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(en) Brazil, Causa do Povo #5 AGOSTO – 2003 - Analysis of the Class Struggle in the Countryside

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 18:52:06 +0200 (CEST)

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In the 5th number of “Ruptura” magazine, published in January 2003,
We stated that: “ ... the present productive base of the country gives too
much weight to the exporting agrarian sector, reduces government’s manoeuvring capacity
concerning the land reform and the landownership in general. There will be
no pacific land reform, but rather a military countryside pacification.
”The analysis we made at the end of last year showed that the land reform
would become the main issue in the political domestic affairs, and that
the role played by the popular movement in the countryside, as well as the
one played by the “militarised civilian elites” would be fundamental. We
said also that the Lula Government would be pressed from one side by the
social movements and from the other by the bourgeoisie with whom he allied

The scenario we were forecasting is already set. It’s not with joy that we
come to this conclusion, but with extreme preoccupation. The encounter of
the MST (landless workers movement) with Lula, when he put on the
movement’s cap, shows all the ambiguity and danger of the situation.
Simultaneously as it allied itself with the big landowners, PT wished to
maintain an appearance of gentleness towards the social movements. The
right was not happy with the gesture and demanded a firm position from the
president. Meanwhile, the big landowners, are accumulating arms and
militias in the countryside. The media is coordinating a big campaign
against the MST: the magazines “Época” and “Veja” published covers in the
last months denouncing the landless “violence”. The TV stations bombard
with all sort of news with the same contents. There is an ideological
campaign going on, that demands pacification (indiscriminate repression)
in the Brazilian countryside, and this is understood as the killing of the
rural social movements. The Lula Government may remain hesitating, but it
gives hints that it knows perfectly well what it is doing. Taking in
account José Dirceu [leader of the PT] declarations it seems that the
Government is still betting in a weariness of popular struggle for land
and to bring it to certain compromises, and therefore “to confine” it’s
action within legality. The PFL, the PMDB and the PSDB (and the big land
owners) don’t accept (or don’t agree with) so much “refinement” and see it
as hesitation. It seems that if the Lula Government doesn’t fulfil it’s
compromises in a short delay (less than 6 months), the tendency will be an
increase of the rightwing pressure, making the Lula Government remain in
the crossroad: or show loyalty to bourgeoisie, or loose internal and
external credibility and from that moment on, only God knows what can
happen. But it is possible that PT doesn’t see this possibility: in the
chosen moment it will launch an offensive in the countryside, to try
de-articulating, at least, the MST. The arrest of five landless in
Paranapanema (in Sao Paulo), the 11th July 2003, and the condemnation of
Jose Rainha (MST leader) to 2 years and 8 months prison, the 30th July
2003, is only symptoms of the aggravation of the scenario that we had
described.It will not be surprising if in the following 12 months we assist to the
Lula Government decreeing the state of exception in some country’s regions
(those would be Sao Paulo, Nordeste and Mato Grosso do Sul). Until now
all the relevant players said their word except one: the military. Perhaps
this silence is the most symptomatic. Perhaps they are already in motion
or preparing it. Perhaps it’s Lula Government plan B for the conflict in
the countryside.We appeal the social movements to develop a firm opposition to the
Lula Government, and to capitalism globally. It is already proven that
nothing will be given to the people and that everything will be conquered
by fight and autonomous organisation. It’s time for us to regroup in the
popular landless movement (in all it’s diversity and not only within the
MST). With the motto: Na offence to one of us is an offence to us all.Anarchism is Struggle!
Death to Latifundia!!!


Translated for A-Infos from the Insurrection Anarchist Federation
Newsletter “Causa do Povo Nº 5 # AGOSTO – 2003”

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