin Gallery
from September 9th (Tuesday) to 14th (Sunday)
Charge: Free
* Precious Photos and Mementos of Osugi Sakae
and his Comrades
* New Paintings of Osugi Sakae
* Photo Chronicle of Movements against Iraq
September 12th (Fri) at Yotsuya Community Center
18:00 - 21:10
Charge: Free

Meeting Room 4
[Struggle of National Railway Worker's Union]
by Workers' Solidarity
National Railway, used be a government-owned
corporation, was privatized and become Japan
Railways. The front office of National Railway
Worker's Union has been tried to converge NRWU
with several unions of Japan Railways and expel
several members of NRWU due to their
disobedience. From September 13th to 14th, NRWU
will have the 71st regular national convention. An
anarcho-syndicalist group, Worker's Solidarity will
show you what has been happening to NRWU. You
will watch a 17-minute video entitled "Daily Report
of Struggle of National Railway Workers' Union."

Japanese-style Room 1
[Post 1966 Anarchism in Japan]
In 1966, Committee of Direct Action against
Vietnam War stormed into Nittokukin plant at
Tanashi, where weapons were made for U.S.
Military and broke its electric power unit. This
action not only changed the quality of anarchist
movement in Japan, but also aroused controversy.
Although around the struggle against Japan-U.S.
Security Treaty in 1970, many anarchist groups
were formed and disbanded, there is little
information about those groups. We would like to
examine anarchist movements in Japan during those
almost two decades from 1966 to the middle of
1980s when the IWA-AIT Japan section broke up,
by asking central players what was happened at
that time.

Japanese-style Room 1
[Current Condition of Immigrant Labors in Japan]
by Asian Peoples Friendship Society
Since middle of the 1980s, the number of immigrant
labors, especially from Asia, has increased
markedly. But their living and working conditions
was and still is very bad. Low wages, unpaid
wages, no compensation for accidents during work,
and discrimination. This is the same as
discrimination against Korean residents in 1923.
The mentality of certain Japanese people toward
Asian people has not changed during this 80 years.
Asian Peoples Friendship Society has supported
immigrant labors for years. Participants will share
their experience.

Meeting Room 4
[Supporting Homeless People]
by Homeless Support Groups in Osaka and Nagoya
Is everything all right by giving a temporal shelter to
homeless people and hiding their existence from
public? No!! The real issue is the discriminatory
mentality of civil society surrounding homeless
community. Members of two support groups,
Kamagasaki Patrol from Osaka and Society for
Human Rights of Homeless People from Nagoya,
will point out the current society which promotes
discrimination by job and work ability.
S16: Reclaim The Life
September 13th at Tsunohazu Ward Citizen's
13:00 - 20:30
Charge: Advance 1200 yen, Door 1500 yen

13:00 - 15:20
"Louise, Her New Beginning" A movie of a daughter
of Osugi Sakae (100 minutes) and Dialogue about
Kenji and Magara Kondo. Kenji Kondo was an
intimate comrade of Osugi and Magara was Kenji's
partner and a daughter of one of the first
communists in Japan, Toshihiko Sakai.

Report on the Workshops

Panel Discussion: Globalization and Minority
Guest speaker: Houichi Uno

Lecture: "After Osugi: Sturm und Drang" by Seijun
Suzuki Seijun Suzuki is a movie director. He is now
thinking to make a movie about Guillotine-Sha,
which was an anarchist group and tried to revenge
for the slaughter of Osugi Sakae.

Film: "Korea, to meet my distant self" by Mistook
Michiura She is pursuing a life ways of a woman,
Fumiko Kaneko who was an anarchist and was
arrested and sentenced to death for the high treason
in 1923. She refused an amnesty and killed herself
in her age of 23. She loved Korean anarchist Boku
Retsu. Michiura asked herself why Fumiko loved a
Korean anarchist at that time and carried through
her will. This film not only shows her visit to Korea
but also shows Michiura's journey to find herself.

Music by Black Bird (from Hong Kong) and Guchi
(from Tokyo)
Black Flag Festa Gig 2003
September 14th at Umejima Yukotopia
Open: 17:30, Start: 18:00
Charge: 1500 yen
Bands: Go-sokkyu, Calamba, Missile, TOTEM, DJ
Kaminaga, and Black Bird (from Hong Kong)

September 15th at Kichijoji Warp
Open: 16:30, Start: 17:00
Charge: Advance 1700 yen, Door 2000 yen
Band: Battle of Disarm, Voc^o Protesta, Calamba,
Pepe Hasegawa, Guchi, The Happening, and Black
Bird (from Hong Kong)

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